Thursday, December 30, 2010

twilight zone

hubby is on vaca. we were stuck at my in laws. there was a major blizzard and just getting around is a challenge. my family is coming sat. sunday we have a showing for a couple that loves our house. i am not sure what day it is, no schedule puts me off a bit.

This am I wanted to make the 9.30 boot camp class with iron lady but we all slept in and I didn't push it. I went later and ran. But being in the twilight zone and not knowing what is up or down, i was wrong about boot camp, it is tomorrow at 9.30am. wahooooo, i get a second chance.

I am looking forward to seeing my fam. however I am also looking forward to monday and getting everyone back on schedule.

January, wahoo. Start of a new year. getting a coach and starting my training for my first olympic tri. wahoooooooo.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lululemon wagon

so for christmas hubby got me some workout clothes from lululemon and man i love it. i am going to possibly exchange some and i can't wait to go in the store and browse and buy and wahooo..

i went to the gym with 4 kids today. had 2 over for playdate and dragged all of them out to the gym. got a quick 30 minutes on treadmill and was so happy to get it in.

starting to clean, unpack and org.

all good.

do you own lululemon ? do you love it ? how do you pronounce it ?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

home sweet home

i am home.

i am happy.

i can't wait to hit the gym.

to clean.

to get a food shopping done.

Monday, December 27, 2010

snowed in...

at the inlaws

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry merry

i hope you all enjoy the wonder of the season

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i was so jealous

and the theme this week is holidays getting in the way OR in other words, that is my excuse on why i am missing workouts. This AM I was going to do bootcamp with ironlady at 9.15 but we have all been sleeping in a bit here (due to my ladies staying up MUCH TOO late) and we have no early activities due to the holidays(see it is the holidays fault). We floundered a bit and I didn't rush us out and figured I would just run instead. I got to the gym about 9.30 and peeked into her class just to see and i was so freaking jealous.  They were jump roping and some other things we have never done, and I was like damn I am missing new fun (torturous) stuff.

I went on the treadmill and did 3 miles - each at a faster pace with a rest in btw. Half way through another person came up on the one next to me and she is another lady who is usually in the bootcamp so i asked her about it and she was late and we were both saying how bummed we were when we saw all the new stuff. ahh other crazy folk like me. love it.

i did not get the stuff for pecan diamonds. hubby really likes them so i need to make them tomorrow.

Luckily I am getting more fruit back in me but still missing veggies. I need a good ol salad from a salad bar.  I use to love working in the city and getting one of those big ass salads where you asked them to throw in everything .....we don't have a place like that around here. cept my own kitchen and i just didn't have all the stuff. plus it ain't the same.

where do you get your favorite salad ?

Monday, December 20, 2010

running or baking

so as my last post mentioned. holidays get in the way of other things.

this am i did NOT run. It was not the holidays fault, it was the fact that the house had a showing and I had to clean.

i just made these

lately i would rather bake than run. not a good sign. so far i made scottish short bread cookies YUM. These are pretzels with a rolo melted ontop and then i stuck an m&m in. Haven't tried them yet as they cool but i can't imagine i won't enjoy them.

tomorrow - boot camp. and then pecan diamonds.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The holidays are fun, but they sure do make it hard to stay on your nutrition and exercise. I was happy to get to the gym yesterday and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. However, last night we went to a neighbor's party and the nutrition went down the toilet. I was eating bacon wrapped around white bread and cream cheese, buckeyes, potato pancakes, and 2 beers. The problem was I decided to let the bad food continue most of today.

But Mondays are the perfect day to start over and get some veggies and fruit back in the body. With the hectic week ahead I will be making sure to get into the gym at least the first 3 days of the week.

I have been reading how a lot bloggers are getting their butts outside in the freezing cold to run and I am soooo impressed. I believe my cut off is 45degrees (and i need sun with that).

I need to order a wetsuit. I am doing my first olympic this year and I want a wetsuit. I am pretty sure open water swims in the river start in May.

Goals for the week:

-get presents wrapped
-gym m,t,w
-make a healthy dinner
-call mom

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i need my fix

Yesterday was a planned day off from exercise. Today I was supposed to spin but the realtor had someone for a showing. So I opted to stay home and get the house clean. I was thinking of all the ways I could still fit in a 30 minute cardio at the gym somehow, but i fizzled out. Tomorrow I don't have time btw all the girls activities, so no gym for 3 days. I hate that. Saturday AM I will be busting out of here to get to the gym.

What do you do when you can't get your fix ?

Next up - i forget which blogger (i promise to find out and post) found it marlene mentioned sparkpeople. I had never seen it, it is a food tracking website. I love it. It is free. Such a great way to get a sense of your calories, and your protein/ carb ratio. I am so looking forward to tracking. It has all sorts of reports and graphs and I love me some graphs.

I made this last night
 Slow Cooker Chicken Cassoulet from the eat clean diet book - easy and delish....
1 (15 oz) can navy beans, pinto beans or black-eyed peas, rinsed and well drained
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 2/3 cups low-sodium chicken broth
1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
4 celery stalks, trimmed and chopped
4 garlic cloves passed trough a garlic press
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes (not packed in oil)
3 large carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
1/4 cup fresh basil
1 T. thyme
2 Tbsp. fresh minced parsley

And just a side note, fresh herbs can be substituted for dried herbs, just make sure to use a bit less since they are more concentrated.

1. Spread half the beans in the bottom of the slow cooker.
2. Season chicken with pepper and sea salt. Heat oil over medium heat in a skillet. Brown the chicken on both sides (about 2-3 minutes each side). Place the browned chicken on top of the beans in the slow cooker. Top with remaining beans and chicken broth.
3. Saute the onion, celery, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, garlic and herbs using the same skillet. Spread this mixture over the chicken. Cover and put on low heat for several hours.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


you know you have those days were you are super productive. every minute is devoted to completing a task. I love those days. I felt like today was one of those days.

I ran sunday, monday, tuesday was boot camp. I feel a mixture of emotions about my exercise right now. My running has been  a good feeling, b/c i finally feel like I am over the run 3 miles at 10 min miles. I do intervals, i will run for 4 miles on treadmill with negative splits. I know pushing myself will make me faster. It feels good to see how far I can push myself. I did NOT want to go to bootcamp. I had the little devil on my shoulder saying - stay home, why go, you could just do  this or that. But I went. I was not happy and ironlady (who is the instructor) even said, "smile" she could sense my mood. As usual I am glad I went. But I really want to turn around the feeling of "oh I don't want to go, dread dread" to "i am going b/c it is good for me, and i am strong." You know, turn the negative thoughts to the positive. I guess in some ways I know that the more strict schedule of training will be starting up and I should enjoy the laid back feel of working out right now.

by the way, ironlady killed us. i am sore. i swear i missed a week and i am sore ????

going to eat the crock pot chicken tonight. smells good. has beans, carrots, onions.

my weight seems to be going up. i know i have been horrible with sweets as usual. sometimes i am just amazed at how the sweets/carbs do really put the weight on. i joined up with sparkpeople and am going to try and count some calories. i might want to read racing weight.

only a few more presents and i will be done. however wrapping becomes a huge task in itself. we have everything hidden in the attic and i can only wrap when kids are not home. as of tomorrow my younger one is done with school til january - so her not home is not happening.

how do you turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts ?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the week ahead


- get last of xmas shopping done, mostly start and finish hubby
- dentist, car and eyes checked
- make chicken dish from clean eating cookbook, it is a simple crock pot meal that i have wanted to try
- read christmas books with girls, try and install the idea of giving not just receiving
- make sure i have all teacher gifts ready, don't forget about newspaper guy, cleaners, and mailman
- be happy and live in the moment. life is good.
- get babysitter for sat. night to attend neighbor's party (which is also special time with hubby -which we need)
- if i have time figure out way to get the girls alone so they can buy something for each other for christmas
- PJ"s for them to open on christmas eve (i always like to do this)
- run, 2 to 3 days, spin and strength

Friday, December 10, 2010


i hate the cold. hate it.

why was i so tired this am. why ?

i want a personal chef that will teach me how to cook healthy delish meals. anyone ?

need to start thinking about what to get hubby for xmas ?

does it annoy you when people use xmas instead of christmas ?

got a lot of compliments on my christmas card, something i actually think i do well.

back in the day i use to take mental health days off from work, you know, when you just needed a break, so instead you sat in your tiny nyc apt and watched bad tv and ordered in, didn't shower. i need one of those days, i wouldn't think of laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing, exercising, just one day. heck i am not sure i could even do it now, i would feel too unproductive.

do you make smoothies ? what type of protein powder do you use ??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

exercise interrupted exercise interrupted ful

yesterday morning instead of boot camp at 9.15am, i was in the hospital. my little one was doing donkey kicks on the coffee table and lost balance and split her ear open. It was fun. We got to sit for 4 hours waiting, we saw a shivering drug addict and got to hear him puke. Then I had the pure 100% enjoyment of watching my poor 4 year old have her ear sting to the point from a needle that she would not get back on the bed. Then the Dr. suggested the papoose, i thought that sounds like such a nice cozy word. I had visions of carrying my little 4 year old in some sort of cozy fleece lined papoose. NOOOO. the papoose is a straight jacket that they wrap on your screaming child. it buckles with 3 hugebuckles and your child can't move their arms. they called her a burrito. she screamed bloody murder, almost puked, and then finally calmed while they stitched her ear up with 5 stitches. I really enjoyed myself.

