Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i o u

I want to put the sunday tri recap up, and i will. soon.

today i took a demo class with a super runner lady. i liked it. i am thinking of doing it once a week.

i am also really looking forward to the start of making some healthy dinners for me and the girls. the summer i have concentrated on quick and give them the normal chicken fingers, pizza. pb or turkey. hopefully school will provide me more time to get some other meals in them.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

not sure what to think

did the tri today
the swim was long
i feel like i winged it too much
a friend (who does tries) and is 3 months prego helped pace me in the bike. she is faster than me while prego....
a friend who decided to do it as a whim and did not even have a helmet, did it and beat me by a minute (at least that is what hubby saw on the results) i keep checking and can not find results
i am seriously still stuck in the "did i push myself enough" i really need to learn this mental toughness. as usual as soon as i was done i thought of all the places i could have pushed myself.

i was seriously down when i found out and keep rethinking things. i am thinking next season i hire a coach b/c at least i have a way to maybe get over this. in otherwords maybe i will know my limits ...do i underestimate others ? do i overestimate myself ?

the race itself was fun and i liked it - cept the run was confusing and i know we didn't run 3 miles, i hate when it is not accurate.

Friday, August 27, 2010


bike is fixed
should not eat ice cream
got a run in and weather is too perfect
going to do ocean swim tomorrow and will bike a bit (maybe on the bike - not sure)
gotta pick up race packet tomorrow, always fun
tired tired tired

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I had a brick planned today, I set my alarm but kept snoozing. i figured i didn't have to rush out since i have a built in babysitter...My MOM !!! I did not rush out the door and futzed, finally I got out on the bike and my head was just all over the place. It was a kgarten picnic for my first born - HUGE. Then it was her bday party. So needless to say I was not concentrating, and that is why it makes sense that I hit a huge pot hole, kept going and then got the flat a few seconds later. I was not too far from home so I started walking home - wound up getting a ride from the freaking fastest super lady in TOWN...very ironic...story for another time. she was sweet as pie and i might just be taking her running class soon.

Problem is - no workout today - and tomorrow I can run BUT i want my biked looked at before I ride b/c i am scared I could have ruined the rim not just the tire. I have a tri this sundAY ????? I just hope the fact that i have been working out for a good amount of time will show and i won't suddenly fail in every aspect.

I am currently trying NOT to eat the second chocolate covered pretzel of the night...not sure I can win the battle. I am wiped out from an up and down emotional day !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


listen folks, i try to keep this blog about tring....but i would like to ask you all - are your kids insane ????

mine are off the deep end. they are naughty, misbehaved animals ??? what has happened, and who the hello is going to help me ?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


so i did go swim. i have not swam in the pool in a long long time. i have been doing ocean swims. with ocean swims, i just go swim. i don't do any type of intervals or any speed work. i just swim. and i don't even swim that long.

it was nice to swim in the pool, but i had no workout set and i just let myself do some 100's - trying to focus on form and i tried out bilateral breathing instead of my one side. then i figured i would time myself on a 100 and try to go fast. 2.17....a very slow time. if i recall during my swim workouts this winter i was getting in around 2.03 ?? ok, i will go again and maybe i just didn't push enough. so timed another 100, and it was another 2.17....i think i need to get back in the pool and work with irongirl. for reals ???? but i got up and did it.
tomorrow is a workout with trainer.
thursday i plan on doing a brick
friday i might take off
saturday i will do ocean swim and maybe a run
sunday another tri

waking up late

i was always a late sleeper. Oh how I could sleep in my teens, and then in my 20's in NYC ?? seriously I could stay in bed till noon w not an ounce of desire to get up. But now, I like getting up and out and I don't even get up early. I just like getting my day started and getting my workout DONE.

My girls have gone haywire this summer and bedtime has become whenever they feel like it, 10, 9 whateva !! this leads to them sleeping in which doesn't help with me getting up and out !!!

today i wanted to spin at 9.15, it is 9,14 and we are just eating bfast !!! I swear if I didn't wake them today I believe they would still be sleeping.

