Thursday, December 29, 2011

a new year

I am tired of the boot. The doc said 3 weeks in it, yesterday was 3 weeks, but i don't see the doc till jan 10th !! due to them on vacation. So do i ditch the boot now or wait till i see the doc ???

I got the garmin 610 for xmas from hubby - woot woot. so excited !!

i also got lululemon run your heart out tank and crop...ugh love their stuff. and compression socks which are they most wonderful things EVER !!!

i know many folks are planning out their racing year. I feel like i am on hold with the foot. But I really can plan out my goals and need to. Last year I did my first olympic size tri and loved it, but it was a bunch of training. I was NOT planning on doing any olympic or longer this summer, just thought i would concentrate on sprints and try to enjoy it not get that burnt out feeling. I will do a half marathon in may. then sprint tris through out summer. then maybe try a pr in a 5k in fall. my thoughts are in 2014 is my year for a half ironman. both girls will be in school full time so that my training won't take away time from them. i just need to start looking at which one i want to do and which one fits with my training for month and location. i really want to do a rev 3 one.

so do you have a garmin 610 ? advice ?

do you know of a half ironman in tristate area that you recommend ?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

you better run...

I can not run. You can. If you are hesitating about getting that work out in b/c you have to wrap presents, back cookies, sing christmas carols, stop, take at least 30 minutes and get a work out in. Do it for me b/c I can't.

me and my boot

Saturday, December 17, 2011


i finally gave a try at making black bean veggie burgers. i have never eaten a veggie burger. i have not had the desire for one of those frozen ones, and if i go out to eat i am going for a real burger. but i knew that i would love some homemade ones as an easy quick nutritious meal.

I used, black beans, onion, green pepper, panko crumbs and egg and i grated some sweet potato in there. i fried them....b/c well i can't change over night. they were good, i felt like i have a new go to meal.

i am going to do some baking today, oatmeal raisin cookies, maybe some of the saltine crack and maybe some pepperoni bread, not healthy but gosh darn it is the holidays.

drinking lemon water as much as i can. trying hard on nutrition since i am not exercising as much due to the hairline fracture of my cuboid and the lovely boot i am sporting.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


so i have been doing nothing. i thought i would go do the hand crank at the gym. i thought i would do some arm work at home. neither was happening. i knew what i had to do. i booked 4 sessions with my friend/trainer at the gym. i knew this was the only way i would get a burn on and hopefully give me the motivation to do it on my own as well. so i went today and it was great. just 30 minutes, but 30 minutes of  some nice arm work, and abs. and i felt great. was so happy to be doing it. while i was doing dips i said to her, i can not believe people do not work out ? i just do not get it. why would you not ? a true testament that it is fully part of my lifestyle.

the boot is not so bad, i don't feel like i am limited except for exercise. otherwise i am good. i just talked with someone else who had broken their foot a while ago and she was not allowed to drive ??? holy cannolli could you imagine ???

anyway i am back. not 100% but i am back in the game.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


my foot is broken. i am in a boot. no running for 6 weeks. i am effing miserable.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

damn it !!!!!!

rushed out for my 3 mile run today and 4 minutes in i am almost falling to the ground. i twisted my ankle. BAD. I knew it was bad, i felt that foot roll in like it should not be rolling. i contemplated running it out. but i knew. I knew. I started the walk home cursing the entire way. I still was thinking ok, i will get home rest it - ice it and it won't be so bad right ? ? well, i think it is bad. I did ice it. I have it elevated, I put ace bandage on it for now. It has a bump with black and blue and just now I tried to walk on it and that hurt like a mother effer. Seriously !!! I felt like I was on the best streak of training and running that I have ever experienced. I am having quite a pity party for myself.

We(hubby and I) got up and got some organizing done (which is a big deal for us) - it was one of those YES days, where you get your shit together. and now i feel like my shit fell apart. I need to stay focused and positive. I will continue to RICE and then Monday am i am making a doct appt. question is do i go to a foot doc (who is good with runners) OR a sports medicine ortho ???

i just really hope this is NOT way worse than i think. 2 weeks out, i can handle. anymore than that and this is going to be bad. photo later. as i am too mopey right now

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tempo run, hair colored & xmas cards ordered

in the busy season i hope to be as productive as i can each and every minute of the day.

today i was thrown a curve ball with the little one being bogged down with her allergies and a bad cough. i was ready to stay in for the day with her and forgo all hopes of accomplishing anything.

however, after a relaxing am and her meds she begged to go to karate, so i took her. She was heading out after that with a friend, so I was free. I had to get back in the game. Did my tempo run of 35 minutes and was feeling good. pushed myself which i need to start doing more. heading right from the run to get my greys covered and a new cut ...wooot woot. after that was straight to pick up....never had so many compliments on my hair !!!

