Wednesday, April 28, 2010

feeling proud

call me a geek, but today at the gym i saw one of the ladies who created the tri group i belong to (not the gym ironlady class) this is a tri group that trains during the summer months. I joined last year and it was a wonderful experience, i took advantage of all the workouts i could, as well as any talks they had IE. how to set up transition area, nutrition etc.

The lady asked me if I would speak at their first meeting of the season that welcomes new members. they want someone who joined last year as their first time and they thought of me !! I was quite touched.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one thing not to do before your big race

Do not ask/tell iron lady that you are thinking of skipping triclass sat. am for a rest day since you are running 9 miles in a race on sunday b/c she will come back with......NO you will feel much better if you do the tri class sat. am plus she is running the half she told me on sunday.

so basically i need to suck it up and deal.

today NO work out
- good on veggies
-soso on fruits
-soso on water

Monday, April 26, 2010

Goals for the week

This sunday I will be running my 9 miles portion of a full marathon relay. Exercise wise I feel ok, but nutrition not so good.

  1. get more fruits and veggies in me this week
  2. get more water in me this week
  3. try to NOT eat crap
Of course i just had a homemade cupcake that was so freaking good that I want the other one. The other one is the one I am saving for hubby, but hubby doesn't love them like I do so why should I save it for him ? Why shouldn't I just eat it NOW and then it won't be in the house and rest of the week there won't be any temptation in the house ...right ? right ??? shit I don't think I have the will power........tomorrow is a new day

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run - half fail

something ain't right with me, allergies ? period ? either way I went to sleep at9pm and slept till about 8am. I kept hitting the snooze and saying NOPE, I ain't running outside with that rain.

The good part is I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill, the bad news is I did 5 miles NOT the 6 I was planning on doing. My hip and knee started to hurt and my mind was quitting on me as well. I hate the mental part of running, so hard to beat it.

gotta shower the stink off of me, then we head to a bday party in nyc, tonight i am going to plan on my workouts for the week. i really want to try and meal plan as well. the nutrition has been lacking....hugely.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 days of no exercise

folks, 3 days and I HAVE NOT exercised and i am feeling it. i neeeeeddd to run. tomorrow in the rain i am running and that is that.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I am super cranky this am, won't go into the ways but what i would love to do is head out for a long run and work this crank out of me. I can't as I don't have a sitter and girls have stuff going on, dance, school. Plus I have a hair appt to get the grey out of my hair. Grey or Gray ??

Now I am debating switching up the weekend workout, normally i do tri class sat. am then long run on sunday. But sunday looks like rain and we have a ton going on both days. I am thinking of skipping tri class and doing my long run sat. am as it will be nice to run outside. My race is May 2nd so I would prefer to focus on my final run as opposed to swim/bike.

that is it.

If i can't work out to get rid of the cranks, i am sure covering my grey will make me feel better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

clearly i need to stength train

b/c I am so gosh darn sore from yesterday.....lordy lordy, how could i work out cardio so much and it seems to NOT do a thing for my muscles ??? please explain. i promise i am going to get some sort of strength in my week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise strength training

this am I headed out to go to (what I thought) was a nutrition class. However I showed up and it was actually a work out class. whoopppss. Luckily I was in work out gear b/c I was going to run after. So I had to get my mind in the game and start some ab work. It was HARD. I have not done strength training in a while b/c I replaced my one day of a class with running due to the 9 mile run I have coming up.

Well I felt it. My abs are weak and I need to focus on strength again. I used my excuse on my trainer and she said you know you could do it at home 2 x's a week for 20 minutes. And she is right. Why can't i dedicate 20 minutes to some push ups and sit ups and such ? why ? I think I feel as if it won't make a difference. I feel like I need to do an hour long kick ass boot camp for it to make a difference.

What do you think ??

nutrition intervention

I am in a good place with exercise. My nutrition is better than it was, lot less fast food. More veggie and fruit in take, but i still would not say I eat very well and I need to get better. NEED to. I realize that one of the most effective ways to stay on good nutrition is being prepared. Food shopping with a list of items, planning out your menu for the week. I just can't find the way to make this a habit and ALWAYS do this. I slip and don't do a food shopping and then I just rely on going out to eat, fast food, or diners, sandwiches, you name it. I could eat out all the time, but this is not the best nutrition OR cost effective.

Help, any tips ?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

weekend exercise DONE

Had tri class saturday morning, was glad to get a good long workout in, swim, spin, & run. Sunday am I had a 7 mile run planned out. Usually I am not a fan of running with someone, it is hard for me to talk and run. However, a friend offered to run about 3 to 4 with me this am and it was such a pleasure to run with her. We had lots to chat about and 3 miles FLEW by, I swear it was such a good feeling. She turned off at about 3. 25 and I was so happy I had only less than 4 on my own. It was perfect. However, I am a pretty consistent 10.30 miler at these long runs. I would really like to be running them at more of 9.30 and I think I could if I focused and tried, but a part of me just wants to get the miles in. I think next weekend I will do 6 miles (the 9 mile relay I am doing is May 2nd). Ironlady suggested doing 6 miles, first 3 at 10 to 10.30 and then the last 3 at 9. to 9.30 so that might be my goal.