Now I have to rethink my workouts for the week. The good thing is Mom comes today and I can workout outside and anytime.....the question is do i still drag us all to the gym NOW and get a swim in ?????

Sunday, August 22, 2010

busy week

We are back from vacation. I had planned on waking up early and getting a brick in but my alarm didn't go off and the entire family slept in. I took advantage of it and didn't worry.

I indulged a whole bunch in some sweets while away. Tonight I made some roasted veggies and pasta with a little bit of smoked mozzarella. Of course I am dreaming about some sort of fruit crumble or brownie ala mode thingy but i won't. i had my share and i know i need good fuel for this week.

this week is busy. my mom is coming tuesday, wed. we have doc appt, kgarten picnic and bday party, thursday we have my 5 year old bday party turning 6 !!1 then friday the local town fair starts (i will need to resist the funnel cake, i hear cotton candy is a better choice). I will be trying to get stuff down while mom is here as well, like hair colored, errands, work outs, etc.

right now i really wish we could all crawl in bed and go to sleep BUT don't think my girls are up for that plan.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


on vacation at the in laws
eating too many sweets
ran today
planning a boot camp tomorrow with hubby and sis in law....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

report later

I will give a detailed report later......

here is a quick overview
  • almost overslept and was eating my oatmeal as i drove there
  • the ocean was INSANE, red flag day, seriously i swam freestyle for about 30 strokes and the rest was survival, i got tossed coming into shore and i did a 360 plus a cartwheel all under the water, needless to say my swim time was worse than last week
  • i felt ok on bike but my time was worse. i need to work on my bike. period.
  • my run was faster, and i felt i bit like i was getting it. the mental part of run strong, you are strong and not letting my mind get me slower.
  • transitions - i swear is use them to rest and don't rush, probably need to change that up
  • hubby got the girls and him there, they saw me coming in from bike, start the run and finish the run. it was so sweet to have the girls there as they haven't seen me this season. of course brunch was chaotic with them and them being sad, glad, and all around crazy.
  • once again i couldn't find my bike at transition. another time suck that i could avoid ???
  • glad i did it
lastly i finally feel as if all this work is leading to some compliments. you know i have been working hard on working out and nutrition and never have i heard that i was looking good or anything. finally i got a few ...first my trainer said - you are looking thinner, i can see it ....wahoo, second - a really fast runner saw me at the gym working out on treadmill, i was doing intervals and she said to me after, you were booking it and looking good and super fast...wahoo. lastly, a friend of mine who goes to the same beach as us (so she sees me in bathing suit all the time) she knows i do all the races and such. she said to me after seeing me saturday am right after race (we went to beach after brunch) she said you were looking pumped up - your arms.

finally. it feels good that it goes noticed. of course i had a full day of no rules today and enjoyed it, felt sickly after indulging but one day is fine.

tomorrow i am hoping to spin. i think i need to start doing some spinervals in the basement.

Friday, August 13, 2010

it is a go

so i signed up for the tri tomorrow. i am happy to be doing it, and not having the pressure i felt last week.

however, i have been eating well and i feel like i failed with the food tonight.

i am hoping that my better nutrition overall will help out.

waiting for hubby to get home and then i can have some alone time to pack bag up.

today there were red flags so the ocean swim practice was cancelled. hopefully it won't be too rough tomorrow.

the scary part about tomorrow is that hubby might try to bring the girls for the end of the race. bwahhhhhhhh. i don't envy him. i pray for him.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

week of skipping

this week i have not done so well with working out. monday i took off b/c i did the tri on sunday. tuesday i ran, did some intervals on the treadmill. the plan for wed was to swim in the pool, but the pool at the gym is closed this week. plus one of the girls had a playdate and required me to be home for drop off and pick up and certain times. plus i just bagged it. today i have a workout with the trainer but i also wanted to spin before, but my youngest finally slept in and she needs it b/c she goes to bed at 10pm, so i didn't rush us.

so now i am rethinking if i should do the tri this saturday ? i don't want to have a lazy attitude about it, if i do it, i still want to push myself. yet after this week of me blowing things off i am not sure my head is in the game ????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Race report

I really wanted to get the girls to the park but they just begged to watch a boy band show. So I figured I would bang out the race report.

