Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it takes some time

Today i ran outside while the girls were at school. I didn't have a set plan. Since i ran with the group yesterday and we did the intervals, i knew I wanted to just do a run but I was not up for 5 miles. I was also not up for hills. So i just went and said let's see what happens. I had my garmin..damn i love that thing.

It never fails that when I start out my shins and ankles hurt a bit, they feel old and crochity and i think - why the hell am i doing this. I also start off slow and I think, why do i never seem to get faster ???

But after the first mile, I felt better and I started my mantras and i tried to think strong and run strong. I could tell that when i put this mental tactic in effect my pace was faster. By mile 3 I was smiling. I got to that point in a run where you actually feel good about it, you feel fast, you feel like you are pushing and you are so damn glad you are out there. I looked at my garmin and i saw a 7+ minute pace ?? what they hey ? me ?? I stopped at 3 miles. Here are the stats...

3 miles - 28.38min
mile 1 - 10.11
mile 2 - 9.37
mile 3 - 8.51

should i have gone longer ? should i warm up before a race?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

running group

tuesday ams i run with the running class. I did not want to go this am. I felt weezy in my tummy and overall just didn't feel good. BUT i knew that i needed to get out there after the NO exercise bad food weekend. As usual, I am so darn glad I did - it rocked. we did 800 repeats, i did not bring my garmin. I don't want to feel responsible for time and pace and such....selfish ???

I feel like it is my time to run without someone else keeping track. Since I have been doing tris, i rarely run 3 days in a row. However, now that I am more about running I really need to be running more and that means 3 days in a row sometimes. I don't want to get injured.

I do plan on running thursday, tomorrow is the up in the air day where i feel like i could bag out...but i shouldn't. I am so happy b/c friday am i can do a boot camp with trilady - it moved times and it now works for me.

do you run with a running group ? do you run consecutive days in a row, how do you switch it up ??

Monday, September 27, 2010

shakes, goals, starting over

Do you ever wake up and you are a bundle of nerves ? And those nerves do not go away and they just fester in you. That is how I feel today, I literally feel shaky ??? I am trying to pinpoint the problem, could be the house stuff. One thing for sure is I need to clean the house, I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my house right now.

I have the barefoot contessa on right now and the show brings me back to when my girls were babies b/c i use to just sit on the coach nursing while watching the food network.

Love Mondays b/c you can start over after a very UNhealthy weekend.

goals for the week

house - clean up and i need to focus on getting the girls rooms organized, the clothes are not organized at all

workouts - run w group tomorrow, then try to run 3 more times this week and get at least one strength session in there somewhere somehow

family - my baby turns 4 on wed. make brownies for her to bring to school and make sure she has a day that is all about her.

mom - make sure do homework with my 6 year old, make it fun

nutrition - i just pulled out 2 cookbooks, one of which is clean eating - try to make some meals that we all eat and is healthy

myself - we bought a new camera and i really want to learn about it and take some photos, i love photos, i know a lot of bloggers are such wonderful photographers and i want to learn from them, moosh in indy, sarcastic mom, nienie

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 mile runs and my arms

I ran my 5 miles yesterday and I felt as if I pushed myself more than I normally would. I was happy. Here are my stats from my garmin:

5 miles in 48:10 (9.38/mile)

mile 1 - 9.48 I always feel like my ankles hurt when i start out and that i just need to work into the run
mile 2 - 9.34 - always feel like I have gotten into the groove
mile 3 - 10.08 - this is where my mental game breaks down, hot and tired and my mind starts saying don't push it b/c you still have 2 more miles.....this is when i have to really push mentally
mile 4 - 9.33 - i tried to push mentally and it seems to work
mile 5 - 9.06 - i really pushed, i was just trying to say to myself "you race how you train" so i have to train harder and faster so my races will be faster. i also just wanted it to be over with and that was pushing me.

i was sweaty and gross when done, showered really quick. my legs felt ok but i did eat a bunch last night.

today i really wanted to do some boot camp or weights but i didn't . i need to figure out a way to get motivated on my own. the class times are not working with the girls and mine schedules and to do on my own i just don't have the motivation. i would rather not be paying for a personal trainer but i see the benefits.

i have a fundraising walk tomorrow and i am seriously considering bringing weights to carry with me on the walk ?? is that nutty ???

how do you get motivated for your weights ????

