Tuesday, November 30, 2010


boot camp

no visitor

but 2 negative tests

ok, within the five seconds of writing this i forgot my 4th item....lord help me

Monday, November 29, 2010

back for the moment

let's just say i am waiting for a visitor and she is late. and i am freaking out. but i think we are ok.

due to a quick change of priorities today i did not make it to the gym, and did not get a run outside. no biggie. tomorrow is boot camp with ironlady and i plan on getting my ass kicked as usual.

did you read about weight watchers point system changing ? I think this is great. I think it takes into account nutrition NOT just calories. I did WW once and I lost the weight. It actually feel off. I got down to 114, but i did feel hungry most of the time, it was more about portion then overall health. BUT it did get me to try and eat healthy meals and healthy snacks. i would rather concentrate on healthy stuff going in and overall portion control, i don't want to be starving all the time.

i did not do any cyber shopping today but i should due to the free shipping .....maybe later tonight at 10 while in bed all alone i will get some presents taken care of.

I ordered my xmas cards already, used pinhole press. have not started shopping yet.

last year the gym had a contest about maintaing weight - teams of 3 and my team won !!! i am going to try and maintain again......

i must get over the cold and just go run outside when i can !!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


i am in a bit of a freak out mode.

that is all i am going to say.

Friday, November 26, 2010

lazy friday

ok, i am NOT a black friday shopper, and i am annoyed at all the darn emails.

the plan was to go to bootcamp this am, it was at 9.30. i did not make it. we were lazy and still are being lazy. no biggie, i will go to gym soon and get a run in. then take the kids out for lunch and either bookstore or something for them.

did anyone read the story about the cal coxswain who died from lung cancer. the article is in sports illustrated, started it but haven't finished it yet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

exercise good, nutrition not so good

same ol story. i feel like my exercise is in line and i am on top of it, but my nutrition is not. I have been having my prime time snacks. 4 butterfinger snack size while i watch biggest loser. Oh speaking of BL, tonight there is a where are they now !!! this is like an early xmas present, i live for this type of shit.

ok, my 4 year old asked me if she looked really really hot, and she is not talking about her temp !!! she followed with does hot mean pretty ???? holy lord help me, 4 she is only 4.

i digress.

so nutrition and exercise b/c that is what i try to keep this blog dedicated to. I am starting to consider going for personal training and such. However, I almost feel like a hypacrite if i go eat a butterfinger or mcdess and yet i am teaching people about health and exercise ? you see what i am saying. I do NOT have a flat belly at all, so really who is going to want me to train them to get a flat belly if i don't have one myself ? There use to be a heavy set personal trainer and I just felt like it would be hard to follow her advice ?

I believe I could teach a spin class, and I would love to coach running (beginners mostly) but doing overall personal training or nutrition ? i feel I would not be convincing enough ?

any thoughts on this ?

i am searching for a coach to train me for my olympic tri - checking a local lady out, and then going to compare to some online coaches.

I am thankful. I am grateful. I feel blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving !

any one do the adopt a soldier ?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it is all in the attitude

mind over matter.

yesterday for dinner i had mcdees (hamburger and fries - UGHHH - i didn't even want it but i was out with girls and was hungry and we wouldn't be home for a while plus i had no food at home) then i had a banana to try and get something healthy in me, but then i wound up eating 5 to 7 snack size butterfingers (i lost count), a toasted english muffin with butter (lord i love the nooks and crannies) followed by a small bowl of stacy's chips ??? what the heyway was going on ?????

needless to say this am my tummy is not loving me - i started the debate of not going to boot camp b/c i am not sure my tummy well coop with me and i have fears of running to the bathroom in midst of a burpee. But after my oatmeal and some good ol self talk, i realized, so what if i have to leave class, why not go and push through this. get the toxins out of my body with sweat and when done have a healthy smoothie and move forward. I am strong and I can do this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


i am happy that i exercised every day of the week, however the weekend is a bust. i took a rest day yesterday but today just don't have it in me. honestly i might do a walk and that is it. but it is ok.

had a break down last night. emotional. kids were horrible. hubby was grumpy. the perfect storm. felt like all falls on me, managing everyone's mood.

i am thankful. life is full of ups and downs. it is ok to breakdown.

i am decorating challenged. i suck ass at it. it causes major stress just thinking about it. i am obsessed with it right now b/c we are looking at houses to buy and i see how nice folks have done their homes. then if we don't buy and we stay i want to do each room in this house. it causes stress. i wish i had the decorating gene, but i don't.

i am wondering if my body is in shock from NOT working out 2 days in a row and needs it ? b/c i feel jittery.

i am trying to have good energy. to smile and realize that our life on this earth can all be good if we choose that. anybody understand ? anybody try this and see results ?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

if it is not one sweet it is another

so first it has always been the reese's peanut butter cup, then it was leaning towards the butterfinger, oh and there was that butterscotch phase. Now it is chocolate covered pretzels. damn them...damn them !!!!!

