Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tempo run, hair colored & xmas cards ordered

in the busy season i hope to be as productive as i can each and every minute of the day.

today i was thrown a curve ball with the little one being bogged down with her allergies and a bad cough. i was ready to stay in for the day with her and forgo all hopes of accomplishing anything.

however, after a relaxing am and her meds she begged to go to karate, so i took her. She was heading out after that with a friend, so I was free. I had to get back in the game. Did my tempo run of 35 minutes and was feeling good. pushed myself which i need to start doing more. heading right from the run to get my greys covered and a new cut ...wooot woot. after that was straight to pick up....never had so many compliments on my hair !!!

I had been fiddling with the xmas cards on line for a while, finally sealed the deal and ordered them up.

oh and when i was ready to stay inside for the day - i figured i should start cleaning and organizing the rooms that (NO JOKE) are in shambles. I cleaned our laundry room and I was quite darn proud of myself.

now go move the elf

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