Tuesday, January 31, 2012

running and friendships

i went to Miami this weekend for the half and full, i couldn't run but i was with 5 running friends who did. I went to mile 11 and cheered them on, i was beyond proud and excited for them. This was the first time I have ever gone away with friends who I don't know that well. It was amazing. It was fun, relaxing and just overall a really nice time. I highly recommend this if you find a group of women who can get away - do it, even if you think i don't know them that well, guess what - you will bond and enjoy.

We were not enthralled with the race itself. Not making another trip for it, but we do want another race to travel to ??? any suggestions ???? for 2013.

I got Kristen Armstrong's Mile Markers before we headed down and I was amazed at how well she was able to articulate all that we runners feel, it was such a perfect book to be reading while i was on a runner race destination trip !!! I wanted to highlight every other sentence and read aloud to the ladies.

It felt like this NON judgemental, non caddy wonderful supportive place.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee debate and Me time debate


I don't drink coffee but the above post intrigued me....

Me time, is not ME time if you ask me questions like where is this, did they do that, should i do this. figure it out and let me have my time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

volunteer goals for the year

Last year I did my first Olympic size tri. That was my goal - i did it. It was a bunch of training and really took over my life for a while.

This year I don't have many race goals set up, yet. I was going to Miami Half but broke the cuboid. So my main goal for this year is to recover and just get back to running. I did sign up for the NJ half marathon in May and hoping that goes well. That means I hope I don't break a bone.

After that I really have not picked any races, I did want to be less planned this year. I will most likely do the sprint tris in my area, there is a mile swim I would like to do. There are some fall 5ks that I would love to go for PR's. I also did the crazy thing of putting myself in the NYC Marathon lottery, not sure what possessed me but i figure i can defer. I doubt I will get in (hahah right - just made it so i get in).

This year is more about volunteering. I want to be a swim angel for a local female only tri, it is geared towards newbies and a great supportive race. I have done it twice and I really feel I want to be on the end that gives back. The other volunteering is for NYC Full Ironman. I am beyond excited that I have this opportunity. Honestly, this for me is just as exciting as racing. I have watched Ironman for years and have always been amazed with the athletes, the average joe who crosses that finish line. I love it, every suffering minute of it. This year I will be able to be there watching these amazing athletes and helping them. Nothing could be finer. This is my A race, I am just not racing it.

What about you, have you volunteered at races ??

Friday, January 20, 2012

stinky smelly boots

Tuesday I can remove the boot for good. However, tomorrow it is supposed to snow, and quite frankly I am not walking in snow in the boot. So I may just decide that the boot comes of 3 days early. This week - monday i swam, felt great, glad to be in the water, tuesday worked out with trainer, always good and she worked my legs which we haven't done in a while. Felt great, she stretched me out at the end and my back was cracking like fireworks. chiropractor ? never gone - anyone ??? Wed I did nothing, thursday did spin, was good but when clipping out with my broken foot, i twisted extra hard and it hurt. It was the exact position that hurts my foot. No repercussions that I can feel.

I had been eating pretty well and the past week went not so well. The scale has an extra 2 or 3 pounds. I leave for Miami next weekend and I feel like I should at least try to rid myself of a few if possible.

I have found that I am a codependent exercisor. I pretty much won't do anything unless in a group setting (spin) lessons (swim) or have a trainer come and tell me what to do. The only thing I do on my own accord is run, and well we all now how that has been going. Instead of running I get to gimp around in this boot that smells like something first peed, than pooped then died in it. Speaking of it, I should take it off for the night tonight b/c i plan on sitting on my ass for the rest of the evening.

So folks....how do you motivate if no race set for working out without group, lesson or trainer ?

chiropractor ? have you gone, toughts?? i know some folks think quacks and not needed and others swear by it ??

Saturday, January 14, 2012

spin - please respect your instructor

So I went to spin class. First time since broken foot. It felt great. So happy to be back there. Granted it was at the new gym - the Y, which has NO spin room ? So you must pull the bike out and the poor instructor is not near her music. gym snob i know. but one thing i won't do is disrespect my instructor. These people went and paid to get certified, now they teach class, they get paid but seriously they do their job and we should respect them. So please if you think you are better instructor then go get certified and teach the class yourself.

Monday am I swim !!1 Woot woot, more cardio and haven't swam since summer. It is a beginner masters, but hopefully I will be given more of a challenge if she sees fit.

The boot is on, but the workouts are happening, swim monday, tuesday i booked my trainer so some arms and abs, wed i might ride inside on my own, thur spin, friday more weights.

As I watch the amazing ladies in the olympic marathon trails. I think how exciting my first run will be. about 3 weeks away.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bone and the new gym

Today I had my doc appt. I wore my boot but brought my shoe b/c I knew I was walking out with both shoes on. After waiting an HOUR to see the doc, she did the test with that silver pronging thing ? Then she took the xray. She came in saying how well I was healing and that my xrayed looked good, then she mumbled something about another 2 weeks in the boot. I was cheering from the news about the HEALED good looking xray. then I said wait "did you just say another 2 weeks in the boot ?". YES she said. She said I can swim, and spin, and I can take the boot of and do some walking around the house. But she can still see some fracture and wants me to keep the boot on for 2 weeks, then after that no boot needed but no running for another 2 weeks, then i can start. Of course by then I will have forgotten how to run. ok I am kidding, but you get my drift.

I was seriously shocked. I thought for sure I would be out of the boot and have maybe another 2 weeks of no running. She explained that she sees some fracture still and would hate for me to damage it and be injured longer. I see her point.

So now I need to set up a schedule to make sure I am spinning, swimming and doing strength on arms. I have a plan and can move forward. I am going to be so gun shy about running.

I am no longer at the luxury gym, I am at the Y. I have only been twice, stationary bike. All is fine. I will sign up for the masters program for swim. Change is good, change challenges you, change makes you grow.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Das Boot

Tuesday doc appt. hoping boot is off.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a favor

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1

Last year I set out to do my first Olympic Tri and I completed that goal. It was hard, the training was time consuming, it was a hot day, but I did it. I was happy and proud. I did a half marathon back in May and PR'd. I started coaching with a local fitness company. I got my RRCA coaching certification. I feel pretty good about my fitness year.

This new year I was going to be started off with a bang and running the Miami Half in January BUT I broke my cuboid bone. I will run a half in May and hope to PR. I will do sprint tris and hope to be faster. I will run a 5k and hope to pr. Maybe I will enter the lottery for NYC marathon, b/c i doubt I will get it. I will eat better, I will work on my strength and work on doing one chin up (just one and i will be happy).

I will make sure I am the best Mom and Wife I can be.

happy new year