On a good roll with workouts, monday - ran, tuesday - boot camp, wed - run, thur - spin, and tomorrow hoping to keep on and another boot camp.

I am really jonesing to take yoga, there is an 8am basic yoga class at the gym that i want to take. hoping to make that happen sat. am. although i am highly concerned about my gas issues on the treadmill. i would imagine yoga will be even harder.

do you think you go through phases of fav. foods ? i was always a picky eater. texture played a big part of my pickiness. i hated crunchy ie celery (still do), hated mushy stuff, like a big bowl of chile - looked like a bunch of scary stuff i didn't know what was in it. However, i currently love mush .....love it. i love oatmeal (mush), chili (mush) bolognese(mush), roasted veggie soup that i make more thick so it is mush ????

any food phases you have had ? texture issues ??

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i have not showered in 2 days

within those 2 days i have worked out

i will let you imagine the smell

i am going to shower tonight...

but tomorrow i ride ...spin that is

made sloppy joes tonight...ehhh, nothing great

i am thawing more of the sauce and balls b/c they were delish and i want them

lotta red meat this week

what brand vitamins do you take ??

reading a great book "everyman dies alone "


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good bad ugly

good - went to boot camp and felt stronger than normal, pushed myself.

bad - ate some bugles (remember those ???)

ugly - ate tater tots

Monday, November 15, 2010


damn the meatballs and sauce i made are delish.....i need some mason jars to save the sauce...what do you use to freeze the sauce - what do you store it in ???

ran today. outside. forced myself to do mile intervals in the park that i was doing in the running class. the mile loop is just shy of a mile. i had my garmin. i was able to do .90 in 7.43 for the first one, 7.46, and then 7.4something, i forget but the point is - i managed to kick my ass and get 3 mile intervals in there. and i was damn glad i did it.

i have not had the tv on for a while....rare with my kids. i printed out some blank fashion sketches and they are coloring them.

should i have a xmas party ? cookie swap ? i feel the need to entertain and I NEVER feel that need.

i would like the laundry fairy to come for a few days ???

there is nothing better than snuggling with my girls.

today i ate oatmeal and fruit for bfast, had a toasted english muffin with better for a snack, salad for lunch, larabar (lemon) for a snake and then meatballs and sauce with whole wheat pasta.

do you own a sweaty band ? do you love ? I want to invent a snot rag - it is something you have with you or attached to you while you run so you can wipe the snot away ......

i meet preppy player this weekend. she rocks and her products rock...check her out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


at this moment i feel peaceful.

i got out and ran sat. am and it was a gorgeous day out, there was a 5mile race but i didn't do it b/c had to get ready for dad's 70th. I felt really good on the run, it was fun, i tried to smile the entire time. I had a new playlist and it was making it feel easy !

here are the stats from the garmin : 2.97 miles in 28.25 (9.34min/miles)
mile 1 - 9.48
mile 2 - 9.38
mile 3 (.97) - 9.16
I never believed in warming up for a race but i always feel good half way into run, it finally makes sense to me to warm up before a race.

Today I attempted to make real italian sauce (gravy) and meatballs. We will be eating soon and I am hoping it was a success. I have been begging my friend for her recipe b/c she makes them and they are like freaking pieces of heaven in my mouth.

I want food shopping - both at whole foods and stop n shop. Do you go to 2 different stores ? I was surprised when I did some price checks that whole foods was not always more expensive.

Menu planned for week and planned exercise for the week. I like being organized like this and ready for the week. The downside is that I like it and then I get anxiety about NOT doing it.

goals for the week
-laundry and more laundry
-attempt a start on organizing playroom
-read more to the girls
-stick to my exercise plan for the week
- reach out to a friend
-have a business idea and need to look into it
-SMILE more

Friday, November 12, 2010

pass fail

so i wanted to do bootcamp class today but i did not go. so i failed in a goal, however i feel ok as i did workout all week as i wanted to AND more importantly i passed on a different goal. had a great date with hubby, a wonderful dinner, a movie (due date- not that great)...........and more.

i realize that my workouts can't be my only goals. that my other areas of life need to have goals meet as well .......

today quick goals
need white shirt for family photo
need to make 2 dozen cookies for pta function
return library movie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just keeping track

i am writing every day more for myself and the fact of how my day went against some goals for the week.