I had been fiddling with the xmas cards on line for a while, finally sealed the deal and ordered them up.

oh and when i was ready to stay inside for the day - i figured i should start cleaning and organizing the rooms that (NO JOKE) are in shambles. I cleaned our laundry room and I was quite darn proud of myself.

now go move the elf

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tis the season


and on top of the normal holiday stuff, i am training for a half marathon that i will run on jan 29th, and i am hosting a swedish christmas smorgasbord the weekend before christmas, and my kids have 4 bday parties to attend between now and christmas. I have bought 2 presents so far and that is it. When I think of all the teacher/sitters/aide presents i get overwhelmed. I believe the best way to make sure I get things done and don't feel stressed is by trying to stay organized. So I will be making lists on top of lists. In order to host the party I need to finish unpacking from our move in May.

How do you stay on top of it all during the holidays ??

Monday, November 21, 2011


i am thankful.
for my husband.
for my girls.
for my family
for my home
for my friends
for my husband - yes he deserves a twice thankful
for hugs

i am blessed, thankful and grateful

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clothing that worked for tough mudder

One of my big concerns regarding the tough mudder race was what the )(&(* to wear. I mean you are running for 12 miles, but you are also climbing mountains of dirt, as well as submerging yourself in freezing cold water. What to do ?

Well here is what I did and it worked for me.

First up - I used my Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes. They were brand new and they are fine, I just washed them off. They were great, I noticed that one of my teammates would have a hard time making it up the dirt/mud hills, but i was fine, I owe that to the grip on the trail shoes. NO blisters.

SOCKS - mucho importante. I was told to get think socks, even though I think about freezing cold and want nice warm socks. I listened and went to Roadrunners, and asked for thin socks. The salesperson suggested the elite RR brand, again no blisters and somehow my toes were fine at the end of the race. I thought for sure i would have that numb frostbite feeling for a good day. NOPE.

Next up - I wear orthotics which I did not want to ruin, so I used a pair of Superfeet orthotics and they were perfect. My arch does not hurt

Clothing - we (my team) all wore under armor cold gear compression gear, both pants and a mock turtleneck top. I was amazed and how great this product is. I was warm and after jumping in ice cold water I was actually ok. It dried quick. It really was amazing.

Gloves - I wore a pair of gardening gloves. I picked them out on my own b/c they looked like they had a good grip and would keep me warm. The brand is mud glove. I was happy with them. They did the job.

I wore a buff around my neck and that helped going thru the fire to help me not get the smoke in eyes/throat. Lastly, I used a bathing cap once we jumped off the 15 feet plank into the cold water and that sucker stayed in my head the rest of the race, i swear it kept me warm.

Also, I would like to thank my extra body fat that I am normally upset about b/c clearly that insulated me and I was able to perform and not get hypothermia. So body fat, I thank you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am ......


seriously i jumped off a plank into the freezing cold water and then had to swim across. i climbed over walls, cargo nets, i crawled in mud, drainage pipes, i run in mud for about 5 miles up and down muddy hills. i did it. i looked at things and said NO way, then i did it. i proved that i am tougher than i thought. i also proved i never have to do that again.

Monday, November 7, 2011

photo story

My spanking new trail shoes that I won for free from Roadrunners. Finally tried them out, they are Brooks of course !
 The trail I ran on....
This was the second pack of female lead was a great day in nyc !!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

great weekend...

sat. am ran 5mile race with the group of ladies we are coaching....i helped one lady make 50 even for 5 miles...a pr.....

then sunday watched the NYC marathon on 90 n first and got to see 2 friends ....amazing !!! nothing better than the NYC marathon, best day in the city for sure.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NYC marathon week !!!

I have a very good friend running for her first time and I am beyond excited for her. I will be in major cheering mode in NYC on Sunday am !!!

I did a great boot camp work out sat. am. finally felt strong !!!

6 mile run tuesday - felt good

hill repeats today

tough mudder next weekend - lord help me

Friday, October 21, 2011

no running this week

wow, i didn't realize it till i just wrote the title. i did not run this week. sunday was my last run. i did do a bootcamp class on thursday but that was it. tomorrow i have bootcamp and then coaching - so will get 4miles in then. sunday i am running a 5k with my sister. her first race !!!

