Saturday, February 26, 2011


i feel a bit more tired and i am sure that is due to the increase of workouts now that i am working with a coach.

today i went on the trainer. i actually had a work out but it was hard to follow b/c i was also watching a movie. Prefontaine - i have not finished the movie yet but i really am enjoying it and want to know more about him. Quite an intriguing persona. and jared leto is plain and simply very very darn hot.

tomorrow i could run in a 4 mile race, the problem is i hate the race mindset i get, it can't be just a run for me, i get nervous and want to go fast. I think i would prefer to just go for a 5 mile run. can you do a race but not push for your best ?

i am going to do a cleanse, starting march 10th. lord help me. but i need to....i swear no matter what i still look 3 months pregnant. my tummy is in a forever bloated state ? no matter how much i exercise. clearly it is my nutrition and i know i have a hard time with portions and sweets. i am very scared of doing it.

we are moving in beg of apirl. i need to start packing ....and fast.

anyone ever do a cleanse ?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yoga and clementines

so i did restorative yoga today and loved it. it was relaxing and just overall stretching and relaxing.

my girls are currently addicted to clementines - not sure what the deal is, i bought a box of them and they can't stop eating them. i am waiting for them to have uti's b/c they have had sooo many. what is the appeal ?? the peeling the ? the smallness of them ?? what ...who cares, it is good for them....

so i have not had nuts, and i am starting to see the itchy skin clear a bit. should be interesting.....i am not sure what i will do without peanutbutter cups, or peanutbutter pie.

what type of yoga do you do ??

Monday, February 21, 2011


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tell them josephine sent ya !!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


ski trip we took went great !!! girls skied and loved it. i am not a good skier - didn't really plan on going, but felt like a big time loser first day and not on the slopes. since i was not going to be running, biking or swimming i figured i better do something, so i skied and it was fun. I realized that every other time i have skied i have not been in good shape, therefore skiing was hard, my muscles would cramp. this time it was so much easier b/c i am in good shape. wheeee

i ate like a pig and loved it

back to reality. this am, hour swim, 7 mile run. the run was hilly and windy and i was slow, but i did it. i love that feeling of accomplishment.

i decided to make home made brownies, i think i added too much salt. waiting for the finished product.

i am going to try and not eat any nuts for a week. I have really bad ezcema on the insides of my eyes. if it is not peeling then it is bright red and scaly. maybe psioras. either way i am wondering if maybe it is a food intolerance. i thought i didn't eat nuts or nutbutter a lot but my chocolate fix each night is sometime of chocolate with peanutbutter. so i actually think i do eat it a bunch. plus i eat larabars a bunch and they are all nut based.

update - the brownies are eh ?

tomorrow i need to ride on the trainer for an hour and 15....i really really really want to get up and do it at 7am and get it out of the way BUT when i don't have to meet someone or make a class, i usually don't do it. anyone want to meet me on the trainer in my basement ?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

heart rate

so I have been reading a bunch of other bloggers and how they use HR training. I am finally using my HR for every workout. However, I find that it does not always work, while swimming it goes in and out, which is annoying. But even more annoying is when running on the treadmill and my HR is really the person's HR next to me ??? who is walking slow. I don't understand how to make this work ? do you deal with this problem.

ran outside today, 6 miles. felt great. so windy but i did it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

recovery day

so today is a recovery day for me per coach's workout schedule. is it strange that i still want to workout ? i wish there was a yoga class i could do later today.

wht do you do on a true recovery rest day ?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

out of the box

so NOT one comment on smoothies and protein powder ? what up. I was even with it b/c pioneer woman happened to be talking about smoothies ???


out of the box. challenge yourself. do something new. something different.

I finally got on the trainer at my house. I needed to do a 45 minute ride and i didn't take a spin class that day, so i finally jumped on the trainer. It was quite strange to walk downstairs to the basement and get a workout in. I enjoyed it and the set up is quite nice. I have the TV and was able to watch some guilty pleasure stuff. My ass hurts. I swear I forgot the pain a bike seat causes me. I have to do 25 miles in the olympic so i need to get use to this ??? any extra advice on how to get use to butt pain ?

Next up I went for a run with my new coach and a group of runners she is training for a half. Again out of my comfort zone b/c i have been doing the nice warm treadmill. I was so happy I went. It was cold but I dressed for it and the sun was out and it was great. I wound up running 6 miles and felt great !!! I actually have some hip flexor soreness and need to get on the foam roller asap. but all in all - it was great to do 2 things that i haven't done.

hubby has the kids out with him and i am in a peaceful house, just started my sunday sauce and need to live in the this moment.
mantras, my mantra while i run is I can, I will, I am....i started saying it when i needed a boost and i swear it makes me go faster. I have a garmin so I say this as truth !!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

protein powder

whey or soy ?

vanilla or chocolate ?

oj or milk or yogurt ?

how do you like your smoothies ?

I have the cinch soy protein powder in vanilla and I love it.

    • Delicious, healthy, and satisfying meal at home or on-the-go
    • Powered by Leucine™ to help preserve muscle while you lose weight
    • With 24 grams of protein* to help control hunger and help you feel full
    *When prepared as directed
    I use it as a recovery smoothie or a mid afternoon snack.
    check out, if interested i can send you a sample ??? 

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011


    so today on my workouts from the coach was swim for 30 minutes. i have not been in the pool in a very long time. it was just what i needed to push me there and get back in the water. i was rusty to say the least. i didn't have much of a plan cept to start and see how i felt. i did some drills, catchup and fingertip, i rested a whole bunch in btw. i tried to think of all the form stuff i have learned. had my HR monitor on, which i am officially addicted to.

    I probably only went about 500meters ...lot's of adjusting goggles and resting.

    but it was just good to get in. my arms were tired right away ???  i am excited to be starting.

    i hate bedtime, the girls just are relentless. they are both up right now - i let them stay in bed with me b/c daddy playing hockey. they move shimmy shake, ugh, and they aren't even close to sleeping. i was supposed to stay up and clean the house for inspection...ain't happening ...will ahve to wake early and do it.

    arghhhhhhhh. go to sleep.