Thursday, March 25, 2010


Packing up for the trip. I packed running clothes, not sure it will happen but at least i am prepared.

Swam with ironlady today and you know what she said on one of my last laps. She said I was looking really really good. I finally feel like I got it, as opposed to thinking of high elbows, hand entry, rotation, gliding, pulling I just swam and got it. She had two of us swim against each other and it was a super tri lady and i kept up - so that made me happy.

Now I have to focus on surviving our trip.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loving ironlday & YOGA

today i made it to the gym and was planning on doing an interval run on the treadmill. i was lucky enough to see ironlady as i was walking in and as soon as i told her what i was doing she gave me a plan. I love that. i had a more clear plan of what to do and it was awesome

3 x's 2 minute fast 2 minute easy
3 x's 90 sec fast 90 sec easy
3 x's 1 min fast 1 min easy

and my fast needed to be faster than the previous set

loved it. love having someone who can help me out and is into it to do that as well. She feels connected to her folks and i love that. i swim with her tomorrow.

Last night I went to a talk on yoga and did some. I loved it. I hated it. I hate that I can not balance very good and that my posture sucks, but i loved it b/c it stretches you and calms you and i need that. people I NEED THAT. So i am trying to figure a way to get yoga in my week or at least do some on my own at night.

do you do yoga ? when ? class ? home ? share your meditative thoughts

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not much to say but the truth...

There is TOO much emotional eating going on RIGHT NOW and I need to get control. The fact that we will be in Disney in a few days is probably not going to help.

What is your go to food when you are just at your wits end ?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uh oh vacation

Today I was going to do the treadmill but I just had to run outside with the weather and hubby agreed, so he took the girls to a park so I could run.

I did 4.25 miles and I felt ok, not great. The problem was I ate lunch and then ran, which just doesn't work for me. I did not give myself enough time to digest and I seriously thought I was going to puke a couple of times. So I had to slow myself down.

I also need to remember that it was my long run and that means it is just about getting the miles in. I realize 4.25 miles does not sound like a long run but i am building, next week 5 then 6 etc.

However we head for vacation on Friday and I don't believe I will be getting much exercise in. So I am going to try and get a workout in every day and maybe do something EXTRA with ironlady on thursday.

I did the triclass on Saturday and it was great to be back at it. We swam, then went to spin and finally we ran outside. I was tired during the swim the most but i felt really good when we were done with the run.

So have you every thrown up during a work out ? gross i know but i am curious. I have thrown up in a race once. It was HOT and I wore a black cotton TEE - don't ask right before the finish line I had to go to the side and puke, but i finished. it sucked.

Friday, March 19, 2010

workout with your man ?

I (we) have been trying to workout together, me and my hubby that is. But he joined the Y and I belong to a different gym, not very conducive.

He is way faster than me, but we can swim together OR do intervals on the track. The point is I really want to do this and we can't find the time.

My new idea is to get a sitter on Sunday AM and workout with hubby then have brunch. The new date, since at night I am usually tired and cranky.

So tell me folks do you work out with your significant other ??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh the glory

Today I was able to run outside and it was lovely. The weather was perfect. It didn't even bother me when BOTH ipod and garmin were out of batteries. I really needed the run as a stress reliever. It was a hard morning with my older daughter and then some man was a complete asshole to me after he was speeding and almost hit me. Like the kind of asshole who drive away and then DROVE after me to yell at me ??? And he yelled at me that he can't believe I had the nerve to yell at him. The entire run I thought of what a jerk he was. I swear I wish you could call the cops on people for being assholes.

I have been on the phone with continental airlines for 57 minutes trying to get a flight reservation. I hate planning for trips....too much is close to impossible to have a phone conversation and conduct business when you have 2 young kids. Thank you to ICarly for helping me out.

Tomorrow no workout planned, but I really think I need to try and do some ab and arm work at home......GOAL for tomorrow is to do that.

Friday I am going to head to the gym and do an interval run on the treadmill. Got the kids with me OR I would be outside for sure.

UPDATE - the phone call is now at an hour and 1 minute and I am on hold.

The sun is making crave fruits and veggies.....I think I might even grill some veggies this warm week...what is your fav veggie to grill on the barbie ??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tight calves

I have missed some workouts recently but back on track now.

Monday - swim. I did the workout that ironlady sent us, but I did the entire thing without FINS. Normally she has me wear the fins for some of the workout but I figured I needed to get my workout on and went without.

Tuesday - spin. I had been going to spin on Mondays but I was NOT enjoying the instructor and I like the tuesday lady so I went to her class and she rocks it.

The problem is my left calf is super tight, I did some heating, and I am trying to stretch it but I think I need to go back to the lady for the deep tissue torture ......At least now I know what to expect and I can go for just my calves for 30 minutes.

Tomorrow I plan on making a pot roast for St. Patrick's Day, using the slow cooker so I can enjoy the smell all day.

Top of the morning to you !

Monday, March 15, 2010

And the winner is ....


Here is Babbs comment and I am honored and proud to be donating in her Mother's name. Please take the time to learn about this cancer, awareness is always important, if you can please make others aware and if possible....DONATE !!

Wow! This is an amazing giveaway and the first one I will link on my blog- very cool!

My charity is C3- colorectal cancer coalition. My mom's name is Janice Johnson, if you are so inclined, please make the donation in her name. She was the greatest person I have ever known- I only wish I had more time to tell her how wonderful she was.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

A giveaway ...sortof

So I have been truly touched by all the wonderful comments I have been getting and love the support. I was thinking I should do a giveaway and then I thought wait who needs another book, pair of socks or gift certificate to starbucks....well we all do but I thought it might be better to win 25 bucks donated to your favorite charity !!!