need to plan out my next week of workouts. i feel like i need to make a decision soon, about the gym. to stay or go ? i have other options outside of gym now and trying to figure it all out. i don't think i will quit b/c winter and they have a pool. i just don't think i can pull the plug on it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

first times

so we have a couple of firsts going on here .....i raced on sunday with my friend pacing me. I got a 26.39, was very happy. we left right away, it is a very small race. i thought - maybe i should stick around to see if i won, but said nahhhh. sure enough i took first in my age group (trust me it was a small race) but still. i won first place, this may never happen again and i missed hearing my name and getting the award. i actually emailed the race director and asked for it. it was a hard race, and i still had negative thoughts but it was so helpful being pushed by my friend. she was great and had just the right tone and words and i swear i have more to give. i need to figure out how to move to the next gear and get over the fear that is hold me back.

next up, and this is NOT a good first is LICE. i got the call today, my 7 year old has a few eggs. i am currently doing laundry, spraying stuff, bagging stuff and overall trying to figure out my game plan. i have a shower cap on as i do this. arghghhghghgh

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

speed work & mental toughness

today i did some speed work

i did half mile warm up 

then 4 x 800's 

half mile warm down

i really tried to work on the mental side as well. I said the mantra I am strong over and over. On my last one I tried to pretend I was passing someone in a race, which I could feel the kick. It is so hard b/c my MIND just beats me down. I am huffing and puffing and then my negative thoughts creep in. My legs never hurt, it is my breathing and my mind. But I am happy that I tried the mental stuff b/c I am realizing how much I really need to be working on that side of it.

So seeing my speed work - what time do you predict I run my 5k on Sunday ???

Sunday, October 9, 2011

running with daughter and racing or pacing

today my 7 year old came out and did the 1 mile fun run that went on before the 5k, I ran along with her and it was great. she never complained and she just kept trying. I loved every  minute of it. she had a kick at the end. 12.33 for a mile. I was so proud. then it was mommy's turn.

i was planning on helping some of the ladies i am coaching out, pace them, stay with them, talk to them. but since this is NOT the race they are training for, I was not held to that. There was really only one woman who expressed a YES would love the help. She is pretty fast so i said ok, and we stuck together, she was rocking it, and soon me pacing her really became me racing. she pulled ahead about half way and  she locked so strong i told her to go ahead and try to catch up to then next coach who was out there on the course a few in front of us. I was so proud of her, but I was getting pissed at myself. I have been working out and running, but i have not been dedicating major time to speed work for myself. that showed. I came in about 27, just shy of 9 minute miles - last year i did 8.14 min miles. so i am curious if my mental game was not there since i really didn't know what i was doing, then to see a mentee pull ahead, or am i not in the right shape to PR in a 5k.

When I look back, i do think i had more in me, and I do think i had some major negative worry thoughts that i was not fighting off. racing is so hard, i feel like i lose my guts, and hold back. i wish i could go into with - i am strong and i am going to rock it and push myself.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Smile while you run

Today I wanted to do 7 miles. I took a look and realized I have tough mudder second weekend of Nov and that is 12 miles. Granted I know we won't be running it all due to well, MUD and other things like fire and electrocution but i figure i should at least prep for a 12 mile run.

I had a hard time getting out there. But a friend took my younger one for me so I had some extra time. I got out there and loved every minute of it. I was grinning ear to ear, I like to smile at the people in the cars as they pass me. I want them to know that I am lucky to be out there and I know that. A trucker actually honked at me, probably due to my silly grin. It was great.

The brokens are doing ok. The NON brokens are doing ok.

Tomorrow boot camp.

I have made a friend and she is super fast, like the type of fast where she wins the local races here. She offered to help pace me for a 5k coming up b/c i want to get a pr. I love the idea of it. Have you ever had someone pace you ???

Sunday, October 2, 2011


one broken arm for my 7 year old

one broken foot for my husband

one tired mama

Friday, September 30, 2011


i am not sure why but i am exhausted ? could it still be a catch up from the weekend ? could it be i simply need a large ice t to wake up ? either way i hate this feeling. i just was a lazy bum all morning and it makes me hate myself. going to get my ass up and ride bikes to school with my little one. who has to think her mom is a lazy ass.

when you are just dog tired - what do you do ? do you nap ? do you go to bed early ? do yoga ? take a red bull ? what ???

a top ten beautiful day and i wasted the morning.....gonna have to make sure outside all PM....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

yo yo yo

i am here.

had my 25th HS reunion and had fun. I felt good about myself and how I looked and I can tell how much better that makes a night like that. I was told I looked good and healthy. I also let loose and drank about 4 beers. I have not really had alcohol in a long time. I am terrified of feeling crappy after it and not getting my workout in. sounds obsessive huh ? anyway. the good news is yes i felt a bit ugh the next day and maybe even the day after but overall it did not stop me from getting out there and getting to my workouts.

i have been consistent in my bootcamps which i am happy about. i have a few 5ks and then the tough mudder. tough mudder is 12 miles (yikes need to start increasing my mileage) and obviously the obstacles.