She was so brave and I was ready to buy her anything she wanted times a thousand.

She is brave but she has not learned her listen as she was donkey kicking in the hospital. She is jumping around right now. I think she actually thinks having stitches makes her cool. She is 4.

I am so thankful it was not worse.

No workout today but I did get my grays covered.

Tomorrow i will spin. Tonight I am going to make some roasted veggies, and maybe some rice and beans, beans for the protein.

Monday, December 6, 2010

running, hungry, & tupperware

i ran yesterday adn today on the treadmill, treadmill is getting boring but i am too wimpy to go outside

tomorrow boot camp

i am starving right now, but we have my daughter's parent teacher conference at 6.10 - so hubby and i are eating out after that.....this is when i fail on nutrition, i am ready to eat anything ??? RIght now i am leaning towards an english muffin with butter.

tupperware. my mom use to sell it. i can totally remember staying up late when she had a party, how they played games and someone would win something. I have many friends/acquaintances who sell something, sensaria, stell and dot, etc. I may start doing this, it is for a health company and i just tried the cleaning stuff and am happy with it. i have such a hard time thinking that i will be asking people for money BUT it is a product that i really believe in ?

we have netflix and i never watch movies. finally i watched veronica guernin - it was great, very inspiring. now i am watching man on fire with denzel, and it is some serious scary crazed kick ass denzel. he takes NO shit. i need to put PRE on my list the movie about the runner steve prefontine (spelling)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

stairmaster and other cardio ?

Today I went to the gym but it was going to be quick due to activities for the girls. I did not feel like running b/c i just felt my time was too short. I am kind of at a loss if I am not taking a class (spin or boot camp) or running. I decided to jump on the stairmaster, I see many of the very inshape trainers use it and other inshape patrons.

I just walked up stairs for about 25 minutes, it said i went 100 flights. I have NO idea what type of workout this provides me. I was sweating, but i was not out of breath, but it felt like I was working.

So folks, what other cardio machines do you use ? row ? elliptical ? what type of cardio are they providing compared to spin or running ??? we don't have a jacob's ladder at the gym but i would love to try one of them.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


boot camp

no visitor

but 2 negative tests

ok, within the five seconds of writing this i forgot my 4th item....lord help me

Monday, November 29, 2010

back for the moment

let's just say i am waiting for a visitor and she is late. and i am freaking out. but i think we are ok.

due to a quick change of priorities today i did not make it to the gym, and did not get a run outside. no biggie. tomorrow is boot camp with ironlady and i plan on getting my ass kicked as usual.

did you read about weight watchers point system changing ? I think this is great. I think it takes into account nutrition NOT just calories. I did WW once and I lost the weight. It actually feel off. I got down to 114, but i did feel hungry most of the time, it was more about portion then overall health. BUT it did get me to try and eat healthy meals and healthy snacks. i would rather concentrate on healthy stuff going in and overall portion control, i don't want to be starving all the time.

i did not do any cyber shopping today but i should due to the free shipping .....maybe later tonight at 10 while in bed all alone i will get some presents taken care of.

I ordered my xmas cards already, used pinhole press. have not started shopping yet.

last year the gym had a contest about maintaing weight - teams of 3 and my team won !!! i am going to try and maintain again......

i must get over the cold and just go run outside when i can !!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


i am in a bit of a freak out mode.

that is all i am going to say.

Friday, November 26, 2010

lazy friday

ok, i am NOT a black friday shopper, and i am annoyed at all the darn emails.

the plan was to go to bootcamp this am, it was at 9.30. i did not make it. we were lazy and still are being lazy. no biggie, i will go to gym soon and get a run in. then take the kids out for lunch and either bookstore or something for them.

did anyone read the story about the cal coxswain who died from lung cancer. the article is in sports illustrated, started it but haven't finished it yet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

exercise good, nutrition not so good

same ol story. i feel like my exercise is in line and i am on top of it, but my nutrition is not. I have been having my prime time snacks. 4 butterfinger snack size while i watch biggest loser. Oh speaking of BL, tonight there is a where are they now !!! this is like an early xmas present, i live for this type of shit.

ok, my 4 year old asked me if she looked really really hot, and she is not talking about her temp !!! she followed with does hot mean pretty ???? holy lord help me, 4 she is only 4.

i digress.

so nutrition and exercise b/c that is what i try to keep this blog dedicated to. I am starting to consider going for personal training and such. However, I almost feel like a hypacrite if i go eat a butterfinger or mcdess and yet i am teaching people about health and exercise ? you see what i am saying. I do NOT have a flat belly at all, so really who is going to want me to train them to get a flat belly if i don't have one myself ? There use to be a heavy set personal trainer and I just felt like it would be hard to follow her advice ?

I believe I could teach a spin class, and I would love to coach running (beginners mostly) but doing overall personal training or nutrition ? i feel I would not be convincing enough ?

any thoughts on this ?

i am searching for a coach to train me for my olympic tri - checking a local lady out, and then going to compare to some online coaches.

I am thankful. I am grateful. I feel blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving !

any one do the adopt a soldier ?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it is all in the attitude

mind over matter.

yesterday for dinner i had mcdees (hamburger and fries - UGHHH - i didn't even want it but i was out with girls and was hungry and we wouldn't be home for a while plus i had no food at home) then i had a banana to try and get something healthy in me, but then i wound up eating 5 to 7 snack size butterfingers (i lost count), a toasted english muffin with butter (lord i love the nooks and crannies) followed by a small bowl of stacy's chips ??? what the heyway was going on ?????

needless to say this am my tummy is not loving me - i started the debate of not going to boot camp b/c i am not sure my tummy well coop with me and i have fears of running to the bathroom in midst of a burpee. But after my oatmeal and some good ol self talk, i realized, so what if i have to leave class, why not go and push through this. get the toxins out of my body with sweat and when done have a healthy smoothie and move forward. I am strong and I can do this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


i am happy that i exercised every day of the week, however the weekend is a bust. i took a rest day yesterday but today just don't have it in me. honestly i might do a walk and that is it. but it is ok.

had a break down last night. emotional. kids were horrible. hubby was grumpy. the perfect storm. felt like all falls on me, managing everyone's mood.

i am thankful. life is full of ups and downs. it is ok to breakdown.

i am decorating challenged. i suck ass at it. it causes major stress just thinking about it. i am obsessed with it right now b/c we are looking at houses to buy and i see how nice folks have done their homes. then if we don't buy and we stay i want to do each room in this house. it causes stress. i wish i had the decorating gene, but i don't.

i am wondering if my body is in shock from NOT working out 2 days in a row and needs it ? b/c i feel jittery.

i am trying to have good energy. to smile and realize that our life on this earth can all be good if we choose that. anybody understand ? anybody try this and see results ?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

if it is not one sweet it is another

so first it has always been the reese's peanut butter cup, then it was leaning towards the butterfinger, oh and there was that butterscotch phase. Now it is chocolate covered pretzels. damn them...damn them !!!!!

On a good roll with workouts, monday - ran, tuesday - boot camp, wed - run, thur - spin, and tomorrow hoping to keep on and another boot camp.

I am really jonesing to take yoga, there is an 8am basic yoga class at the gym that i want to take. hoping to make that happen sat. am. although i am highly concerned about my gas issues on the treadmill. i would imagine yoga will be even harder.

do you think you go through phases of fav. foods ? i was always a picky eater. texture played a big part of my pickiness. i hated crunchy ie celery (still do), hated mushy stuff, like a big bowl of chile - looked like a bunch of scary stuff i didn't know what was in it. However, i currently love mush it. i love oatmeal (mush), chili (mush) bolognese(mush), roasted veggie soup that i make more thick so it is mush ????

any food phases you have had ? texture issues ??

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i have not showered in 2 days

within those 2 days i have worked out

i will let you imagine the smell

i am going to shower tonight...

but tomorrow i ride ...spin that is

made sloppy joes tonight...ehhh, nothing great

i am thawing more of the sauce and balls b/c they were delish and i want them

lotta red meat this week

what brand vitamins do you take ??

reading a great book "everyman dies alone "


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good bad ugly

good - went to boot camp and felt stronger than normal, pushed myself.

bad - ate some bugles (remember those ???)

ugly - ate tater tots

Monday, November 15, 2010


damn the meatballs and sauce i made are delish.....i need some mason jars to save the sauce...what do you use to freeze the sauce - what do you store it in ???

ran today. outside. forced myself to do mile intervals in the park that i was doing in the running class. the mile loop is just shy of a mile. i had my garmin. i was able to do .90 in 7.43 for the first one, 7.46, and then 7.4something, i forget but the point is - i managed to kick my ass and get 3 mile intervals in there. and i was damn glad i did it.

i have not had the tv on for a while....rare with my kids. i printed out some blank fashion sketches and they are coloring them.

should i have a xmas party ? cookie swap ? i feel the need to entertain and I NEVER feel that need.

i would like the laundry fairy to come for a few days ???

there is nothing better than snuggling with my girls.

today i ate oatmeal and fruit for bfast, had a toasted english muffin with better for a snack, salad for lunch, larabar (lemon) for a snake and then meatballs and sauce with whole wheat pasta.

do you own a sweaty band ? do you love ? I want to invent a snot rag - it is something you have with you or attached to you while you run so you can wipe the snot away ......

i meet preppy player this weekend. she rocks and her products rock...check her out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


at this moment i feel peaceful.

i got out and ran sat. am and it was a gorgeous day out, there was a 5mile race but i didn't do it b/c had to get ready for dad's 70th. I felt really good on the run, it was fun, i tried to smile the entire time. I had a new playlist and it was making it feel easy !

here are the stats from the garmin : 2.97 miles in 28.25 (9.34min/miles)
mile 1 - 9.48
mile 2 - 9.38
mile 3 (.97) - 9.16
I never believed in warming up for a race but i always feel good half way into run, it finally makes sense to me to warm up before a race.