Throw in there some househunting, trying to get our house on the market, an IEP meeting for my daughter and we should be good right ?

Nutrition wise I went to whole foods and hoping to get some good stuff in this body. One thing I do a lot is buy something like edamame and think what a perfect snack, and then I forget about it and 4 months later I find it in the freezer and laugh that I had such a lofty goal. i will try try again.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Race Tshirts

You know all those lovely race tshirts you get for doing a race. I have tons. I love them all. They remind me of where I have been, where I was at in my life. But they are also sucking up space and I really don't were them except to bed ???? What do you do with all those tees ????

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

intervals during a race ?

for someone reason i feel like negative nellie BUT i was just thinking about when I do some local races, 5k's or 5 miles, there always seems to be some young ladies (teens ??? ) who will pass me fast and then a few minutes later they are walking and I pass them, then a few more miles and they sprint past me, this goes on for much of the race. I can't stand that. Pace yourself ladies. Usually they wind up walking and I never see them again, but some of them do seem to beat me and i think am i racing wrong ??

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sorry this is a gross post

ok folks today in spin class something smelt BAD. It was not the sweat smell. All I am going to say is anytime the lady next to me got OUT of her seat the smell would waft through the air.

It was bad.

Ever work out with a smell around you that you just couldn't deal with ?

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 miles and garmin question

Sunday I did 6 miles. I was happy to get out as the kids were a bit crazed. I was consistent as my first 3 miles were nearly the same as my last 3. I felt good.

I had my garmin and I love it, I love seeing what my pace is. I love trying to gage my pace and guessing what I am running based on what I am feeling. My question to you garmin users is...I don't understand why it won't show mile splits unless you actually hit the lap button at each mile ? The garmin knows when it has gone a mile so why can't it show miles on when you download to computer ? if i don't hit the lap button, i don't get mile splits i just get my overall time. Am I missing something ?

Have to switch workouts around a bit due to appts this week. Today was nothing, tomorrow I will spin, wed. run, thurs swim with iron lady, friday we will see how i fell. Sat will be tri class and sunday i want to run 7 miles....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally had our workout date

My tri class was not on this weekend but iron lady sent us a work out to do. I suggested to hubby that he should come to gym with me - we could put the girls in the sitting room and we could workout together. And we did !! Wahoo.

First we did the swim work out which was fun, so much better to do with someone than on your own. We shared some tips and drills. The last part of the work out was to do FAST 25 - 2 times with a 30 sec rest in btw. So we raced. I kept up the first one which I was happy about. We are both competitive so of course we were giving 200%. However, we both got to the wall and had cramps on our calves. So we set off to do the last 25 and I whipped his butt. I was ahead and then his cramp was too much and he had to slow down completely. I was pretty pumped.

We skipped the bike workout (which I feel guilty about now), and just did the run. Hubby had a hurt knee and it was his first time running in about a good 2 months. He just took an easy run, while I did the workout, which was run 20 minutes, 10 min at steady effort, then 5x 1 min hard 1 min easy. I felt good.

I thought it was such a good way to start the day, girls do fine in sitting room and then we all had lunch. He just took the girls to swim at the Y and I really need to take this alone time to clean, laundry, organize. Of course a quiet house, I was up late last night, worked out this am, it is also a great opportunity to nap.....

do you still nap ? do enjoy naps or are you a nap hater ???

Thursday, April 8, 2010

clip on sucks

So while my little lady was outside riding her bike, I figured now is as good as time as any to try myself on my bike with my clip on shoes. Now if you remember correctly I got the shoes way back in the end of fall, so I did try ONCE to get on my bike and I brought hubby and myself down and I have not been on since.

I do spin all the time and I love it, and I love clipping in.

But I know that it is not the same as on your road bike. I figured I would give it a whirl. I was able to clip in but it is not that easy even after knowing the feel from spin class. I also was holding onto my car while doing it so I have no idea how it works when you have nothing to hold on to. I got on and figure i would try to ride on the grass. I fell right away b/c I had no momentum getting up on the grass. It hurt but luckily i was clipping out and got out while on the ground. I tried again and mentally tried to think of how I need to clip out and that it is easiest when my foot is near the floor, the bottom of the pedal. I got clipped out on my left foot and started falling towards my right but realized I needed to put my left foot down and lean that way. I did it but it was sketchy and quite frankly I really don't feel safe on the open road. I am seriously thinking about asking hubby to put my regular pedals with cages back on and just use the shoes for spin. I feel deflated, and I don't want to give up on it, and realize i did not get a bunch of practice in, but it seems like that thing I can not do. I know I need to think about how many folks out there are using them and they do it, so I can too, but you know.

what to do ???

get your finger

on my butterfingers and GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE - thank you

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

are you a creature of habit ?