I get my veggies from the coop tomorrow so I will be making some good meals, or at least trying.

I want to try and get my girls to run a bit with me. they are 7 and 5. i just raced my little one down the block and back, it was fun !

oh and while my girls were at my folks, and i was enjoying the reunion (hubby was home working all weekend ) my older one fell and broke her forearm. she now has a hard cast on.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meals healthy ?

So one of my easy taste good go to meal is a veggie chili i make. However, it has become the only meal i make. Tonight I was going to get a burrito, but I had other kids over for playdates and moms were not coming till later. I finally said, let me think what is in the burrito, chicken, rice, beans, tomato and gauc. I have all these ingredients right here.

So I cooked my brown rice in the mic on 3 minutes (trader joes has a great one) then i put into a frying pan with black beans, some grape tomatoes, and some already cooked chicken (again from trader joes) i fried it up really just to heat it and get the tomatoes soft. I also had some butternut squash, i put that into the oven with olive oil. I had meal and it was good and healthy. I did not season a lot, and i could have probably added an onion. But overall this was a good meal and hopefully teaching me that i can make something at home besides veggie chili and i will eat it up !!

Went to a new boot camp today. I liked it, always good to meet new people and I like seeing how trainers all have different styles.

favorite move in a boot camp to HATE...burpees with a push up in btw. ughhhhhh

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

boot camp

i realize i still owe the danskin race report. i will get to it another time.

i finally got back into boot camp. always feels good to get back to burpees, push ups and ab work. I did better than i thought but i also started with low weights. the instructor called me out on it today, she said great form and then added but your bar is too light. i cracked up. it is nice that she knows me, she is a great instructor and she cares about her folks in class.

i will be doing a boot camp with my trainer outside on sat. am's before i go and coach running. so that will be quite a few hours of working out and running. i need to work on nutrition before during and after. especially after. i can see what a difference my recovery is when i do it right and when i do it wrong. it not only effects me but my entire family.

i truly am in love with fitness. i am so happy that it is now such a huge part of my life. i hope that each day i vow to learn more, do better and make it a lifestyle for me and my kids.

today i thought i suck at being a homemaker, i don't clean well or organize enough. i don't cook enough (well on and off i get on a role) but i do feel i am a good mom. but i do believe if i was a better homemaker i would be an even better mom. so as usual i need to be working on this.

i also believe i am extremely anti social and it is concerning to me. with all the new shows coming on tv who wants to go out ?? not me. biggest loser ?? not happy about anna k. but i will still watch. oh i can't wait for criminal minds, and prime suspect......

Thursday, September 15, 2011


did danskin. was fun, will do race report at later date.

joined a coop for fruits and veggies. got my first box, collard greens ?? help a lady out.

made veggie chili. this is the only meal i seem to make anymore. i don't want to eat anything else. think there is some eating disorder where you eat one meal ? i love it. it is healthy.

the past few days i have had bad heartburn. i rarely get it. i am highly concerned and can't figure out why ??? seriously i just ate and when i stood up, it felt like all the food was blocked off at a certain point and couldn't move ?

i coached the group i work with the other night. normally we do the weekend and there are 4 to 5 coaches  for about 56 ladies, but the evening is one coach to whoever comes. there were 7 women. i was going to have us run in a park with a mile loop but they were doing some stuff to the field with mulch and the place stunk. i was gagging. so i had us go on the road out 1.5 and back. Everyone was different paces so i was racing up to each person and run with them a little. it was hard but i hope they were ok with it. i got myself an interval work out for sure.

lastly i will soon be tackling the subject of peeing your pants while running. us ladies as we age and after having kids seem to have this problem. we need to come together and find a solution.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girls on the Run

any of you runners out there have any experience with this program  ? can you give me your thoughts ??

Thursday, September 8, 2011

veggie burgers

i have never eaten a veggie burger. for some reason i just can't wrap my head around it. However, I want to start making them. I love the veggie chili I make and I feel like if i just purreed it or something and then patted it into a burger shape and pan fried it, i would like it ?

So my question is do you eat veggie burgers ? do you make your own ? what do you use ?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

do you think....

i will be ok doing a sprint tri sunday even though i have not been biking outside in about 3 weeks or swimming ??? yikes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


at my in laws. beautiful home here. this morning i was able to get out for a run. it was so good since i have not been for so long !!! it was slow but i got under 5 in.

i really need to get my plan of training for a 5k, tough mudder, and a half, in gear.

but for now i am going to enjoy the last days of summer

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


power was out for 2 days

no working out

lot's of issues with kids

eating junk

school soon


Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane prepped and please comment about juicing

we are in NJ near the water. we have not been evacuated. but we are prepped. Unfortunately being prepared means, lots of junk food, no exercising. My survival kit contains, english toffee from trader joe's - holy cow it is good. Be safe.