Thursday, September 23, 2010

am i a geek

i have a run planned during school time today and i can't wait. i asked the coach from the running group what they planned on doing today - they meet on thur am's as well but i don't go. she said just a steady run. She said they usually get 5 miles in, at about a 9min pace. So that is my goal. wahooooooo, i can't wait. I am going to charge the ipod right now so it does not go dead on me.

have to take the soon to be 4 year old for a well visit, i have flat out lied and told her NO shots. I have to get her the flu shot for pre school and I have a feeling she is due some others. I will ask for no more than 2 though and bring her another time. I go back and forth with the flu shot - for or against ??? any thoughts ???

busy day
doctor, school, music, yoga - all for the kids ....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one word

toothache ....

mothereffer this hurts..
dentist 9am tomorrow....

i ran with the running group today and i actually started gagging at the end of the first mile. I was about to upchuck. Finally i feel like i am pushing myself. on the last mile (we did mile intervals) the coach ran along side me, she pushed me and was saying you are strong come on and i obviously was able to run faster and felt the end she said, listen you were really strong and i said i know but i hold back, and she said we are going to fix that. i hope we do, i hope i learn to go past my fear point.

it was a super busy day and i love it, plus we have been blessed with gorgeous weather and playing at the park non stop.

hoping that my tooth pain gets fixed fast without putting me out for too long of a time.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


holy cow. i have not had a day like this in a long while. we had 3 parties to attend and it was all throughout the day. I did not drink until the last party, but i certainly did enjoy the food, bunch of cheese and carbs all day long. I even gave myself a can of pepsi. At the last party I tried a margarita, i do not drink these days. It tasted so delish, i didn't even feel as if there were alcohol in it, i actually took one home with me to enjoy.

Now I am feeling quite relaxed and bloated.

The plan for tomorrow is to hopefully not be hungover, either way I am going to try and do an outside bike ride while kids are at school. I plan on going on the big chain, i believe this was one of my problems on my bike, i was keeping it on the middle and that is what prevented me from going faster.

For now, i am going to enjoy the slight drunk feeling i have ..... nighty night

Saturday, September 18, 2010


so i am interested in becoming certified to teach classes. workout classes. spin. running.

i am curious about how and where to begin ? any body have any advice on how to get started and what certifications are respected ?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


ok folks, starting to think about my winter training plans. I obviously need to work on my biking. I have a cyclops here at home and now that i have 2 hours free sans kids I could get this in easily. My concern is am I going to be bored - i am so use to spin class, to ride my bike alone in my basement seems a bit daunting ???

anyone have any spinervals they don't want anymore ????

i am super excited b/c i am helping out with a running group on sat. am. I offered help and they were more than happy to have me. They can't pay me but i don't care b/c i just want to start getting experience and then maybe become certified for a running coach or workout instructor, spin instructor.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

music break

avett brothers
mumford and sons...

loving them

Monday, September 13, 2010

race report

i think i owe 2 race reports but i am long past them. so i will give the race report from yesterday my last tri of the season.

First off I have a wicked bad headache right now. wondering if i did not drink enough after race. i also probably should have taken a salt pill after.

UP at the early hour of 3.50am, I actually was feeling ok. Bag was packed, bike was on car. I made hot oatmeal and put in a tupperware so i could eat it a bit later then 4 am as i would be starving by the time the race started.

Was there nice and early, got parking and in the dark in my car I ate my oatmeal.

Went and racked my bike, found a good spot and was with some of the training friends so all was good. After 2 trips to the port a potties I headed down to the swim.

I felt good about the swim, the water was comfortable temp wise and after always swimming in the ocean - rough ocean at that, the bay was like a pool for me. I decided that it was ok for me to be aggressive and i went out in the front. the start is in the water. off i went. i tried to stay ahead of the pack but the pack stayed with me. I was like, hell I am trying to go fast and all these other ladies are just as fast as me - wtf ?? It kept me moving which was good. There was plenty of bumping and hitting. I did resort to breast stroke but not as much as normal. I really did try to push myself as much as I could. My goggles had some water in them. At the end I kept looking up and trying to gage where the finish was, how much farther. I just kept trying to put head down and swim. I was out and felt ok and started the run to T1 and I ran the entire time, with no shoes and it was not a fun path back.
swim - 14.03 (half mile swim) - who knows how long it really was ? but last year I did 16, so I will take the better time. My rank was 445. I was happy with my swim, I did felt that I pushed myself and was aggressive and did not resort to breast as much.

T1 - I tried to rush, as opposed to rest, it has the run in it as well from swim area...5.20

last year on the bike I cruised, and felt fast. this year, i felt like crap, i felt like i could not go faster. I assumes this means there was a head wind at least on the way down. The way back I picked up my speed. I tried to think about when I felt like slowing down to NOT slow down. Not sure how it worked, I just felt slow and crappy. I passed plenty of mountain bikes. Had a handful of road bikes pass me. I was glad to be off the bike. It makes me realize I need to work on my biking big time. bike rank 283
bike - 29.53 (9.5miles) 17.0mph. last year I did 19mph, but I recall NO wind and just cruising.

