Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tri Class update

So saturday am I went to the tri class, I was a tad late and had to jump right in the pool. There is about 8 folks in the class, mix of gender and mix of levels. The swim consitited of drills that I had down with ironlady prior, so it was good for me b/c i could REDO and focus on the drills again. However, I could tell how difficult it would be if that was the first time doing them with so many others vying for her attention. The swim class I took with her was only me and one other lady, you just get one on one and that helps you so much more. The drills were the balance kick drill.

After the swim she told us to meet in the spin room in 5 minutes. Not easy to do as we were wet and couldn't dry off that well. Got into spin room and started on the bikes. I was very curious what we would learn in there. She talked about cadence and taught us how to count our cadence, she explained (and i can't recall the exact stuff) that we should be at 9o cadence on flats and 60 on hills ??? I think that was it. It seemed as if we didn't do much but at the end I was tired out, so I guess we did work it. I think this bike portion will be very helpful to me and give me some good skills and lessons on how i should be biking and what is the most effective and fastest. Then she told us to meet outside in the front for a run.

I bundled up and put my hat over my wet head and after a bit of chit chatting with others in locker room (more folks were coming to gym b/c it was getting later) meet in the front. We ran a bit, not sure how far but I was like second to last, talked with one lady while running, but I was pretty much out of breath and really shocked that the other folks had such energy left, granted 2 were men. Got to the track and she had us sprint the straigthaways and jog the curves. 2 times around. I really tried to sprint b/c back in high school i was a sprinter and this is something I feel like I can do well. Of course I was still getting beaten but hey I am out there right. That was it for the track, and we were down. It went fast and I was happy with it but not overwhelmed about it. I think it will help and I will get good tips BUT will I do this again (this session is for 4 weeks) not sure. 

My shins are killing me. They seem to really flare up after I do any type of sprint work, I iced one last night, but I think I need to ice more tonight on both sides. I also think I need to get some sort of intense sports massage overall. 

I did not enjoy the early wake up, it was dark out, that is depressing. I did enjoy being done with a full workout so early. Today I am taking the day off. 


  1. YOU rock it out girl - I would have passed out for sure!

  2. You are amazing. I have friends who want me to attempt a tri. I truly think it would kill me.

  3. good for you! Early wake up and then hopping into the pool is TOUGH! This weekend tell the instructor/coach person about your shin thing.. s/he might be able to help you w/ run form and help alleviate some of that! (it will take time)


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