I am still curious if you juice out there ? what do you use ? I am begging for a comment or 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

speed work & nutrition

first off i did speed work today with a friend. it was fun. but my garmin was acting up and i don't have real numbers and stats which makes me upset. i love stats. but it was good to do it. with someone. and our kids played together while we ran. a great start to the day.

next up. damn how i need to get better at veggies and fruits. do you have a juicer ? i am seriously thinking about getting one. i make smoothies but i just use fruit, need to get veggies in there. do you juice ???

Monday, August 22, 2011


i feel a bit lost. no coach. no A race right around the corner. No babysitters.

I have had to go back to working out in gym. I did go to a boot camp on the beach and got my ass kicked. But the plan is to get strength back in the rotation. It might be the most beautiful day of the summer and my girls voted against the beach ? It was one of those days where I feel like we got stuff done but we floundered too much and they are both cranky. Probably due to the late nights they have had.

Every time I go food shopping I buy a bunch of healthy stuff and maybe cook for 2 days and that is it. then it goes bad and i have to throw out and then i eat crappy.

Overall and daily - start organizing areas of the house that are cluttered or still have boxed items from move. doesn't need to be done at once, but if i could just start a little at a time. seeing the little results will hopefully give me the umpf to move forward.

working out - i already planned my workouts based on my week. hope to stick to it and get them all in.

food - get my ass food shopping, grill fish - so easy and yet i never do. prep food, make some energy bars

to do list - accomplish at least a few things on the never ending list.

good news for tonight, both girls gone for a bit. one has a class and one is going on playdate so i get to run outside on this beautiful day. and both girls are at a place where they are very happy.

trying to get out of the funk mood and be happy and positive .....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

post vacation depression

we were up in the cape visiting my sis and family. it was great, great weather, and my girls are 100% in heaven with their older cousins. Now we are back to reality of just me and the kids, hubby will be back at work and i am in charge of entertainment.

We took a sailboat out with the girls. Hubby fished with the girls, he golfed. I ran with my niece. It was a prefect vacation.

Now I need to get back to working out, I still have one more tri this season, the danskin in sept. In my last sprint tri I did do better on the bike but my run sucked !!!! So it seems that I can get better in one area and that takes away from another. I need to fix this.

I just signed up for the ing half marathon in miami !!! woot woot.

I plan on working out at the gym tomorrow which i have not done in a long time. I need to stop the babysitters and get back to the gym. spin class will have to do. i will get outside on the weekends.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

mental games

i had a sprint tri today. my head was NOT in the game. It took a lot to get out the door. it was raining. as usual i was in one of the last 3 waves, waiting plays with your mind. i did not even notice what time we went off, nor did i time myself. this is a tri that is all female and caters to first timers. There were a lot of folks i know who were doing a tri for the first time. I think it is great and I encourage it and support it. However, my mental mind gets worried and nervous that all these first timers will beat my time, then i will get depressed b/c i have been doing them for 3 seasons, i have done an olympic, why am i not faster, what is wrong with me, i suck. as soon as i am done with the race i think of how i should have pushed harder. yet while i am racing i am thinking ugh i can't push it or i will puke, but in reality i know i have more left in me. I feel like i almost give me in a workout ???

i will be anxiously awaiting the results to see if at least improved on last years, or at least went faster on the bike. then i will check to see what people i know did. I hate this in myself, why do i care, why do i let it bother me ??

am i the only one that goes thru this ???

Thursday, August 4, 2011


feeling myself.

i got back to workouts this week

it is hard not having a plan like before w a coach but i can do this. just need to plan it out ...this week doing a sprint tri and i plan on pushing and freaking just trying to go faster and getting OUT of my comfort zone. then we head to cape cod for vaca with family. i am not planning on any major working out, some casual bike rides with family and maybe a run or 2 on my own.

i am looking forward to changing it up and focusing on strength and running.

oh and i did not remove my sneakers from my tri bag for a solid week. and when i did - the stench was unbearable. i went and bought a new pair right away. i just put in washing machine and the stank is still there. it smells like piss. but i did not piss myself, it was all the water stations with hoses and sprays we needed in the heat. it was gross.

i still want to write about my huge mistake in recovery last week.....just can't get focused. gotta go put the girls to bed.....should probably just go to sleep wtih them, hubby not getting home till 10.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first olympic race recap

I might babble.

