Saturday, February 25, 2012

friend power

i just finished kristen armstrong's mile markers and absolutely loved it. so many quotes i wanted to send out to my friends.

had a great lunch the other day with 3 friends - it was so nice, relaxed and rejuvenated my soul.

coached runners this am and loved the female bonding of all levels.

had a wonderful brunch with a dear dear friend.

almost on a high from all this. i tend to push the get together to the bottom of my list. however after i do them i realize how much my soul needs them.

go call a friend and talk, or walk with one or email or something. reach out. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vacation detox

we skied - skiing makes you hungry - i was snacking all darn day

we ate out at night - on vacation you have to eat dessert every night

we hit a water park - they do NOT serve healthy food in the water park

i need to start my vacation detox

i ran today, was coaching, so it was a nice relaxing run. Felt great to be back on the feet AND I was able to use my new garmin 610.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

write it down - just do it

When i log stuff, write it down, i tend to follow it thru better than if i did not write it down. Training plans - if i write down what exercise and workouts i should be doing, i do them. Food journaling, as I write down everything I eat for the day I tend to make healthier choices or at least better portion control.

I write things down, pen to paper and that helps. Do you write things down ? does it help ?

i am using sparkpeople for food journaling and very happy with it.