T2 - again I tried to rush, i took a quick sip of water and did not put the hat on. BUT there were people walking around the transition area who must have been done and were in the way. i had to yell excuse me about 5 times, they were completely blocking my rack ???? 1.42 ?? i wish i could get my shoes off quicker.

Run -
I was ready for the run. I felt ok, I felt like I was pushing it. There are so many ladies on the course b/c of all the different wave starts (i was in 11) so I was passing a bunch of folks. But I also get distracted and start calling out to team members, then trying to gauge where i was compared to others. I tried to get my head back in the game and was trying to push it. After seeing my time I was NOT happy with my run. I should have been faster.
Run - 3 miles 29.09 9.24 min/miles. last year i did 8.30 min miles BUT i think last year was not a full 3 miles and this year was. run rank 349

So overall i was ehh about my performance. felt good about my swim, hated my bike and was disappointed in my run.

1.20.08 - overall 236 and age group 66 - 2010
1.20.51 - overall 230 and age group 62 - 2009

you see eh ? i feel as if i did so much more training and difference ??

to be continued regarding the training...and my thoughts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


last tri of the season for me tomorrow

- swim fast
- transition faster
- bike hard
- run fast

i really want to push myself mentally i need to move past my comfort zone. i need to do it, and i am going to try. I think i need to swim faster than i have. to let myself feel like i am racing and not just swimming to get it done. i want to continue the freestyle and not break to do the breast b/c i am tired. i would like to swim out fast, get into a rhythm, then push myself throughout and really try at the end to push it hard.
transitions. i really use them to rest myself, i don't rush myself, tomorrow i want to rush myself and not rest.
bike. this is flat and i did well last year, but i need to push it up a notch. i can, and i need to. i don't want to relax and hydrate, i can push it and still get my nutrition in.
run. this run is fun b/c you are with a LOT of people and last year i was constantly cheering on teammates. it made it go by. i want to really push myself during the run, to the point where i feel as if i really am pushing myself past my comfort zone. i would like to think i can do this.....i need to try.

my mantra has been. i can. i will. i am.
i can do this. i will do this. i am doing this.
as well as trying to say 'I AM STRONG' while i run instead of letting the i can'ts get into my head.

the other thing i want to concentrate on is that i am racing against myself, what others do is nothing i need to worry about. this is my race.

Friday, September 10, 2010


period. butterfingers. butterfinger sundae. bagels.

cool weather. not ready. tri on sunday. no wetsuit.

dr. junger clean ???? anyone ?? comments thoughts ??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

trail runs

i never did cross xountry. i recall the first time i ran a trail run, i didn't know it was going to be. i got there and just went, and i hated it. i hated the feeling that i was going to trip. i hated the feeling that there were hills and obstacles. i was NOT prepared and i was not happy. i did ok, but i said - NO trail runs for me.

today i ran with the running class and we always (ok, so the 2 times i have been) cut through a nice running trail to get to certain start points. I tripped a fell. Right at the beginning of the run. I did the rest of the class with a bloody/dirty knee. I hate trails.

I enjoy the class though. I feel like it is going to help me to get over my fear and really enable me to push myself to my potential.

I swear right after the workout I feel so empowered, it is a high that i love. However that high is gone and I just saw photos of me and i am appalled. I swear i am so hunchback, and i walk outfooted and my fat rolls were hanging ??? i can blame the hunchback in my mom a little b/c aren't all moms supposed to tell their kids to stand up straight ??? clearly mine did not. but i have the fat rolls to blame on myself, i mean i did eat 5 to 6 snack size butterfingers today.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

brick on my own

feeling better but still not 100%

however i am proud that i woke up and did a brick this am, all by myself, i got a late start but got it done, a tad over 14 miles on bike and then 2 mile run. felt good. tired now and going to try and make sure i get a good recovery food in me.

tomorrow ocean swim

hurricane earl.....not so much....i don't think we even got rain ???

last night of the fair and i have NOT had any funnel cake. i only feel victim to the cotton candy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i can not figure out what is giving me the runs. yes i mean those runs. could it be the cotton candy ? the wendy's ? or maybe some unwashed spinach ? either way i am not enjoying this. OR is it stress....

  • first day of kindergarten for my first born who has ocd
  • hubby's job has hit an all time stress level and changes might have to happen
  • we have a contingent offer on a house, but our house is NOT selling, so we simply might not be able to buy the house we want
i am thinking of taking today off from working out due to my tummy. i feel fine, i just keep running to the bathroom.

am i boring you all ?