Saturday, December 3, 2011

damn it !!!!!!

rushed out for my 3 mile run today and 4 minutes in i am almost falling to the ground. i twisted my ankle. BAD. I knew it was bad, i felt that foot roll in like it should not be rolling. i contemplated running it out. but i knew. I knew. I started the walk home cursing the entire way. I still was thinking ok, i will get home rest it - ice it and it won't be so bad right ? ? well, i think it is bad. I did ice it. I have it elevated, I put ace bandage on it for now. It has a bump with black and blue and just now I tried to walk on it and that hurt like a mother effer. Seriously !!! I felt like I was on the best streak of training and running that I have ever experienced. I am having quite a pity party for myself.

We(hubby and I) got up and got some organizing done (which is a big deal for us) - it was one of those YES days, where you get your shit together. and now i feel like my shit fell apart. I need to stay focused and positive. I will continue to RICE and then Monday am i am making a doct appt. question is do i go to a foot doc (who is good with runners) OR a sports medicine ortho ???

i just really hope this is NOT way worse than i think. 2 weeks out, i can handle. anymore than that and this is going to be bad. photo later. as i am too mopey right now

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  1. oh NO, it's catching ;) Keep it elevated!!! Ruby's is doing much better than I thought, of course, it's possible to keep her off of it. I guess the first 48 hours it's good to keep it up as much as possible. Her swelling has really gone down. That will be much harder for you to accomplish, especially come Monday.

    We just got her an old person walker... it's hilarious.


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