So the plan was my parents were coming down sat. by 1, we would leave they would watch the kiddos, my dad would not stay he would drove home and leave my mom to stay the night in our house. All of that went fine. My girls are in heaven with their grandparents who buy them anything and everything. We took off and I was feeling good, nervous but good. I had been hydrating a bunch since we were in the midst of a heat wave. We went straight to the race site which was about an hour drive. Caught the middle of the race meeting. It was sweltering. I had water but it ran out. There was no other water to be handed out or bought.  I listened to the director and felt good about knowing what was up. I told hubby we had to leave b/c i was melting. Before we left we took a look at the swim entrance. This was in a lake that is only used for swimming during this tri ???? which i was not crazy to hear and then we saw a dead fish. UMMMM ick. I knew I would not be wearing my wet suit b/c the water temp was 88 degrees. No biggie for me.

So we got to hotel and plan was to rest, head out for a good healthy dinner, get some food for pre race, hotel and bed. Hubby got on phone to work, he had a big thing going on that weekend. 2 hours later i resorted to room service. Healthy cobb salad, plus i asked for bread since i had brought peanut butter, and i had oatmeal so at least i had a bfast ready. i was pissed b/c hate when hubby's work does this. it will be a minute, ok maybe an hour, ok forget it all night. whatever, the good part was i was resting the entire time in a nice comfy bed and a cold room.

wake up time. where i always wonder WHY ? why am i doing this ? The pb and bread didn't work out, stomach was not wanting it, but the oatmeal worked, and a banana. we got iced and iced up my water bottles, i had shaklee performance in one for bike and just water as my second for bike. i had my cliff blocks. we got to the race site and i set up. it was not as hot as the day prior but it was still expected in the 90's. Went to the water start to get in the water and warm up. HELLLLOOOO it was a hot tub.NO joke.It was warm. but it was flat and it was not swampy or dirty it was quite nice. I was happy. The swim course looked LONG. It was 1500 meters. but it looked LONG. I was scared. I just tried to warm up or stay in the shade and just keep my head in the game. I was the third to last wave. People could have finished by the time we went in. I kid. Finally the call us in and we swim out - it starts in the water. There were about 90 in my wave, it was good b/c we were not too crowded and everyone was respectful about where to start, faster in front, avg in mid, slow in back. So the swam began. My main goal for the swim was to swim, not to keep popping up looking where i was and do breaststroke and catch my breath and swim. I did it, i kept my head down and swam and I felt good. I was fine with sighting, I was comfy when i had folks around me. I broke into breast stroke very few times. It felt long. but I was ok, i was not getting that out of breath where am i feeling. The end was tough, i usually keep looking up at the finish to see how far and wind up not swimming b/c i keep looking. this time i just plowed ahead.
swim time 37.58 - rank 654 (out of about 1000) - i was very happy with this, my last timed mile swim was 43 so this was about where i thought i would be
T1 -2.47 rank 498 (i suck at transition but i really did try to go fast and not drink and do that on the bike)

bike - 2 loops. i was off and felt ok. started to get into a rhythm but then i would see someone pass me. I just kept biking. I really have NO idea how to bike, i suck. I was feeling ok and then 2 ladies from my age group passed me, and i was pissed. I caught up and passed them. ONly for them to catch me again and pass me and i would never see them again, i only saw about 5 more ladies from my age group pass me. I was so pissed. what was i doing wrong  ? they seemed effortless and i felt like i was chugging away. by the start of second loop i felt ok but i was not happy, i just kept going but it just seemed to get worse. I did pick some folks off but i just knew that i did not bike well. I was tired when I was coming in and my right ass cheek hurt. I was SOOOOO happy to be off the bike.
bike 1.30.24 - rank 818 MPH 16.9 - seriously ?? i only did better than about 100 people ? someone get me a new bike ?
T2 - 2.15 rank 527 (at this point i am tired and i am not rushing)

run- i can hear the announcer shouting out folks finishing. This didn't help. But I was feeling ok. I was not hurting that i couldn't run and I was feeling that I could run ok. I knew they had water and ice on the course. As I started running (it was 2 mickey mouse ears if you will) so you could see a bunch of folks each and every way, I saw many if not all folks walking ??? I was confused. I was able to run no problem. I did stop at the water stops and did fully stop and walk, but then i went back to running. I was passing a bunch of people b/c they were all walking. I felt fine and strong. I just kept doing my thing, but i was baffled why did i feel this way and they were walking. Some of these walkers were in shape men? I pushed on. stopped at water and grabbed ice bags stuffed them down my shirt. the heat was getting up there and i was feeling it. when i started the run i was at about 2.15 and i knew i had an hour to run if i wanted to make 3.15. I was 2 miles in and doing ok,  I didn't want to push  much more yet and was saving a bit. By  mile 4 I was trying to push more but that is about when the heat took its toll, and now i understood why there were so many walkers.The heat was getting to us. I kept running but my paced slowed. at about 5 1/2 I wanted to stop and walk, i didn't i just slowed down and dreams of my 3.15 went away, maybe 3.20. I kept pushing, saw hubby a bunch of times - usually giving him smile and thumbs up but the last time i was trying to tell him i won't make 3.15. i finally was coming upon the finish and there was a lady running with me, at first i was going to let her take it but then i figured i would be mad so i gave what i had and passed her.
run - 1.10.12 - 11.19 min/mile (SLOW) rank 720 (i must have passed all 300 people ?)
i crossed at 3.23. I was happy. I was thirsty. I was searching for something cold. found hubby and went to the cooling area - a spray tent almost. found some cold water and drank.
overall rank 756 age group 51 out of 71
I was happy with my race, i was happy with my swim and that my head did not get in the way. I was ehh about bike and i was happy that i felt strong enough to run the run. However, i see the times and i feel like why wasn't i faster.  But overall i was happy. I was so happy that coming home to a house in a heat wave where the AC had broken didn't seem to bother me as it should as my core temp was probably already too high it just got higher and higher but now i wasn't so concerned with recovery and hydrating.......and that took its toll........more on the meltdown......later