When I go to the gym I like a certain group of treadmills, if they are filled up I will wait till one is free. When I do spin, I have a group of bikes on a side of the room and I always pick something out of that group ?

Are you a creature of habit with workouts ? how

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was spin class and it rocked. I just felt like really pushing myself, the music helped and the instructor had us do an endurance workout. However, each time I spin I realize that I NEED to get out on my road bike and start practicing the clip ons.....and it scares me !!! whahhhhh, big baby i know.

I also have seen my weight go up due to the horrible eating habits I acquired in Disney and kept since I have been back. So I am really trying to get back to more fruits and veggies and making the snacks healthy and cutting out the sweets at night.....i have bite size butterfingers and they kill me they are so good.

Very excited for the Biggest Loser tonight. Tomorrow I will run at gym, I have both girls in the am so I can't run outdoors. I will do some interval work on the treadmill.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hair Analysis

I was just on the phone with a friend of mine and we were catching up. We starting discussing health and how the food we eat can effect us. She mentioned that she had her and one of her son's hair analyzed to tell her what they were intolerant to. I meet a woman at the gym who is a nutritionist and her website said she did this. I am really curious about this. It seems crazy that a piece of our hair can provide this information. Is it real ? Could it really help ?

I want to do it, for myself and for my daughter who has been diagnosed with OCD. Anything that might help her is worth a try. I mean imagine if you found out that eating tomatoes is not the best thing for your system, would you die from them - NO, hives NO but maybe they make your insides swell and you feel gross ? So taking them out of your diet would help you feel better. I hope it wouldn't be tomatoes b/c i love them !!!

Anyways just wondering if any of you have done this, heard of it ?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 miles +

So this am I had to get up and do 5 miles before hubby had to take off and help out family in nyc. I was actually excited to get up and have a solo run. I knew that if I got it out of the way I would feel very good.

It was perfect running weather, although I should have brought my gloves as my hands were cold.

I didn't even map out my run which is quite crazy of a control freak stat oriented person like myself. I just ran and had the garmin to tell me how much. It worked out very well, and I defiantly felt great at the end and was going faster at the end of the 5 miles. I felt strong. I wound up doing 5.25 , i forget the exact time and I did not download the run yet.

I am building each weekend b/c I am running 15k in a marathon relay. I am very curious about GREENS and if any one uses any type of green mixes (protein drinks etc)

Friday, April 2, 2010

New nutrition regime FAIL

No I didn't gain any weight but man when I went to the gym to do a spin class I felt as if I was going to pass out. I also felt like my stomach was going to give on me at any moment. I have decided to trash my new nutrition regime and stick with the before one. There is no way I want to feel that way when I work out.

No tri class tomorrow but I need to run 5 miles at some point. Hubby is not around tomorrow during the day so I need to either go early AM tomorrow or early AM easter (not really ideal as we want the girls to wake to finding eggs)

Hubby is home early tonight and I am going to go upstairs and have some QT while he plays vid games with the girls.

A while back hubby was into the GREENS drinks and stuff. He is back to it and just bought Maximum Greens by GNC, he is trying to convince me but I don't think I can go there. Do you do GREENS (juice etc). Also have you seen Food Inc, it is going to be on PBS television this month and I think I need to watch it but i am scared, very very scared. Mama likes her meat.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New nutrition regime

So I weighed myself and thought for sure I would have 2 extra lbs or something. NOPE, I did not gain weight.

so my new nutrition regime might be as follows:

bfast - scrambled eggs,bacon and a biscuit

lunch - hamburger with fries or a salad with some chicken

snack - pretzel, popcorn, ice cream - whatever you are in the mood for

dinner - anything you want, ribs, turkey, mashed potatoes it all and go back for seconds

dessert - apple crumble with ice cream
second dessert - twix bar with a coke

exercise - walk the ENTIRE day from 8am till 9pm - even while eating if you must

this is for maintaining not losing, if you want to lose just drop the coke and twix and you should be good

seriously folks - wtf ??

one little lady is sick and napping on couch the other is inside looking for bugs in her belle dress. loving the weather ......

Vacation recovery

I am back. It was fun. FUN FUN FUN. Yes there were those moments when we were all grumpy and hot and waiting on a long line, but those are just moments. The entire trip is the memory and it will be a good one.

As for exercise - the only thing was me walking and walking around the parks and usually holding one of my children.

As for the eating. Let's just say I feel victim to the toxic wasteland of food down there. The meals were not so bad, it was more the snacking. My nightly snack was a twix bar followed by a coke. I never drink soda but i had one every single day there. I was worth nothing yesterday and today I really want to unpack, org, clean. One of the little princesses has a bad cough so we can't do the gym, but maybe we will get outside for a nice stroll.

This am I had my oatmeal with fruit which I have not had since I left and man it feels good to put some good stuff back in the body.

I just hit read all to about posts b/c i just couldn't do it, so if you had a good one i should read let me know.