Today I attempted to make real italian sauce (gravy) and meatballs. We will be eating soon and I am hoping it was a success. I have been begging my friend for her recipe b/c she makes them and they are like freaking pieces of heaven in my mouth.

I want food shopping - both at whole foods and stop n shop. Do you go to 2 different stores ? I was surprised when I did some price checks that whole foods was not always more expensive.

Menu planned for week and planned exercise for the week. I like being organized like this and ready for the week. The downside is that I like it and then I get anxiety about NOT doing it.

goals for the week
-laundry and more laundry
-attempt a start on organizing playroom
-read more to the girls
-stick to my exercise plan for the week
- reach out to a friend
-have a business idea and need to look into it
-SMILE more

Friday, November 12, 2010

pass fail

so i wanted to do bootcamp class today but i did not go. so i failed in a goal, however i feel ok as i did workout all week as i wanted to AND more importantly i passed on a different goal. had a great date with hubby, a wonderful dinner, a movie (due date- not that great)...........and more.

i realize that my workouts can't be my only goals. that my other areas of life need to have goals meet as well .......

today quick goals
need white shirt for family photo
need to make 2 dozen cookies for pta function
return library movie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just keeping track

i am writing every day more for myself and the fact of how my day went against some goals for the week.

I did workout today - ran 4 miles on the dreadmill. I probably could have gone outside but i hate wind. It was cloudy and dark, however half way thru my run on the dreadmill i saw the son and was bummed.

I caved and got a whole wheat bagel with butter - ate it and then had some leftover soup. For dinner i made the mexican meal, it sucked. the past few times i have made mexican i have been very very disappointed....

tomorrow night hubby and i are going out to eat so i am going to let myself eat what i want and just do portion control. gotta figure out lunch...might just do quick salad at home but i don't have much of my standards, ie. tomotoes, croutons and nuts..........hoping i don't fail.

i will either do my running class tomorrow or spin...need to figure out timing with hubby b/c he has off. wahoo..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

on a good roll

went to boot camp class today. ironlady kills me. i hate her with that love/hate feel for a personal trainer.

i ate ok, did the shake after the workout, but i did treat myself for lunch with sweet potato fries and mini burgers that are so yummy from local place.

dinner - leftover soup - YUM - can i freeze the soup now ???? i should always be freezing half of what i make b/c i don't want to throw out and i have planned to cooke mexican tomorrow night - already thawing the turkey out.

i need to do the wait after i eat before i serve myself seconds. after i have my meal, i am ready to go fill my plate up and get more b/c i still feel hungry and it was yummy (granted it is chuckful of veggies) but i held off and suddenly i no longer feel the hunger but satisfied and do not need any. i know you can estimate calories and such but i would love it if some machine just scanned your plate and gave you the calorie number.

I bought some dark chocolate covered pretzels and that has been my treat at night. control. it works.

I signed up for my first Olympic size tri. Holy cow. I am most likely getting a coach, to keep me in a line. I am thinking i would prefer someone online as opposed to ironlady for reasons i will go into another time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

goal updates

ran today, had to run on treadmill, i don't usually have tummy problems but let's just say today was a bit difficult on the treadmill b/c i had to concentrate on holding in gas. but i did wind up doing at least 3 miles plus.

made the soup and it was good, i even made the girls try it, i thought they would love it, they didn't but just them trying is a start.

yelling, i am really trying to focus and recognize when i get to the yelling point and pulling back. it is helping.

i have been on eating frenzy and i am finally stopping.

tomorrow boot camp. leftover soup.

Also trying to get some normal stuff done. Booked a ski trip for us and the girls. It will be the first time the girls go skiing. Lord help us.

life is good. i am thankful.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

good start to the week

Although I did not get to run today, I did get to go food shopping and I meal planned. I also had to clean the house for a showing. So I have a clean house and food for the week, with meals planned to cook. This feeling is pretty good.

So I will put some goals for the week:

make 3 meals for dinner this week, roasted veggie soup from Pioneer Woman, mexican burritos and on sunday I am attempting meatballs and sauce from scratch.

workouts - monday - run, tues - bootcamp, wed - run, thur - run,friday bootcamp.

shop - need outfits for a family photo on satruday

work on a better bedtime habit for girls - less tv in evening for them

getting more fruit and veggies in my kids. tonight i started and made them eat some carrots - even if it was one, i wanted them to eat one.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

did you get in ?

That is what hubby asked me today at about 5pm when he phoned from work, i thought did I get in where - was I taking the kids somewhere ? was i locked out ?? then he said, the tri.

We both registered for the lottery for the NYC tri (he did it last year). I asked him if he got in, he didn't tell me, i ran to my computer and checked my inbox to find ....Thank you for applying to the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon. Unfortunately, you were not selected in the lottery.

Hubby got in, i didn't. Oh well. Gotta go find an olympic size tri in the tri state region in mid summer. 

what about you - did you get in the nyctri ?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

why so tired ?

I did spin last night and was so happy i got some exercise in.

This am I did not get to the gym - i have some free time and figure i will run outside in this fall weather. the problem is - i believe i could lie down and sleep for 4 hours. I feel foggy and tired. WHy ? sometimes I don't understand why i can feel so tired. I am going out on a limb here - i did a 5pm workout which my body doesn't normally do and I ate fast food for dinner - so I have no good stuff in me.....i probably need to see the connection.

I had my oatmeal and fruit for bfast and for an early lunch snack i had a boiled egg and whole wheat toast. i plan on running at 1pm. I am fighting every urge to lie down on the couch.

I know I will enjoy the run and feel so good after it.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am tired today, halloween hupla....i am sure i could do a run today but part of me wants to nap while i have my free hour. then i though, why not just take a walk, you know, i don't have to run, but i can get out and get the fresh air and some light exercise.

but the guilt would set in, why i wasn't running, if i could get out and walk, i might as well run ?

can runners just talk a walk ???

Friday, October 29, 2010

help me decide what workout to do ...

today i did not go to boot camp, sometimes hubby being home just doesn't pan out like i think it will.

So tomorrow i want to workout, i feel like the easiest thing to do is go for a run at some point. But i checked the gym and they have a basic yoga class at 8 - which i really have wanted to TRY and get into, and then they also have some sweat shop class - so i could get my boot camp in. what to do ??? yoga ? run ? boot camp ? of course i am fully aware that I will probably NOT get up and out for the classes but one never knows right ??

oh part of the decision is due to my shin REALLy bothering me and i am going to have to go and get myself a torture massage on it.

shoudl i add that i had 3 buttercrunch cookies (remember those packs with 3 cookies in it from lindens ?? love them) and then a take 5 ...cleary i am having hormones ...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

wait to swim after you have eaten

we remember that rule right ? i don't believe anyone follows that anymore.

We wound up sleeping in late today, i turned my alarm OFF instead of the snooze. So I missed my running class. I am bummed, but I can run today and I am not beating myself over it. However, the tricky part is that I just eat lunch now b/c after i run i won't have time for a while to eat and I knew I would need more than my bfast which was hours ago. However, I also feel like I might be running to close to having just eaten. Do you time your eating before working out ?

It is easy when I do a morning workout b/c i have my oatmeal and then workout - nothing to worry about. But when I have to run in the afternoon or night it throws me off. There is actually a 10k we like to do out where my inlaws live and the race starts at 5pm ??? I get all crazy about my eating and timing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


exercise is finally a lifestyle for me, so today when i decided NOT to exercise today due to a late night and a nice glass of wine, i don't have to feel like i failed, i know that tomorrow i will exercise and the next....and so on. b/c it is lifestyle.

when did exercise become part of your life forever

Monday, October 25, 2010

life is a beach.....

this was the view on my 4 mile run today ...not too shabby huh ?

I had 2 hours while kids where in school, due to the gorgeous weather I needed a change in my running i drove the 10 minutes to the beach and ran on the boards. So so nice. Other folks were dressed as if it was the artic, but i was in shorts and a tank and got 4 miles done.

4 miles in 38.37
mile 1 -9.49
mile 2 -9.37
mile 3 -9.19
mile 4 -9.49
I was going for a tempo run trying to get my 2 miles in btw to be faster than the first and last. However, mile 2 was against the wind most of the way and it was rough. I feel so blessed to be able to leave close to such beauty.

Last chili batch I made was not it's normal delish ?? I am getting bored on the cooking front and need something new and yummy !!!!

tomorrow boot camp.....goal ....focus on form and give 8lbs a try as opposed to the 5 lbs of having been using for dumb bells.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

no workout weekend

I didn't work out this weekend and I am ok with that. Yesterday was full of family stuff. Today was clean house for an open house, we played tag team with the girls - he had them, then i had them, now he has them. Yesterday didn't seem to work well, today worked well. go figure.