my overall rank

Thursday, July 28, 2011

race recap and recovery recap to come

folks, i am late on my race recap b/c i will now have a recovery recap and what NOT to do. i am just coming out of a fog....FYI - you can become dehydrated 3 days after your race....when i have more energy i will give it to you all.

remember to hydrated and keep cool not just before but AFTER your workout/race

Monday, July 25, 2011

olympic tri DONE

so i did it - i completed my first olympic tri. it was not easy. but i finished ...recap to come...but i got one question for you all out on biking and how to get faster ??? and i mean even the most basic things......something ain't right with me and my biking......

Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Monday, July 18, 2011

quick update

did the sprint this sunday. i felt strong mentally which was a good feeling. i did a minute slower than the prev sprint, but i think the bike is longer in this one ? the bummer is the splits got lost, so i just have my total time and i didn't keep track. arghghghghgh i hate that. i really wanted to see my splits compared to last weeks......

Saturday, July 16, 2011


cold is drifting away. went to ride my bike and had a flat, so i rode my new comfort bike to the beach. it was the same feeling you had riding a bike when you were a kid. loved it. i was bummed i had a flat but i knew this would force me to learn how to change it, hubby was going to make me and i knew it. so after our date tonight we got home and i undressed out of my fancy clothes and changed my tire. it was not pretty but i did it and i at least feel like i would be able to make the attempt on my own at this point. however tomorrow is a sprint tri so if i get a flat i am out. 

questions for you serious tri folk. i will do my olympic next week. we travel for it and will stay in hotel the night before. how will i make my scrambled eggs with spinach at 3 am in a hotel ??? explain. please. seriously if you read this please answer or send to someone who will answer. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


summer cold. mother effer. chest hurts, head hurts, starving but don't want to eat healthy. whaaaaa

last work out was wed.

supposed to do sprint tri sunday

have heard that the olympic tri i am doing i should be hydrating a week before b/c sooo hot

let  me remind you i am sick

did get to the beach today with the girls

reading sunflower and the secret fan and loving it

got myself a comfort bike for family bike rides

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

race recap

i might not finish this tonight b/c i am so darn tired.

so i was a bit too lax about prepping for the tri. i didn't really lay out my stuff and go over it.

i woke up a bit before five, made my eggs with spinach and set off. the ride is about 30 minutes, found parking no problem. picked up my number, then set up my transition, i went to the run in/swim in area, got end of a rack. it had rained the night before so there were puddles. ick. my towel was wet just from being on the ground. I started setting up and guess what i forgot at home. my sneakers. are you kidding me ??? i called hubby's cell and he had not left home yet (we had a sitter so he could come watch). he was able to grab my sneaks and he would drop them at my transition area. race was small about 150. Went to get my chip and thanked the sleepy high school volunteers.

Even though it was a sprint I put the wetsuit on. Walked down and went in the water full on so that i was warmed up and prepared. It was not too choppy and was quite nice temp wise. Next thing we knew it was time to go, in i went, i was not scared, and swam out with the crowd and was doing fine. I got the first buoy and was doing fine. however, when i got to the second buoy to turn back to shore, things fell apart. I couldn't catch my breath and shore looked so far away. I just panicked, i just felt uncomfortable. It sucked, I just felt exhausted. I finally made it to shore and the though of running up the beach was not making me happy. Hubby was there on the beach snapping away and cheering me on. There was a woman 3 times the size of me, i mean she was BIG. I am not saying anything against her, it just reminds me that size does not dictate your speed, endurance, or strength. I got into TI and ripped my suit off and tried really hard to get bike shoes on fast. Off on the bike. Felt ok and was ready to just go as fast as i could. I took some of my shaklee performance drink and next thing you know it fell out of my hand, gone, in the first 5 minutes of my ride. damn, i was thirsty. I felt like i was riding well. I only got passed by about 3 women and a bunch of men. I passed about 7 women. I averaged about 16mph. T2, went faster than i normally do, no hat, on and had bib number on already, didn't stop to drink since i had no water. out on the run. I am really really trying to stay focused on the run and not let my mind wander and or negative thoughts. this is so hard for me. i did not have my garmin so i didn't know my pace. i just kept trucking as best as I could. i caught up to a few ladies and a few men. Close to the finish I was with 2 other women, one caught me and i caught one, we were all pushing it. I finished in 1.18. i was 6 in my AG out of (i forget how many) but over 20.

