Monday, January 31, 2011


I got my first week of workouts from my coach. ahhhhh. perfect timing as i was starting to really slip away from the exercise. i love have a written assigned workout. the problem is i get anal about it and dare i deviate just a bit it sends me over the edge. need to work on that.

today was just a run.

problem is my schedule, i now need to really make sure i make time for gym btw all the girls activities. today i had to go to the gym with just one of my girls, she was NOT happy she had to go without her sister. but i put my foot down. ok, i bribed her with a new toy and munchkins but i got there !

on top of the training starting. we are in the midst of att. reviews, inspections and appraisals. add to the fact that we will have to pack up and move....holy cannoli ??? i will need to schedule my days to the minute.

i probably do more when under the pressure, just need to remember that taking a few minutes and some deep breathing will help. also i REALLY want a date with hubby. and I don't mean some quick dinner out. i want a full day. i want to go the gym with him, have a lunch, watch a movie, and then maybe even dinner.

plus i gotta be on top of food and make sure i have healthy stuff on hand so i don't start falling back on crap. i might do peapod so i don't have to stress about getting to the supermarket with my free hour sans kids.

Friday, January 28, 2011


no working out for a good week

today's food intake:
bacon on a roll
buttercrunch cookies
more buttercrunch cookies
friendly's chicken crispy wrap
kid size butterfinger sundae
and folks i don't think i am done as it is only 8pm

Need to get my act together and fast.

in the midst of buying new house selling old, inspections all happening next week.

tons of snow, and i hear more to come

candida ? thoughts ? knowledge ? it seems to be something that is more of a holistic dx. not many medical docs talk about it, but nutritionists do, many folks who believe in food intolerances and such.

need a date with my hubby

most random point - if you have kids and watch good luck charlie, i love the actress who plays the mom. i think she is hysterical.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


snow, tons of it

kids fighting, tons of it

fits, tons of them

hurt foot while having my own fit

exercise, NONE of it

excited to go shovel the snow b/c that is exercise

have you ever heard of being nut intolerance, meaning you are not allergic, but you might be getting eczema from them ????

things i look forward to buying, wetsuit, aerobars

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i need ....

to work out

Monday, January 24, 2011


it wsa 6 degrees out this am ??

I have not exercised in a while. I need to.

My brunch went well.

I made these energy bars and they were awesome. i used cashew nut butter instead of PB and pumpkin seeds instead of sesame.

  • cup honey

  • cup peanut butter, all natural or cup your favorite nut butter

  • cup carob powder

  • cup toasted sesame seeds

  • cup roasted sunflower seeds

  • 1/2 cup raisins

  • Toast sesame seeds and sunflower seeds until fragrant, set aside.

  • 2 Warm honey until it reaches a mixable consistency, and slowly mix in peanut butter until it is well incorporated.

  • 3 Fold in remaining ingredients.

  • 4 Press entire mixture into a 8x8-inch pan.

  • 5 Chill in the fridge for at least an hour or up to 1 month or freeze!

  • I start working with a coach feb 1. i think that is why i have been slacking a bit, i feel like i can't slack after feb 1. 

    feeling lazy

    I have seen plenty of crazy folks outside running. i just don't have it in me. nope i don't. i just don't. 

    Thursday, January 20, 2011


    currently we have a bunch of stress and anxiety and it seems to be all in my arms. seriously my arms feel like jittery ??? maybe i should take advantage and get in the pool.

    haven't been to gym, my little one got the bug. prepping for a brunch this sunday, entertaining sends me into a tizzy. i am simply not cut out for it. but that is what i love about life, you take something that makes you uncomfortable and you do it and then you feel accomplished.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    your drug of choice

    i have a raging sinus headache. the strange part is i can breath fine, i thought if you had a sinus headache you would be congested - but that is not the case. Any time I have to dip my head it pounds. Luckily I was cranky enough that i knew i needed my drug- running. i didn't care, i knew it would make me feel better. I did feel better, 40 minutes. I was smiling. I love it. Granted my head still hurts but at least now I don't mind resting as I know my body got its drug in it.

    maybe the headache is from stress, being that we are in the midst of negotiating selling our house as well as starting to make bid on new house.

    I have been reading how Regina over at Chui on this has been heart rate training, and i am so intrigued. i have been wearing my monitor for all my workouts. I am going to start taking notes and figuring it all out. I am sure once I start working with my coach this will come in handy to already know some figures. I also am officially certified to teach spin. wahoo. of course who knows when i will get to actually put it to use for money but it is a step in the right direction.

    headache is raging

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    spin spin spin

    today i went to spin class. haven't done one in a while. it felt good. the main reason i wanted to go was b/c this sat. i will head into the city very early to take my spin certification class. a full day. the first step into me trying to make a living out of what i love to do.

    I did try the cinch protein powder and love it !! I am also really liking the peanut butter cinch bars.

    I just heard bad news that someone from my college, a year younger than i was, just passed from cancer. 41 years old ? Too young. Leaving behind 3 kids and a wife.