I planned my week of workouts and I am looking forward to 3 days of running and 2 days of boot camps. Thinking of signing up for a 5k on nov 28th. I am feeling less pressure and not making it that i have to have a PR.

Thinking of making butter cookies OR thumbprint ?

these hoarding shows are crazy scary.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

boot camp check

got to the boot camp class. wahoo. not as sore. today is family fun i think i will not push a run in there....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ahhhh back to it

So today i set the alarm and i was determined to get up, get the girls up and get my butt to my running class. I did and of course so happy I did. The girls did NOT like being woken up...ahahahahahhhhhaa i loved it.

I had not seen the group since the race so we got to chat about it. We wound up doing a mile at about 8, then a mile of 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow, then another mile all out...the coach was shooting us for freaking 6 something. I came in at 7.35. I did feel I had a bit more, but I was happy with that. Seriously loving the class. Now I have to work on making sure to run 3 to 4 times a week and strength 2 to 3 a week. Tomorrow is a bootcamp class at the gym that I want to make, I will most likely have to wake the little pips up again but hopefully if I keep doing that then bedtime will be earlier and easier.

I have a temp inlay on my tooth and it feels as if I have a tiny piece of ball stuck in my tooth and my bite is not comfortable. I can't chew on one side. I am not sure how long this is supposed to last but i hate it. I am a whip about mouth pain.

I am going to try and pick a race to do in the next few months. I hate cold weather running but I need something to keep me motivated.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bad habits

we have a major bad habit going on in this house and i am torn. we ALL go to sleep too late, my kids included. I use to have bedtime under a strict rule and it was great, by 8pm the kids were sound asleep and I had MY time. Now it doesn't matter what time I start bedtime, be it 7.30 or 9 - they are up and they are annoying. My older one does not fall asleep till 10 most nights. The problem is that our earliest have to be place is 10am !!! My older one sleeps in and it creates me to not get up and at em. As I lounge on the couch I think damn I missed the boot camp class BUT then I think, next year she will be in full day and I will NEVER have this again ???

The rain didn't help.

Now I am trying to rework the schedule of workouts and make sure I get in what I want to get in ...I was thinking of taking a class at the gym that goes on at 6pm but I feel bad dragging the kids there that late.

life is good.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the week

Weekend was dedicated to a friend. No exercise, not much healthy eating. But I did get a great deep tissue massage and she worked out some major knots in my upper back.

This week I want to get back into the strength on a more consistent basis.
the plan should be as follows:
mon - run (probably during my sans kid time - outside)
tues - bootcamp class at gym
wed. - run - not sure if i will go to gym or go outside
thur - running class
fri - try to figure how i can do a bootcamp type class ?? or maybe switch with wed. if that works

the damn halloween causes much sugar in my house and in my body.
- try NOT to buy any halloween candy that i live and die for (ie. butterfingers)
-keep to exercise plan
-make some healthy meals using the acorn squash and the butternut squash
-get my older one up earlier so that she won't stay up so late
-spend ANY time with hubby
-price some ski vacations out
-start the process of finding out about having an expansion on the house

neti pot ??? anyone use it and swear by it ??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

acorn squash


woke up too late to make the running class. i could have rushed the girls but they both have runny noses and i just didn't want to push them. i thought i would run later in the day BUT my quads are still sore so i just skipped it.

made chili, i love chili, but i overeat it all the time.

i am curious how long after you eat cheese you would feel something if you were intolerant to cheese ????

i bought acorn squash, what do you have more ? recipes please ?

do you run outside in the winter ? do you do races in the winter ?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


holy crappers. i can hardly move my legs thanks to the boot camp class i took. seriously i need a cane to get around.

bought tons of veggies at whole foods, going to make some yummy meals ...

just got to watch the last 30 minutes of the ironman that..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5k race report

My running group was meeting around 8am, the race didn't start till 930am, i got there around 8.15. I was nervous. We did a warm up (oh and I ran to the race - bout 10 minutes) warm was good, we were chatting a bunch which helped my nerves. Then we stretched, then we did some striders and then we walked over to the start. The coach had us up in the front....i never go to the front, too intimidating, but I was following the group. We saw other ladies we know who are fast.

Coach and one other woman are faster than the other 3 of us, so we knew they would be ahead. However, I was not sure how the other 2 and I would do but I did NOT want to hold them back. We got a bit lost right at start (only a 500 person race) then we found each other, but about a half mile in, 1 of us surged ahead, i could see she just was able to and I was happy for her and glad she wanted to do well and not just push us on. The one other lady was ahead of me but I could see her and just stayed on her. The first half mile felt ok, it was fast but I felt ok, i also felt ok b/c i knew the course and the hills. The first mile I did 8.02ish, I was surprised and I just tried to stay at the pace. I also just tried to keep my form and keep my mental thoughts positive. I tried to not think about how the lady was ahead of me, but instead how I was right there with her. I tried to think I am strong and I did feel strong. Mile 2 was another 8minutes and I tried to just focus on the fact that we had only 1 mile left and instead of feeling tired and beaten, I tried to stay strong. A little into the third mile I heard a friend behind me say drop your shoulders and open up you chest, it was a friend who is super fast and wins the races, but she was pushing her 2 kids in a stroller. it was great to have her support. With 800 left I just tried to stay strong, hubby and the kids where there and the girls really cheered for me and I was so happy to see them. It wasn't that feeling of ugh I am dying, it was more, I am strong and doing this. Then it was on the track to finish up and I just did the best I could. I wasn't sure where my time was at b/c the last mile had no marker. I came upon the finish and saw the clock at what I thought said 26 minutes and I was like no way i can't believe i did not beat my time from last year, but then i looked again and it was 25 minutes and i was like yeaaaaaaa - just run. I crossed at 25.38. I was last out of my group, but I was happy with my time, I was happy with how I felt both physically and mentally and it made me realize I can do better.

Did a warm down with the coach and then enjoyed the kids dash, where both my girls sprinted their hearts out.

Today I opted to get a boot camp class in and will do the running group on thursday am. My goal is to get back to strength and now that this 5k is out of the way i need to start implementing the goal.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Why is it a PR ? not a PB ? personal best ? what is PR ??

today 5k - 25.39, same race last year was goal was to run in the 25's. and i did it.

more of a race report later. but one thing is I finally feel like my mental game was better than the norm. which makes a huge difference. it made me feel that I can even go faster as I train more and as I get better at the mental toughness.

Friday, October 8, 2010

gym memberships

Currently I belong to a local gym that I love. It has a pool, classes, a top notch sitting room. I have been there about 3 years. The number one reason I have belonged to this particular club was due to the sitting room. It is excellent and the only place I was willing to put my girls.

Now my girls are in school at the same time. I am able to get a workout done outside (run or bike) but that will change when the weather changes - BUT i have a treadmill and bike trainer in basement that I could use. BUT i love the classes ....and the pool....

The local dance studio that my girls go to is also a fitness center. It is where I am taking my running class. I could join as a fitness member and they have boot camp and various classes, as well as spin and they have sitting as well (the girls go now while i run). So the only thing missing is a pool to swim. BUT we have a family member ship to the Y and i could use the pool there. I do believe I would be saving approx over 500 bucks ??? Although right now money is not really the concern...but it helps....

what do you do ? gym ?? boot camp ? in house ? if you had made a switch why ???

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


bad sad mood
no exercise today cept for walking girls to school - beautiful out

i did manage to take the time and finally organize my younger one's clothes. it was a nightmare of a mess so it feels great that i got it done. I also have 3 bags of clothes to donate - wahoo.

there is something about the change of season that creates a very melancholy mood for me. The smell of the air, the feel of the air, it brings many different emotions.

I also have a hard time with FALL specifically b/c it was when my younger one was born and she had colic and I had PPD and I know I already wrote this but I just feels good to get it out.

gonna go eat some yummy sweet potato chips i just made along with the roasted veggie soup i made the other day. glad i have made a change for the better in my nutrition.

Monday, October 4, 2010

intervals on my own, roasted veggie soup

So it sounds like I will be running the race naked, i am pretty sure that will work best.

I wound up getting a run in on sunday am, i ran a mile to a local track, then i did 4 x 400's, and the mile back home.

I was so glad to get something in. I am also getting obsessed with the fact that some folks in my running class get to run more often then I do. I realize how much more they are getting and it is making me realize that if I really want to go faster I need more days of running. consistently.

I saw the coach this am and she recommended i come thursday am b/c they are running the course. I only signed up for one day so i will skip tomorrow and go thursday BUT i asked someone to email me what the workout is. I think the plan is to run tomorrow (intervals at the gym on treadmill), wed - spin OR strength and thursday run with group, friday off or light something, saturday a run with some striders and such. sunday the race. i am putting too much pressure on it i know, b/c i am starting to get nervous NOW ??? I am nervous b/c i want to do well, i want to better than I ever have, I don't want to disappoint myself.