I was very nervous for this race. I know why and it was merely b/c I knew many other women doing it and I wanted to do well. I am big into comparing how I do to others and I realize that is not why I do these races, so I had to get my mind in the right place. Saturday night I packed my bag up (used the new bag I bought at the NYC tri expo - b/c hubby did the tri) the bag rocks - it is a TYR bag. Packing my bag was quite easy and that made me nervous ?? However this is my 5th tri so I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Went to sleep early only to be woken by a very unhappy 3 year old at about 11pm.....bellowed for hubby to help out. She continued to scream til 12.30am, that was great fun. Back to sleep and up at 4.30am. I was concerned about eating too early so i waited till a bit after 5am and eat my oatmeal and fruit then. We had a sitter so hubby was coming with to watch, take photos and support and cheer.

We got there just when the sun was coming up and it was quite beautiful. Racked my bike pretty easily and laid out my stuff, but kept rearranging and forgetting stuff. Hubby is not allowed in the transition area so once i was done he was kind enough to wait on the port o potty line with me. Went back to my bike and fiddle and faddled and was ready to head to the beach.

My wave was set to go off at 7.16, i don't believe we went off till after 7.30. This was an all female race, and it was very supportive of first timers. There were so many swim angels and kayaks that i was actually scared that i would hit someone while swimming. I went off and got myself in the water a bit. A good friend gave me the advice of getting in the water so i did not have the shock factor when i start the swim. Finally after much waiting and chit chat w others and my forehead starting to ache from the swim cap we were off in the water. I think my wave had about 100 to 200 people. I tried to be out in the front. The waves were quite serious but i was not concerned, i just dove in and started swimming. However, i should have been concerned with all the people. I was hitting people left and right. I had to stop and go around people it was so darn crowded. I was feeling ok until around the buoy and then I got tired and had to resort to breast stroke DAMN. I hate that, it plays with my head and I stop and get out of the rhythm. Started swimming again didn't think i would take the hand of the million lifeguards helping out b/c i didn't need it, but then i was like who cares this will help and i let 2 hands help me up and out. One of my goals was to RUN from the swim to the bike. I did, not fast but I ran.
Swim time 7.40 for 300 yards which includes the run from water to transition. Rank 328/860.
Thoughts - i need to stop resorting to breast stroke and just swim faster. I know I can I just still get bambuzzled in the water. I felt good that i was able to sprint out at the start and get away from the crowd a bit and i overall feel good in the water.

transition 1 - man there is a lot to do, shirt on, glasses, helmut, dry feet, socks bike shoes...race number....how the hell does one go faster.....i also went down the wrong rack for my bike and hubby got a photo of me with my hands gesturing - where the hell is my bike ?????
t1 - 3.00 rank 234 - oh well it is what it is

bike - so i get on my bike and i ride and i am passing folks left and right. i am passing them b/c they are on mountain bikes and i am thinking lord they are brave folks. I try to push harder and not get slow to drink or b/c we are turning. I did feel i pushed harder then last time BUT I still feel like I could have given more. Tried to not drink as much b/c that slows me down ...need to figure out how to drink/eat without slowing me down. The biggest problem i had was at the end I usually click out with my left foot first, i did my right first then I tried to do my left but when my left foot was up and not down and i cramped a bit in my groin and now i have a major sore muscle. Anyway that sucked.

bike -37.35 (16.8mph) - 10.5 miles - rank 186 - thoughts - i really feel i should be at 17mph or higher NO MATTER what. I am concerned that some mountain/hybrids might have better mph than me.

T2 - ok, my tummy was not feeling GREAT on the bike and i was not looking forward to the run. So I knew I was going to take my time in the transition and i did !!! and hubby was watching and he was saying what are you doing ?????? move it.