So here are the simple rules

comment on this post on what charity you would want me to donate to and why - I will pick a winner on Monday evening !!!

thanks !!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ahhh back to the gym


the bad news, hubby woke up w the bug. the good news, i am back and went to the gym to swim with ironlady. It felt so good to get back at it.

She knew I was coming off of being sick so she let me were the flippers most of the workout.

Tomorrow I am debating if I should go to a spin class or run outside. I have to figure out my weekend workouts b/c tri class is cancelled but she gave us a workout to do.

After bouting with the bug I really did not want to eat crap food, however drive thru is a necessary convenience in my life. I had a craving for a subway sandwich (Biggest Loser is finally getting to me), so I went and got a very tasty turkey, tomato, spinach on the honey oat with a very little honey mustard dressing. It was very tasty - fine I also got some Frito corn chips which I don't think I have had since grade school. But my point is Subway needs to get drive thru !!! Matter of fact please contact Subway right now and tell them we want drive thru.

Do you eat at Subway ?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

and it continues....

last night i started feeling sick. I thought for sure I would be puking. However I never did puke, but my stomach was not well. I went to bed at 7.30 !!! both girls fell asleep in bed with me. I thought for sure my younger one would be better and off to school, NOPE, she is moaning about her tummy and the right thing to do is NOT send her. So here we sit. Me - stomach bug but no puking ??? my little one - recovering but not as fast as we would like and my older one - feeling great but not happy about being couped up with us sickies.

Do you get a funky feeling when the season's change ?

Monday, March 8, 2010


well my older one is on the mend, but like clock work yesterday afternoon at the park my younger one looked at me a tad funny, ran over to me and i knew...she was about to puke, I tried to get her on the grass and not the actual park grounds. She just puked again on our newly cleaned carpert...strawberries. So today is about laundry, surviving and more laundry. I have a new workout for at home that i can do for strenght but i am not sure i have it in me to try and do it anytime today.

So as I do laundry, worry about my daughter being sick, worry bout the dirty rug, worry about how i am not getting a work out in, worry about how i can't food shop to get good food in the house, i will try to realize that this is just life and we move through it. Oh and I will pray that this bugger does not enter my system.......the waiting is the hardest part.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here comes the sun

Last night my 5 year old puked her guts up at about 7pm. Poor thing. UGHH the stomach bug. She was up about 4 to 5 more times with the dry heaves and little amount of puke (TMI huh). I felt so bad for my little lady, she was being such a trooper. My immediate thoughts were, oh shit who will get it next and I really should not go to tri class at 6.30am. Hubby was saying I should still go to class, but I just didn't want to leave my baby girl that early in the AM. So I did not go and slept in till the ladies were up at about 7am. Luckily the little lady was feeling MUCH better and had plenty of energy as well. We still kept her in from a bday party but she is having some private time w/ daddy at toysrus.

I of course was upset to miss out on tri class as I missed it 2 weeks in a row now. BUT I saw the sun and realize that I could drop my other daughter off at the party and I could go run OUTSIDE. I did it and it was such a great run, a bit over 4 miles. Just to be outside in over 40degree weather w the sun shining. LOVED IT.

Are you getting to exercise outside this weekend ?

Friday, March 5, 2010

How to better your life

I am trying to better my life, which will better hubby's life as well as the 2 little ladies who depend on me. I am doing this through exercise, nutrition and other things. One thing I learned from my nutritionist is that before you don't just need good healthy food, you need primary food and that consists of your home, relationships etc. It makes sense. You could eat healthy and exercise but if you are in an abusive relationship - you are not going to be healthy. You get my point.

No my relationship is not abusive, i have a supreme man and love him dearly, he is kind and wonderful and quite frankly it amazes me that i found him. My point is - I am unhappy with the state of my house. It is unorganized and that is one area that I am trying to take control of. However, I am embarrassed to say I needed help. I had to hire a pro organizer to help out. She worked on my kitchen first and it was amazing. It seriously has changed our life. We can actually see what food we have, I don't mind pulling out a pot or pan to cook b/c 5 other things are not falling when I do it. Today she is coming to work on our playroom/basement, and I think I just can not get over the fact that I have to pay someone to help me. I should be able to do this myself, but this is where I need to let go, ask for help, get the help and move forward and be happy about it.

When do you ask for help ? When have you paid for help that you knew you needed ? a trainer, nutritionist ? organizer ?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week update

So I am migraine free.

Sunday I ran 4 miles. Monday I did spin. Tuesday was a day off and I participated in Read Across America and read to some kids in a lower income school district and left them some books to keep. Both my girls came home with Cat in the Hat Hats from their school. I love reading and hope to pass the joy to my kids. I am still reading Born to Run and really enjoying it.

Today is swim day. Ironlady couldn't do today but I can not go tomorrow so I will go on my own today. I think I screwed up and might be going right when they have water aerobics which means 1 lane for the swimmers and annoying lady screaming to pick up your legs and turn and all that.

I might wear my heart monitor while I swim. Have you done that ? do you do it ? I still have no idea how to use that sucker. I need POLAR to come and help me out and give me a class. Eating has been OK, really have to focus on more veggies into my dinner and lunch. Give it to me ? how do you eat your veggies ? recipes ? tips ? anything ?????