I went and made Pioneer Woman's Roasted Veggie Minestrone soup....i took many liberties but HOLY COW - it was so yummy !!! I am so proud that I went out of my box and cooked something I wasn't sure how i would like. I found another great dish that is healthy...wahooooo.

here are the stats from my run
First mile @ 10.42
1st 400 @ 1.43
2nd 400 @ 1.47
3rd 400 @ 1.46
4th 400 @ 1.44
Third mile @ 11.20

Now that I look at the times I should have been faster on the warm up and warm down since the intervals were not that much.

the rain is really NOT making me happy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

should i race naked ?

so next week is a 5k that i want to do and i want to run fast. i have some goals. here is my question. do i run with my garmin or not ?

can see how i am doing and if slow - pick it up, can help me pace myself ??

can see when i am going fast and mentally that makes me hold back ????

i am thinking of NOT using it b/c i just wind up looking at it too much and it will distract me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

somebody does not want to do boot camp

So I was all excited that the timing of a hard drive class at my gym by iron lady worked out with my schedule. However, I shut my alarm off and if you can believe little lady who normally wakes btw 6 and 7 slept till 9am.....the class was at 9.30 and my other one was still sleeping. So no class for mama and another week of no strength training......

I guess carrying loads of laundry up and down the stairs will have to be my boot camp today.

Just had a yummy salad, as soon as I finish my last bite I think of chocolate ??? damn you sugar.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it takes some time

Today i ran outside while the girls were at school. I didn't have a set plan. Since i ran with the group yesterday and we did the intervals, i knew I wanted to just do a run but I was not up for 5 miles. I was also not up for hills. So i just went and said let's see what happens. I had my garmin..damn i love that thing.

It never fails that when I start out my shins and ankles hurt a bit, they feel old and crochity and i think - why the hell am i doing this. I also start off slow and I think, why do i never seem to get faster ???

But after the first mile, I felt better and I started my mantras and i tried to think strong and run strong. I could tell that when i put this mental tactic in effect my pace was faster. By mile 3 I was smiling. I got to that point in a run where you actually feel good about it, you feel fast, you feel like you are pushing and you are so damn glad you are out there. I looked at my garmin and i saw a 7+ minute pace ?? what they hey ? me ?? I stopped at 3 miles. Here are the stats...

3 miles - 28.38min
mile 1 - 10.11
mile 2 - 9.37
mile 3 - 8.51

should i have gone longer ? should i warm up before a race?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

running group

tuesday ams i run with the running class. I did not want to go this am. I felt weezy in my tummy and overall just didn't feel good. BUT i knew that i needed to get out there after the NO exercise bad food weekend. As usual, I am so darn glad I did - it rocked. we did 800 repeats, i did not bring my garmin. I don't want to feel responsible for time and pace and such....selfish ???

I feel like it is my time to run without someone else keeping track. Since I have been doing tris, i rarely run 3 days in a row. However, now that I am more about running I really need to be running more and that means 3 days in a row sometimes. I don't want to get injured.

I do plan on running thursday, tomorrow is the up in the air day where i feel like i could bag out...but i shouldn't. I am so happy b/c friday am i can do a boot camp with trilady - it moved times and it now works for me.

do you run with a running group ? do you run consecutive days in a row, how do you switch it up ??

Monday, September 27, 2010

shakes, goals, starting over

Do you ever wake up and you are a bundle of nerves ? And those nerves do not go away and they just fester in you. That is how I feel today, I literally feel shaky ??? I am trying to pinpoint the problem, could be the house stuff. One thing for sure is I need to clean the house, I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my house right now.

I have the barefoot contessa on right now and the show brings me back to when my girls were babies b/c i use to just sit on the coach nursing while watching the food network.

Love Mondays b/c you can start over after a very UNhealthy weekend.

goals for the week

house - clean up and i need to focus on getting the girls rooms organized, the clothes are not organized at all

workouts - run w group tomorrow, then try to run 3 more times this week and get at least one strength session in there somewhere somehow

family - my baby turns 4 on wed. make brownies for her to bring to school and make sure she has a day that is all about her.

mom - make sure do homework with my 6 year old, make it fun

nutrition - i just pulled out 2 cookbooks, one of which is clean eating - try to make some meals that we all eat and is healthy

myself - we bought a new camera and i really want to learn about it and take some photos, i love photos, i know a lot of bloggers are such wonderful photographers and i want to learn from them, moosh in indy, sarcastic mom, nienie

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 mile runs and my arms

I ran my 5 miles yesterday and I felt as if I pushed myself more than I normally would. I was happy. Here are my stats from my garmin:

5 miles in 48:10 (9.38/mile)

mile 1 - 9.48 I always feel like my ankles hurt when i start out and that i just need to work into the run
mile 2 - 9.34 - always feel like I have gotten into the groove
mile 3 - 10.08 - this is where my mental game breaks down, hot and tired and my mind starts saying don't push it b/c you still have 2 more miles.....this is when i have to really push mentally
mile 4 - 9.33 - i tried to push mentally and it seems to work
mile 5 - 9.06 - i really pushed, i was just trying to say to myself "you race how you train" so i have to train harder and faster so my races will be faster. i also just wanted it to be over with and that was pushing me.

i was sweaty and gross when done, showered really quick. my legs felt ok but i did eat a bunch last night.

today i really wanted to do some boot camp or weights but i didn't . i need to figure out a way to get motivated on my own. the class times are not working with the girls and mine schedules and to do on my own i just don't have the motivation. i would rather not be paying for a personal trainer but i see the benefits.

i have a fundraising walk tomorrow and i am seriously considering bringing weights to carry with me on the walk ?? is that nutty ???

how do you get motivated for your weights ????

Thursday, September 23, 2010

am i a geek

i have a run planned during school time today and i can't wait. i asked the coach from the running group what they planned on doing today - they meet on thur am's as well but i don't go. she said just a steady run. She said they usually get 5 miles in, at about a 9min pace. So that is my goal. wahooooooo, i can't wait. I am going to charge the ipod right now so it does not go dead on me.

have to take the soon to be 4 year old for a well visit, i have flat out lied and told her NO shots. I have to get her the flu shot for pre school and I have a feeling she is due some others. I will ask for no more than 2 though and bring her another time. I go back and forth with the flu shot - for or against ??? any thoughts ???

busy day
doctor, school, music, yoga - all for the kids ....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one word

toothache ....

mothereffer this hurts..
dentist 9am tomorrow....

i ran with the running group today and i actually started gagging at the end of the first mile. I was about to upchuck. Finally i feel like i am pushing myself. on the last mile (we did mile intervals) the coach ran along side me, she pushed me and was saying you are strong come on and i obviously was able to run faster and felt the end she said, listen you were really strong and i said i know but i hold back, and she said we are going to fix that. i hope we do, i hope i learn to go past my fear point.

it was a super busy day and i love it, plus we have been blessed with gorgeous weather and playing at the park non stop.

hoping that my tooth pain gets fixed fast without putting me out for too long of a time.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


holy cow. i have not had a day like this in a long while. we had 3 parties to attend and it was all throughout the day. I did not drink until the last party, but i certainly did enjoy the food, bunch of cheese and carbs all day long. I even gave myself a can of pepsi. At the last party I tried a margarita, i do not drink these days. It tasted so delish, i didn't even feel as if there were alcohol in it, i actually took one home with me to enjoy.

Now I am feeling quite relaxed and bloated.

The plan for tomorrow is to hopefully not be hungover, either way I am going to try and do an outside bike ride while kids are at school. I plan on going on the big chain, i believe this was one of my problems on my bike, i was keeping it on the middle and that is what prevented me from going faster.

For now, i am going to enjoy the slight drunk feeling i have ..... nighty night

Saturday, September 18, 2010


so i am interested in becoming certified to teach classes. workout classes. spin. running.

i am curious about how and where to begin ? any body have any advice on how to get started and what certifications are respected ?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


ok folks, starting to think about my winter training plans. I obviously need to work on my biking. I have a cyclops here at home and now that i have 2 hours free sans kids I could get this in easily. My concern is am I going to be bored - i am so use to spin class, to ride my bike alone in my basement seems a bit daunting ???

anyone have any spinervals they don't want anymore ????

i am super excited b/c i am helping out with a running group on sat. am. I offered help and they were more than happy to have me. They can't pay me but i don't care b/c i just want to start getting experience and then maybe become certified for a running coach or workout instructor, spin instructor.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

music break

avett brothers
mumford and sons...

loving them

Monday, September 13, 2010

race report

i think i owe 2 race reports but i am long past them. so i will give the race report from yesterday my last tri of the season.

First off I have a wicked bad headache right now. wondering if i did not drink enough after race. i also probably should have taken a salt pill after.

UP at the early hour of 3.50am, I actually was feeling ok. Bag was packed, bike was on car. I made hot oatmeal and put in a tupperware so i could eat it a bit later then 4 am as i would be starving by the time the race started.

Was there nice and early, got parking and in the dark in my car I ate my oatmeal.

Went and racked my bike, found a good spot and was with some of the training friends so all was good. After 2 trips to the port a potties I headed down to the swim.

I felt good about the swim, the water was comfortable temp wise and after always swimming in the ocean - rough ocean at that, the bay was like a pool for me. I decided that it was ok for me to be aggressive and i went out in the front. the start is in the water. off i went. i tried to stay ahead of the pack but the pack stayed with me. I was like, hell I am trying to go fast and all these other ladies are just as fast as me - wtf ?? It kept me moving which was good. There was plenty of bumping and hitting. I did resort to breast stroke but not as much as normal. I really did try to push myself as much as I could. My goggles had some water in them. At the end I kept looking up and trying to gage where the finish was, how much farther. I just kept trying to put head down and swim. I was out and felt ok and started the run to T1 and I ran the entire time, with no shoes and it was not a fun path back.
swim - 14.03 (half mile swim) - who knows how long it really was ? but last year I did 16, so I will take the better time. My rank was 445. I was happy with my swim, I did felt that I pushed myself and was aggressive and did not resort to breast as much.