    A friend of mine had to take her daughter to the hospital due to a high fever that has lasted too long.

    These are things that scare me and really make me committed to try and live a healthy lifestyle. Hug your loved ones today.

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    ipod fail

    I can deal when my ipod battery dies, i will watch tv OR even just listen to the gym noise. But today I went to run for 40 minutes and i watched tv for a bit and then i decided to switch over to music. Plugged in my ipod and hit play - the music played, but it sounded wonky. Like it was too fast or too slow, or i heard stuff in the background. It freaked me out and I had to stop. I was trying to figure it out but i couldn't. I was pissed off - i could NOT run with that wonky music sound. Instead I turned on VH1 and was blessed with the fact that Celeb Rehab was on, wahoo. I lovely guilty pleasure. It was perfect and I have to say I am bummed I don't know what happened, I guess I will have to start looking for it at home.

    Nutrition for today, so today I made scrambled eggs for lunch and added peppers - i never do that, but i really want to make sure i am getting my veggies in. However, i wound up eating 3 buttercrunch cookies and a 100 grand bar later ??? what the feckity feck ??? I think I am living it up b/c i know once my coach gives me my workouts starting feb. i am in deep dutty and will have to be more serious.

    I did get 40 minutes of running in.

    Tomorrow is bootcamp with ironlady, always a joy. I really want to try a smoothie after with this protein powder.  Problem is I wind up thinking about a toasted bagel and an ice t and treat myself to that from Manhattan Bagel. NO MORE. I need to control it. Good fuel in !!!

    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    stuck at 30 minutes

    I run on the treadmill at the gym and I don't mind it BUT maybe that is b/c I am only on it for 30 minutes. Somehow I always convince myself, or only have a short time that 30 minutes seems to be my standard. Granted some days I do 3 miles and I do intervals (faster each mile) OR 1 minute hard 1 minute easy etc.
    But either way I am 30 minutes and done. I realize that as soon as I start working with a coach those 30 minutes will be long gone. But for now I have every excuse in the book, not enough time need to get home , kids can't stay in the kidzone too long, i did bootcamp yesterday and I am sore, don't feel great so i won't go longer than 30 minutes, and on and on. I am sure once I go and run 50 minutes I will suddenly hate that sucka.

    Hubby is in bed and feels like crap. Lord please do not let the flu hit this house.

    It is snowing again. I am over the snow. Give me summer.

    I got lululemon for christmas presents from hubby. I brought back a sweatshirt b/c i felt i had to many fleeces as is (yes i told this already) point is i finally did my exchange and got shorts, a tank running top and a bra and holy cow the love I feel for them is beyond anything. I might just see if I could get a part time job at the store so i can get the discount on these freaking rocking clothes. i got pants as well and they are the most comfy thing in the world.

    Lululemon - call me - sponser me- let me live in your clothes.

    Thursday, January 6, 2011


    Tuesday i did boot camp. Was so happy to do it. I was sore but not as bad as I have been in the past.

    I was off yesterday, today I plan to run.

    I will be working with a coach starting in Feb. I am very excited, and it feels a bit luxurious, I mean it is not like I am some world class athlete. I am just a mom trying to stay in shape and set goals for myself and challenge myself. But I know myself and with my first Olympic size tri on the schedule I need to be disciplined by someone. A sprint I can handle, but olympic, it scares me. I mean a 10k is not something I run much and yet I will have to run that after swimming and biking. I am looking forward to it, and the training. I have to feel out a bunch of information and I love the fact that I am being asked about my training, my goals, etc. It helps me focus and that is what I need. I just want to make sure I balance it all, and not get super obsessed with training and when and panic about the time put forth. I want my girls to see my balance it all and show them that it is ok for mommy to have time but not have them feel like I am not always there for them.

    I want to make sure hubby is not left with the kids all weekend after he works a full week and has zero time for himself. I can do this.

    I feel a bit of a cough and tickle in my chest so I am loading up on vit. c, these are great for kids as well.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    NOT fitness related

    so the girls have beanbags and i showed them how i use to sit on the beanbag at college with my feet up on a table. i told them how comfy it was to which my 6 year old said "no this is the most comfortable" (she was on the couch with a blanket and it is by far the most comfy place. I agreed with her and said yes, to which she replied "well back then they didn't have couches"

    yes back in the stone ages when i went to college we only had bean bags.

    going to get my ass to boot camp

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    check it out....

    i like this stuff A LOT

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    the gym in january ...

    you all know it, if you use a gym - expect crowds. i plan on hitting the gym tomorrow but non in the am, i won't have to fight the crowds of folks who made a resolution to go to gym, lose weight and all that. however tuesday am i plan on taking a class and i am sure it will be packed. it usually starts thinning out mid february.

    what about you ? starting a gym ? scared of the january gym crowds ?

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    happy happy

    happy new year ...

    lot of bloggers going over their goals for the year, reflecting on how they did on their goals for this year.

    not sure i am going to write mine all down.

    but i know for sure my main goal for this year and all the years is to be happy and thankful for all i have.