Thursday, December 30, 2010

twilight zone

hubby is on vaca. we were stuck at my in laws. there was a major blizzard and just getting around is a challenge. my family is coming sat. sunday we have a showing for a couple that loves our house. i am not sure what day it is, no schedule puts me off a bit.

This am I wanted to make the 9.30 boot camp class with iron lady but we all slept in and I didn't push it. I went later and ran. But being in the twilight zone and not knowing what is up or down, i was wrong about boot camp, it is tomorrow at 9.30am. wahooooo, i get a second chance.

I am looking forward to seeing my fam. however I am also looking forward to monday and getting everyone back on schedule.

January, wahoo. Start of a new year. getting a coach and starting my training for my first olympic tri. wahoooooooo.


  1. OMG! Can you believe this snow?!?!! We only just got dug out yesterday. But we didn't go anywhere today so it was day 5 of housebound. crazyness.
    I think I am going to do that Tri too. if you are talking about the new one in May. We should get together and train. I am doing my first half in feb and then start up the olympic tri training. oh boy!!
    I am SO looking forward to Monday too!! lol.

  2. I am in that same "what day is today" mode. Kinda fun for awhile!


what are you triing

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