T1 - I tried to rush, as opposed to rest, it has the run in it as well from swim area...5.20

last year on the bike I cruised, and felt fast. this year, i felt like crap, i felt like i could not go faster. I assumes this means there was a head wind at least on the way down. The way back I picked up my speed. I tried to think about when I felt like slowing down to NOT slow down. Not sure how it worked, I just felt slow and crappy. I passed plenty of mountain bikes. Had a handful of road bikes pass me. I was glad to be off the bike. It makes me realize I need to work on my biking big time. bike rank 283
bike - 29.53 (9.5miles) 17.0mph. last year I did 19mph, but I recall NO wind and just cruising.

T2 - again I tried to rush, i took a quick sip of water and did not put the hat on. BUT there were people walking around the transition area who must have been done and were in the way. i had to yell excuse me about 5 times, they were completely blocking my rack ???? 1.42 ?? i wish i could get my shoes off quicker.

Run -
I was ready for the run. I felt ok, I felt like I was pushing it. There are so many ladies on the course b/c of all the different wave starts (i was in 11) so I was passing a bunch of folks. But I also get distracted and start calling out to team members, then trying to gauge where i was compared to others. I tried to get my head back in the game and was trying to push it. After seeing my time I was NOT happy with my run. I should have been faster.
Run - 3 miles 29.09 9.24 min/miles. last year i did 8.30 min miles BUT i think last year was not a full 3 miles and this year was. run rank 349

So overall i was ehh about my performance. felt good about my swim, hated my bike and was disappointed in my run.

1.20.08 - overall 236 and age group 66 - 2010
1.20.51 - overall 230 and age group 62 - 2009

you see eh ? i feel as if i did so much more training and difference ??

to be continued regarding the training...and my thoughts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


last tri of the season for me tomorrow

- swim fast
- transition faster
- bike hard
- run fast

i really want to push myself mentally i need to move past my comfort zone. i need to do it, and i am going to try. I think i need to swim faster than i have. to let myself feel like i am racing and not just swimming to get it done. i want to continue the freestyle and not break to do the breast b/c i am tired. i would like to swim out fast, get into a rhythm, then push myself throughout and really try at the end to push it hard.
transitions. i really use them to rest myself, i don't rush myself, tomorrow i want to rush myself and not rest.
bike. this is flat and i did well last year, but i need to push it up a notch. i can, and i need to. i don't want to relax and hydrate, i can push it and still get my nutrition in.
run. this run is fun b/c you are with a LOT of people and last year i was constantly cheering on teammates. it made it go by. i want to really push myself during the run, to the point where i feel as if i really am pushing myself past my comfort zone. i would like to think i can do this.....i need to try.

my mantra has been. i can. i will. i am.
i can do this. i will do this. i am doing this.
as well as trying to say 'I AM STRONG' while i run instead of letting the i can'ts get into my head.

the other thing i want to concentrate on is that i am racing against myself, what others do is nothing i need to worry about. this is my race.

Friday, September 10, 2010


period. butterfingers. butterfinger sundae. bagels.

cool weather. not ready. tri on sunday. no wetsuit.

dr. junger clean ???? anyone ?? comments thoughts ??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

trail runs

i never did cross xountry. i recall the first time i ran a trail run, i didn't know it was going to be. i got there and just went, and i hated it. i hated the feeling that i was going to trip. i hated the feeling that there were hills and obstacles. i was NOT prepared and i was not happy. i did ok, but i said - NO trail runs for me.

today i ran with the running class and we always (ok, so the 2 times i have been) cut through a nice running trail to get to certain start points. I tripped a fell. Right at the beginning of the run. I did the rest of the class with a bloody/dirty knee. I hate trails.

I enjoy the class though. I feel like it is going to help me to get over my fear and really enable me to push myself to my potential.

I swear right after the workout I feel so empowered, it is a high that i love. However that high is gone and I just saw photos of me and i am appalled. I swear i am so hunchback, and i walk outfooted and my fat rolls were hanging ??? i can blame the hunchback in my mom a little b/c aren't all moms supposed to tell their kids to stand up straight ??? clearly mine did not. but i have the fat rolls to blame on myself, i mean i did eat 5 to 6 snack size butterfingers today.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

brick on my own

feeling better but still not 100%

however i am proud that i woke up and did a brick this am, all by myself, i got a late start but got it done, a tad over 14 miles on bike and then 2 mile run. felt good. tired now and going to try and make sure i get a good recovery food in me.

tomorrow ocean swim

hurricane earl.....not so much....i don't think we even got rain ???

last night of the fair and i have NOT had any funnel cake. i only feel victim to the cotton candy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i can not figure out what is giving me the runs. yes i mean those runs. could it be the cotton candy ? the wendy's ? or maybe some unwashed spinach ? either way i am not enjoying this. OR is it stress....

  • first day of kindergarten for my first born who has ocd
  • hubby's job has hit an all time stress level and changes might have to happen
  • we have a contingent offer on a house, but our house is NOT selling, so we simply might not be able to buy the house we want
i am thinking of taking today off from working out due to my tummy. i feel fine, i just keep running to the bathroom.

am i boring you all ?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i o u

I want to put the sunday tri recap up, and i will. soon.

today i took a demo class with a super runner lady. i liked it. i am thinking of doing it once a week.

i am also really looking forward to the start of making some healthy dinners for me and the girls. the summer i have concentrated on quick and give them the normal chicken fingers, pizza. pb or turkey. hopefully school will provide me more time to get some other meals in them.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

not sure what to think

did the tri today
the swim was long
i feel like i winged it too much
a friend (who does tries) and is 3 months prego helped pace me in the bike. she is faster than me while prego....
a friend who decided to do it as a whim and did not even have a helmet, did it and beat me by a minute (at least that is what hubby saw on the results) i keep checking and can not find results
i am seriously still stuck in the "did i push myself enough" i really need to learn this mental toughness. as usual as soon as i was done i thought of all the places i could have pushed myself.

i was seriously down when i found out and keep rethinking things. i am thinking next season i hire a coach b/c at least i have a way to maybe get over this. in otherwords maybe i will know my limits i underestimate others ? do i overestimate myself ?

the race itself was fun and i liked it - cept the run was confusing and i know we didn't run 3 miles, i hate when it is not accurate.

Friday, August 27, 2010


bike is fixed
should not eat ice cream
got a run in and weather is too perfect
going to do ocean swim tomorrow and will bike a bit (maybe on the bike - not sure)
gotta pick up race packet tomorrow, always fun
tired tired tired

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I had a brick planned today, I set my alarm but kept snoozing. i figured i didn't have to rush out since i have a built in babysitter...My MOM !!! I did not rush out the door and futzed, finally I got out on the bike and my head was just all over the place. It was a kgarten picnic for my first born - HUGE. Then it was her bday party. So needless to say I was not concentrating, and that is why it makes sense that I hit a huge pot hole, kept going and then got the flat a few seconds later. I was not too far from home so I started walking home - wound up getting a ride from the freaking fastest super lady in TOWN...very ironic...story for another time. she was sweet as pie and i might just be taking her running class soon.

Problem is - no workout today - and tomorrow I can run BUT i want my biked looked at before I ride b/c i am scared I could have ruined the rim not just the tire. I have a tri this sundAY ????? I just hope the fact that i have been working out for a good amount of time will show and i won't suddenly fail in every aspect.

I am currently trying NOT to eat the second chocolate covered pretzel of the night...not sure I can win the battle. I am wiped out from an up and down emotional day !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


listen folks, i try to keep this blog about tring....but i would like to ask you all - are your kids insane ????

mine are off the deep end. they are naughty, misbehaved animals ??? what has happened, and who the hello is going to help me ?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


so i did go swim. i have not swam in the pool in a long long time. i have been doing ocean swims. with ocean swims, i just go swim. i don't do any type of intervals or any speed work. i just swim. and i don't even swim that long.

it was nice to swim in the pool, but i had no workout set and i just let myself do some 100's - trying to focus on form and i tried out bilateral breathing instead of my one side. then i figured i would time myself on a 100 and try to go fast. 2.17....a very slow time. if i recall during my swim workouts this winter i was getting in around 2.03 ?? ok, i will go again and maybe i just didn't push enough. so timed another 100, and it was another 2.17....i think i need to get back in the pool and work with irongirl. for reals ???? but i got up and did it.
tomorrow is a workout with trainer.
thursday i plan on doing a brick
friday i might take off
saturday i will do ocean swim and maybe a run
sunday another tri

waking up late

i was always a late sleeper. Oh how I could sleep in my teens, and then in my 20's in NYC ?? seriously I could stay in bed till noon w not an ounce of desire to get up. But now, I like getting up and out and I don't even get up early. I just like getting my day started and getting my workout DONE.

My girls have gone haywire this summer and bedtime has become whenever they feel like it, 10, 9 whateva !! this leads to them sleeping in which doesn't help with me getting up and out !!!

today i wanted to spin at 9.15, it is 9,14 and we are just eating bfast !!! I swear if I didn't wake them today I believe they would still be sleeping.

Now I have to rethink my workouts for the week. The good thing is Mom comes today and I can workout outside and anytime.....the question is do i still drag us all to the gym NOW and get a swim in ?????