I did workout today - ran 4 miles on the dreadmill. I probably could have gone outside but i hate wind. It was cloudy and dark, however half way thru my run on the dreadmill i saw the son and was bummed.

I caved and got a whole wheat bagel with butter - ate it and then had some leftover soup. For dinner i made the mexican meal, it sucked. the past few times i have made mexican i have been very very disappointed....

tomorrow night hubby and i are going out to eat so i am going to let myself eat what i want and just do portion control. gotta figure out lunch...might just do quick salad at home but i don't have much of my standards, ie. tomotoes, croutons and nuts..........hoping i don't fail.

i will either do my running class tomorrow or spin...need to figure out timing with hubby b/c he has off. wahoo..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

on a good roll

went to boot camp class today. ironlady kills me. i hate her with that love/hate feel for a personal trainer.

i ate ok, did the shake after the workout, but i did treat myself for lunch with sweet potato fries and mini burgers that are so yummy from local place.

dinner - leftover soup - YUM - can i freeze the soup now ???? i should always be freezing half of what i make b/c i don't want to throw out and i have planned to cooke mexican tomorrow night - already thawing the turkey out.

i need to do the wait after i eat before i serve myself seconds. after i have my meal, i am ready to go fill my plate up and get more b/c i still feel hungry and it was yummy (granted it is chuckful of veggies) but i held off and suddenly i no longer feel the hunger but satisfied and do not need any. i know you can estimate calories and such but i would love it if some machine just scanned your plate and gave you the calorie number.

I bought some dark chocolate covered pretzels and that has been my treat at night. control. it works.

I signed up for my first Olympic size tri. Holy cow. I am most likely getting a coach, to keep me in a line. I am thinking i would prefer someone online as opposed to ironlady for reasons i will go into another time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

goal updates

ran today, had to run on treadmill, i don't usually have tummy problems but let's just say today was a bit difficult on the treadmill b/c i had to concentrate on holding in gas. but i did wind up doing at least 3 miles plus.

made the soup and it was good, i even made the girls try it, i thought they would love it, they didn't but just them trying is a start.

yelling, i am really trying to focus and recognize when i get to the yelling point and pulling back. it is helping.

i have been on eating frenzy and i am finally stopping.

tomorrow boot camp. leftover soup.

Also trying to get some normal stuff done. Booked a ski trip for us and the girls. It will be the first time the girls go skiing. Lord help us.

life is good. i am thankful.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

good start to the week

Although I did not get to run today, I did get to go food shopping and I meal planned. I also had to clean the house for a showing. So I have a clean house and food for the week, with meals planned to cook. This feeling is pretty good.

So I will put some goals for the week:

make 3 meals for dinner this week, roasted veggie soup from Pioneer Woman, mexican burritos and on sunday I am attempting meatballs and sauce from scratch.

workouts - monday - run, tues - bootcamp, wed - run, thur - run,friday bootcamp.

shop - need outfits for a family photo on satruday

work on a better bedtime habit for girls - less tv in evening for them

getting more fruit and veggies in my kids. tonight i started and made them eat some carrots - even if it was one, i wanted them to eat one.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

did you get in ?

That is what hubby asked me today at about 5pm when he phoned from work, i thought did I get in where - was I taking the kids somewhere ? was i locked out ?? then he said, the tri.

We both registered for the lottery for the NYC tri (he did it last year). I asked him if he got in, he didn't tell me, i ran to my computer and checked my inbox to find ....Thank you for applying to the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon. Unfortunately, you were not selected in the lottery.

Hubby got in, i didn't. Oh well. Gotta go find an olympic size tri in the tri state region in mid summer. 

what about you - did you get in the nyctri ?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

why so tired ?

I did spin last night and was so happy i got some exercise in.

This am I did not get to the gym - i have some free time and figure i will run outside in this fall weather. the problem is - i believe i could lie down and sleep for 4 hours. I feel foggy and tired. WHy ? sometimes I don't understand why i can feel so tired. I am going out on a limb here - i did a 5pm workout which my body doesn't normally do and I ate fast food for dinner - so I have no good stuff in me.....i probably need to see the connection.

I had my oatmeal and fruit for bfast and for an early lunch snack i had a boiled egg and whole wheat toast. i plan on running at 1pm. I am fighting every urge to lie down on the couch.

I know I will enjoy the run and feel so good after it.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am tired today, halloween hupla....i am sure i could do a run today but part of me wants to nap while i have my free hour. then i though, why not just take a walk, you know, i don't have to run, but i can get out and get the fresh air and some light exercise.

but the guilt would set in, why i wasn't running, if i could get out and walk, i might as well run ?

can runners just talk a walk ???