T2 - 1.48 rank 480- obviously i can improve on this. i literally stop and thought this is nice i am just going to hang out here and dawdle.

run - i was not looking forward to it but my tummy felt fine and i was back in the game. As we started our run there were folks already finishing and that is one hard to pill to swallow. the staggered waves. I know the run, I know where the turn around is and all that so my mind doesn't have to wonder how far and such. I tried to just stay strong. I was passing many people from waves that went before me, they were walking or running very slow. One lady from my tri group who i am always faster than in the swim and bike passed me, she runs FAST and i saw her fly by me and that damn how does she do it. I just kept running. I stopped for water. Once I got to the turn around I tried to get my head in the game and wanted to start pushing myself and fight till the end. I passed a tri group lady and she was walking i told her to move it. she said it helped her. I finally saw hubby and that made me try to run faster, I kept pushing. As I got closer to the finish I passed a woman from my wave, then right before the finish she passed me and i just could NOT let it happend - i was pissed and sprinted past her. I am not sure why i was so pissed. either way i beat her and maybe we pushed each other. I just wonder why i have so much left to sprint and yet i can not push harder earlier ??

run - 3 miles run - 28.13 (9.25min/mile) - rank 237
thoughts - run faster plain and simple, just do it, you can.

overall time 1.18.14
overall place 174
age group place 40 out of 205

overall thoughts. happy, but as usual feel i can do better. there is a race on the same course on saturday and i think i am going to do it. why not. i just am glad to have splits to look at. last time i did the course in july my time was 1.22 but they did not give splits. so i did better, but i wonder where ???

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i did my sprint tri today, all went well. hubby came with me and was a great spectator and cheered me on at many points and get lots of photos (which i did not have many of me from last season).

I will do a full race report some time later.

one thing i have to say is i am real glad i have a road bike and not a mountain bike.

thinking of doing the same course next weekend ????

Saturday, August 7, 2010


this am i did an ocean swim and then ran 2 miles. the ocean was perfect, gorgeous and like a sheet of glass. loved it.

run was ok. tried to work on the mental aspect of it. i was not looking to go fast, i was just looking to know when i went at certain paces.

going to pick up my number at the expo and the rest of the day will be dedicated to making sure i have lot's of water in me and good food, veggies, fruit, protein, carbs.

i wrote down my goals and why i tri. will review them tonight and hopefully get a good nights rest.

ps. i really need a break from the kids...BIG TIME

Thursday, August 5, 2010

course review

when your are doing a race do you review the course ? do you try to drive it or run it ? or do you wing it ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You know when those folks say my life started at 40 and you think whateva...you are just saying that b/c you are old.

It is not a lie. It is true. I have never felt better about my life and I am 42.

I finally had some things click and my mental state has changed for the MUCH better
I finally had some things click with nutrition and I believe I am finally able to eat healthy as a lifestyle
I already got the exercise thing down

I want out and seeked help for much of the above. I found great folks out there and I am thankful for them.

there is always stuff to work on and improve and make better. I will continue on this journey.

And yes I believe 50 might just rock my world.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rev 3

So next year I want to do an Olympic size tri. I would not mind doing one where I have to travel a bit. One I have eyed is the Rev 3 in Ct. Registration is open. So now I have to decide. Anyone do this tri ???

Monday, August 2, 2010


I am copying this goal tactic from an awesome blogger...goals for the week

mom - less tv for kids, get them out and about and get more fruit in them, hope to teach them more about keeping house clean

wife - make date with hubby....

personal - keep house clean. i tend to let it go, i really want to stay on top of it and put things away each night, not let it pile up.

nutrition - really practice eating every 2 hours and getting healthy clean food in. i had a bit of a lightbulb moment this weekend and when i was more aware of what i was eating and getting healthy snacks in me and lighter meals my workout was much better and overall i felt better.

training - i have a sprint tri this sunday, so this week i will not push too hard but i will get a swim, bike and run in, as well as strength - then i want to kick ass on sunday

friend - make a few phone calls to some friends who are in need, have a playdate on wed as well so that is good

daughter - call my mom and set up time for her to come visit

i love breaking it down like that