Sunday, August 22, 2010

busy week

We are back from vacation. I had planned on waking up early and getting a brick in but my alarm didn't go off and the entire family slept in. I took advantage of it and didn't worry.

I indulged a whole bunch in some sweets while away. Tonight I made some roasted veggies and pasta with a little bit of smoked mozzarella. Of course I am dreaming about some sort of fruit crumble or brownie ala mode thingy but i won't. i had my share and i know i need good fuel for this week.

this week is busy. my mom is coming tuesday, wed. we have doc appt, kgarten picnic and bday party, thursday we have my 5 year old bday party turning 6 !!1 then friday the local town fair starts (i will need to resist the funnel cake, i hear cotton candy is a better choice). I will be trying to get stuff down while mom is here as well, like hair colored, errands, work outs, etc.

right now i really wish we could all crawl in bed and go to sleep BUT don't think my girls are up for that plan.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


on vacation at the in laws
eating too many sweets
ran today
planning a boot camp tomorrow with hubby and sis in law....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

report later

I will give a detailed report later......

here is a quick overview
  • almost overslept and was eating my oatmeal as i drove there
  • the ocean was INSANE, red flag day, seriously i swam freestyle for about 30 strokes and the rest was survival, i got tossed coming into shore and i did a 360 plus a cartwheel all under the water, needless to say my swim time was worse than last week
  • i felt ok on bike but my time was worse. i need to work on my bike. period.
  • my run was faster, and i felt i bit like i was getting it. the mental part of run strong, you are strong and not letting my mind get me slower.
  • transitions - i swear is use them to rest and don't rush, probably need to change that up
  • hubby got the girls and him there, they saw me coming in from bike, start the run and finish the run. it was so sweet to have the girls there as they haven't seen me this season. of course brunch was chaotic with them and them being sad, glad, and all around crazy.
  • once again i couldn't find my bike at transition. another time suck that i could avoid ???
  • glad i did it
lastly i finally feel as if all this work is leading to some compliments. you know i have been working hard on working out and nutrition and never have i heard that i was looking good or anything. finally i got a few ...first my trainer said - you are looking thinner, i can see it ....wahoo, second - a really fast runner saw me at the gym working out on treadmill, i was doing intervals and she said to me after, you were booking it and looking good and super fast...wahoo. lastly, a friend of mine who goes to the same beach as us (so she sees me in bathing suit all the time) she knows i do all the races and such. she said to me after seeing me saturday am right after race (we went to beach after brunch) she said you were looking pumped up - your arms.

finally. it feels good that it goes noticed. of course i had a full day of no rules today and enjoyed it, felt sickly after indulging but one day is fine.

tomorrow i am hoping to spin. i think i need to start doing some spinervals in the basement.

Friday, August 13, 2010

it is a go

so i signed up for the tri tomorrow. i am happy to be doing it, and not having the pressure i felt last week.

however, i have been eating well and i feel like i failed with the food tonight.

i am hoping that my better nutrition overall will help out.

waiting for hubby to get home and then i can have some alone time to pack bag up.

today there were red flags so the ocean swim practice was cancelled. hopefully it won't be too rough tomorrow.

the scary part about tomorrow is that hubby might try to bring the girls for the end of the race. bwahhhhhhhh. i don't envy him. i pray for him.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

week of skipping

this week i have not done so well with working out. monday i took off b/c i did the tri on sunday. tuesday i ran, did some intervals on the treadmill. the plan for wed was to swim in the pool, but the pool at the gym is closed this week. plus one of the girls had a playdate and required me to be home for drop off and pick up and certain times. plus i just bagged it. today i have a workout with the trainer but i also wanted to spin before, but my youngest finally slept in and she needs it b/c she goes to bed at 10pm, so i didn't rush us.

so now i am rethinking if i should do the tri this saturday ? i don't want to have a lazy attitude about it, if i do it, i still want to push myself. yet after this week of me blowing things off i am not sure my head is in the game ????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Race report

I really wanted to get the girls to the park but they just begged to watch a boy band show. So I figured I would bang out the race report.

I was very nervous for this race. I know why and it was merely b/c I knew many other women doing it and I wanted to do well. I am big into comparing how I do to others and I realize that is not why I do these races, so I had to get my mind in the right place. Saturday night I packed my bag up (used the new bag I bought at the NYC tri expo - b/c hubby did the tri) the bag rocks - it is a TYR bag. Packing my bag was quite easy and that made me nervous ?? However this is my 5th tri so I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Went to sleep early only to be woken by a very unhappy 3 year old at about 11pm.....bellowed for hubby to help out. She continued to scream til 12.30am, that was great fun. Back to sleep and up at 4.30am. I was concerned about eating too early so i waited till a bit after 5am and eat my oatmeal and fruit then. We had a sitter so hubby was coming with to watch, take photos and support and cheer.

We got there just when the sun was coming up and it was quite beautiful. Racked my bike pretty easily and laid out my stuff, but kept rearranging and forgetting stuff. Hubby is not allowed in the transition area so once i was done he was kind enough to wait on the port o potty line with me. Went back to my bike and fiddle and faddled and was ready to head to the beach.

My wave was set to go off at 7.16, i don't believe we went off till after 7.30. This was an all female race, and it was very supportive of first timers. There were so many swim angels and kayaks that i was actually scared that i would hit someone while swimming. I went off and got myself in the water a bit. A good friend gave me the advice of getting in the water so i did not have the shock factor when i start the swim. Finally after much waiting and chit chat w others and my forehead starting to ache from the swim cap we were off in the water. I think my wave had about 100 to 200 people. I tried to be out in the front. The waves were quite serious but i was not concerned, i just dove in and started swimming. However, i should have been concerned with all the people. I was hitting people left and right. I had to stop and go around people it was so darn crowded. I was feeling ok until around the buoy and then I got tired and had to resort to breast stroke DAMN. I hate that, it plays with my head and I stop and get out of the rhythm. Started swimming again didn't think i would take the hand of the million lifeguards helping out b/c i didn't need it, but then i was like who cares this will help and i let 2 hands help me up and out. One of my goals was to RUN from the swim to the bike. I did, not fast but I ran.
Swim time 7.40 for 300 yards which includes the run from water to transition. Rank 328/860.
Thoughts - i need to stop resorting to breast stroke and just swim faster. I know I can I just still get bambuzzled in the water. I felt good that i was able to sprint out at the start and get away from the crowd a bit and i overall feel good in the water.

transition 1 - man there is a lot to do, shirt on, glasses, helmut, dry feet, socks bike shoes...race the hell does one go faster.....i also went down the wrong rack for my bike and hubby got a photo of me with my hands gesturing - where the hell is my bike ?????
t1 - 3.00 rank 234 - oh well it is what it is

bike - so i get on my bike and i ride and i am passing folks left and right. i am passing them b/c they are on mountain bikes and i am thinking lord they are brave folks. I try to push harder and not get slow to drink or b/c we are turning. I did feel i pushed harder then last time BUT I still feel like I could have given more. Tried to not drink as much b/c that slows me down ...need to figure out how to drink/eat without slowing me down. The biggest problem i had was at the end I usually click out with my left foot first, i did my right first then I tried to do my left but when my left foot was up and not down and i cramped a bit in my groin and now i have a major sore muscle. Anyway that sucked.

bike -37.35 (16.8mph) - 10.5 miles - rank 186 - thoughts - i really feel i should be at 17mph or higher NO MATTER what. I am concerned that some mountain/hybrids might have better mph than me.

T2 - ok, my tummy was not feeling GREAT on the bike and i was not looking forward to the run. So I knew I was going to take my time in the transition and i did !!! and hubby was watching and he was saying what are you doing ?????? move it.

T2 - 1.48 rank 480- obviously i can improve on this. i literally stop and thought this is nice i am just going to hang out here and dawdle.

run - i was not looking forward to it but my tummy felt fine and i was back in the game. As we started our run there were folks already finishing and that is one hard to pill to swallow. the staggered waves. I know the run, I know where the turn around is and all that so my mind doesn't have to wonder how far and such. I tried to just stay strong. I was passing many people from waves that went before me, they were walking or running very slow. One lady from my tri group who i am always faster than in the swim and bike passed me, she runs FAST and i saw her fly by me and that damn how does she do it. I just kept running. I stopped for water. Once I got to the turn around I tried to get my head in the game and wanted to start pushing myself and fight till the end. I passed a tri group lady and she was walking i told her to move it. she said it helped her. I finally saw hubby and that made me try to run faster, I kept pushing. As I got closer to the finish I passed a woman from my wave, then right before the finish she passed me and i just could NOT let it happend - i was pissed and sprinted past her. I am not sure why i was so pissed. either way i beat her and maybe we pushed each other. I just wonder why i have so much left to sprint and yet i can not push harder earlier ??

run - 3 miles run - 28.13 (9.25min/mile) - rank 237
thoughts - run faster plain and simple, just do it, you can.

overall time 1.18.14
overall place 174
age group place 40 out of 205

overall thoughts. happy, but as usual feel i can do better. there is a race on the same course on saturday and i think i am going to do it. why not. i just am glad to have splits to look at. last time i did the course in july my time was 1.22 but they did not give splits. so i did better, but i wonder where ???

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i did my sprint tri today, all went well. hubby came with me and was a great spectator and cheered me on at many points and get lots of photos (which i did not have many of me from last season).

I will do a full race report some time later.

one thing i have to say is i am real glad i have a road bike and not a mountain bike.

thinking of doing the same course next weekend ????

Saturday, August 7, 2010


this am i did an ocean swim and then ran 2 miles. the ocean was perfect, gorgeous and like a sheet of glass. loved it.

run was ok. tried to work on the mental aspect of it. i was not looking to go fast, i was just looking to know when i went at certain paces.

going to pick up my number at the expo and the rest of the day will be dedicated to making sure i have lot's of water in me and good food, veggies, fruit, protein, carbs.

i wrote down my goals and why i tri. will review them tonight and hopefully get a good nights rest.

ps. i really need a break from the kids...BIG TIME

Thursday, August 5, 2010

course review

when your are doing a race do you review the course ? do you try to drive it or run it ? or do you wing it ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You know when those folks say my life started at 40 and you think are just saying that b/c you are old.

It is not a lie. It is true. I have never felt better about my life and I am 42.

I finally had some things click and my mental state has changed for the MUCH better
I finally had some things click with nutrition and I believe I am finally able to eat healthy as a lifestyle
I already got the exercise thing down

I want out and seeked help for much of the above. I found great folks out there and I am thankful for them.

there is always stuff to work on and improve and make better. I will continue on this journey.

And yes I believe 50 might just rock my world.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rev 3

So next year I want to do an Olympic size tri. I would not mind doing one where I have to travel a bit. One I have eyed is the Rev 3 in Ct. Registration is open. So now I have to decide. Anyone do this tri ???

Monday, August 2, 2010


I am copying this goal tactic from an awesome blogger...goals for the week

mom - less tv for kids, get them out and about and get more fruit in them, hope to teach them more about keeping house clean

wife - make date with hubby....

personal - keep house clean. i tend to let it go, i really want to stay on top of it and put things away each night, not let it pile up.

nutrition - really practice eating every 2 hours and getting healthy clean food in. i had a bit of a lightbulb moment this weekend and when i was more aware of what i was eating and getting healthy snacks in me and lighter meals my workout was much better and overall i felt better.

training - i have a sprint tri this sunday, so this week i will not push too hard but i will get a swim, bike and run in, as well as strength - then i want to kick ass on sunday

friend - make a few phone calls to some friends who are in need, have a playdate on wed as well so that is good

daughter - call my mom and set up time for her to come visit

i love breaking it down like that

Saturday, July 31, 2010


We live near the beach. We belong to a beach club. I own about 3 bathing suits that I wear to the club. All 3 cover my stomach. One is a two piece but tankini. Recently I have noticed that many of the other moms are in bikinis. Some look great and some look just ok. I know I am smaller and in better shape then some of these moms.

The other night I figured I could use some new suits, I ordered from Athleta. One is a tankini. The other is a bikini. Let's just say I am a bit depressed. The bikini looks fine on me in every sense except for my mid area. It seriously looks like I have a tire. I know we all have body issues, my used to be my flat chest. Now it is my mid section. Right after I eat a meal, you can literally see it in my tummy, it is like I am 3 months pregnant. I feel like my food has no where to go and sits there ?? I am tempted to post a photo so you can all see this. I workout all the time, cardio, strength ? I eat better than I ever have ? I am thinking about going off the pill b/c i know that is supposed to add some weight.

I realize I sound a bit obsessed, I think I am just confused about what is going on. I am going to really focus on fueling my body with food, not putting crap in it.

What is up with all the stupid ants ????

Did an ocean swim this AM and the water was balmy compared to the other day. loved it. I am hoping to get a brick in tomorrow. Next weekend I am doing a tri.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

rain makes a change in workout

This am I was planning on doing a swim and then a nice long bike ride outside. I had a sitter for the girls.

I went to the swim and it was FREEZING, and i don't have a wet suit. I believe the water was 69 degrees. Somebody said something about westerly winds that blow the top of the ocean off out to sea and the cold water from the bottom comes to the top. All I know is it was icy cold. but I did it. It took a while for me to be able to put my face in the water without gasping. I have to say it was empowering that I did it.

As we got out, it started raining. My towel was sopping wet. I was so bummed b/c I really want to get a long bike ride in and I didn't want to rush to a spin class. So I figured I would get an interval run in on the treadmill at the gym. However, as I was driving it stopped raining and I thought hummmmm, i could go to the track and do my interval workout there. It was great !!! I was so happy to be able to get a workout at the track done.

Tomorrow I will do spin class - since the little ladies have no sitter and will have to come to the gym with me.

Nutrition front. A good snack is whole wheat toast with peanut butter. we have not had pb in the hosue b/c my youngest is allergic. i have used other nut butters. but hubby bought some PB into the house and i had some toast with it.....yummmmy. i forgot about the taste of PB.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

isolate muscles

No news on house stuff.

Worked with trainer today. did you know that while i was doing leg climbers, one knee bent other leg out and you do sit up, my hip was cramping. When she heard me say this she said I use every muscle but my stomach. She help my feet and put my legs together and then i did it and wow, hello tummy muscles where have you been. Why on heaven's earth has my bottom compensated for my lazy tummy ????

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i interrupt this tri blog to stress about something else

putting an offer in on a house. STRESS. It is already effecting me. I planned on going to gym to get 4 miles or more on treadmill, but now I start thinking I could squeeze in less mileage outside while girls at storytime. back and forth in my head, back and forth.

it is all good. if we get it, great, if not no biggie, something else will come along. this needs to be my mantra. this is a good thing to have to deal with not a bad thing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foam roller

So I used the foam roller this week, twice. It seems to have helped with my knee pain. Go figure. Most folks i discussed my knee pain with said it was probably IT band related and that the foam roller would help.

I used the one at the gym and plan on buying one for home. Anyone recommend where to get a foam roller cheap ? Do you use one ? I swear it is torture, but that is also how the deep tissue massage I had felt and that worked wonders.

Ocean swim was great this AM. The water was actually much colder than it has been and it took my breath away. It took me a good while for me to get in the rhythm, I kept catching my breath b/c of the cold. I have really been trying to focus on all the darn technique that I learned from ironlady. Pulling, rotating, fingertip, reach and glide. It is hard but at least I am getting it in there in the ocean.

Tomorrow is a brick. I have not done many of them and really need to focus on them. I plan on trying out some nutrition as well.

Friday, July 23, 2010


So the ocean swim was awesome. The lifeguards had to leave after we did one swim but about 7 of us stayed and did another one. It was too perfect to not take advantage. On the first swim, their was a pirate ship sailing by was crazy and felt very surreal. One of the lifeguards said he saw a sea turtle ??

Then I rushed home and got my bike. Went to gym to work out with trainer. Had a good workout and I am feeling much stronger. Of course I am sore today which is a good thing. I used the foam roller trying to massage out the IT band and see if that helps my knee. I have to buy one for home, i had the magic stick (sounds like a sex toy huh) and due to the girls playing with it, can't find it.

Straight to get my bike fitted. Wahoo. He made some adjustments and I am looking forward to taking a ride and seeing how the new fit feels.

Today is one of those we have nothing to RUSH to days, which actually stresses me out. I plan on heading to gym to do intervals on the treadmill. I would like to head to the beach but it is not 100% beach day and a storm could be passing through.

So glad it is friday, get to actually see and talk to hubby.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

busy day

ocean swim
workout with trainer
bike fitted

Monday, July 19, 2010

inpiration inspired

This weekend hubby inspired me as he completed the NYC tri.
I was also VERY inspired by the blind athletes and the para athletes. Seriously - I saw this image a whole bunch and I was thinking how amazing their spirit must be.

My younger sister has started running. My older sister emailed me asking how long it would take me to run 3 miles. She wrote back saying that she was walking x amount of miles in y amount of time and she felt if she trained she felt she could do a 5k. My brother in law was down and watching hubby prep for tri, he txted me saying he was inspired and rode 15 miles yesterday and was doing 20 today.

I have always taken inspiration from others. In various ways, people and places. Never have I felt that I inspired anyone. I truly hope that the little push I may have given others turns into a positive and healthy journey.

My sisters both have said that they would run a 5k race with me, and I believe my brother in law is in as well. I would love this !!!

Who inspires you ? Who have you inspired ?
ps - that is not my husband or someone i know in the photo, i borrowed it from the nyc tri page.

Friday, July 16, 2010

boot camp

my trainer is on vacation this week so i decided to do a boot camp at the gym today. i knew i would not motivate myself to do weights so i figured this would be great. ironlady was teaching. yikes. it was great and i felt good, although i see myself drinking water long enough to not start a set and just catch up, i see myself cheating and i hate it. but it was good and there were some areas that i knew i was stronger in from working with the trainer. tricip dips, i used to never be able to do these in boot camp, i rocked it. also some ab work, i would not be able to do and i was doing it. granted my butt bone has a sore on it but it was all worth it. i am sure i will be sore tomorrow but i am hoping to wake up and get a brick done. i have a tri august 8th and i really ahve not been doing many bricks yet. i also want to try out a some nutrition - i bought some hammer stuff and want to see if it is ok with my tummy.

my knee hurts when i extend it and i am thinking i might need to see a doc and get some pt. arghghghghgh.

hubby does NYC tri on sunday and i am watching sans kids - can't wait to attend the expo !!! woot woot. i am so proud of hubby and his training. he works all the time and has NO time for himself, so i am impressed how he fit it all in. to anyone else doing the nyc tri - good luck !!!