Overall it was good, but i was surprised at how the swim felt so bad. I realize how much i need to prep myself the night before. I really need mental toughness.

I have a touch of cold, dry mouth and feel tired. did a 45 min swim today and 45 min run tomorrow. and another sprint this sunday. wheeeeee, then next weekend is my olympic. holy cow. it is here

Monday, July 11, 2011

to come

race recap to come

probably doing another spring this weekend

i need a color and cut bad

i can't stop eating the sweets - somebody help me

i really want the testing that shut up and run just got ?????

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

first tri of the season

So I am finally doing a tri. I am signed up for a sprint this saturday. I excited to finally do a race. I am excited that it is a sprint and not my olympic. The nerves will be there bc I will want to do well, especially after all this training i have been doing. We booked a sitter for 6am so hubby can come watch (bringing the kids never really works out for anyone). Hubby is even considering doing it. With NO training he will still beat me.

I am starting to shape up some goals I have

olympic tri - end of july
an oct. 5k that i do - i would love to PR
Nov - tough mudder (lord help me)
jan - possibly doing the miami half marathon
then i am thinking of taking some time off and signing hubby up for nyc marathon and letting him tow the race line
then in the next 2 years i am thinking half ironman........

ok my guilty pleasure is on tonight....mtv challenges...rivals, i love all these crazy stupid drunks - i laugh at how stupid they are ??? yet i am stupid enough to be watching.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

workout with hubby

tomorrow the girls still have swim camp

but the hubby has off

so the hubby and i will be doing a brick. well i will be doing a brick he said he will ride with me for an hour...then i will continue for another hour and then run 30 minutes and meet him and the girls somewhere for lunch.

i wound up taking off the past 2 days off not by choice.

we had a great day at the beach yesterday with friends, a bbq - kids playing - memories made. tonight we had another bbq and once again kids playing and having fun. good times.

did i mention i signed up for tough mudder ? well i did and the past 2 days i ran into 2 people who gave me quite a scare. they both were talking about how tough it is and were surprised i was doing it. what have i gotten myself into ??

i made an oreo sand pie and it was delish and looked great.

i need a cold bean salad recipe ? i am not comfy with beans that are not cooked ? but i do realize you don't need to cook the canned beans. help ?

Monday, June 27, 2011

rides, swims,

girls are in swim camp this week, they are brave, it is 9 to 12 and they are pretty strict. but they learn how to swim. I love it b/c it is 9 to 12 and I can get some good workouts in. Today I rode about 20+ miles. It was not the best ride b/c I was new to the route and kept checking myself, but overall it was good. Tomorrow I am riding with my coach, should be interesting since I have not really worked out with her much.

Tonight was an open water swim. Which is in the ocean. However, my tri that i am training for is in a lake. Which do you like better lake or ocean ??

lately i have been thinking a bunch about the quality of life. I feel very lucky. However, I also feel like I have it easy. do i ? I guess that is relative ? the problem is I am constantly feeling BAD and guilty that I do certain things. I workout - guilt, i don't work - guilt, i get a sitter - guilt. Isn't life meant to be something we enjoy and not suffer through ? So why is it bad if you see someone who seems to be enjoying their life and making it what they want.

I think of people who quit their jobs and go open a bed and breakfast, is that easy ? no. but they do it and it seems easy to the person who feels like they are stuck in something that can't quit.

I finally feel like I am making choices in my life that are based on happiness and enjoying things and somehow I see people around me, friends/family who I can tell think I have an easy life. Do they forget that staying at home with 2 young kids at work, that my husband works a thousand hours and most of the time i am alone, that my oldest has OCD and managing her and it are extremely taxing.

Is your life easy ? do you feel others have it easy ?

Friday, June 24, 2011

a treasure i just found

it is summer. it is a rainy day, girls already had art camp this am, played with friends and now it is 1pm and they still want to be entertained. i found that on demand they have some kid/tween fit shows....they have done yoga and now a balance one. they are loving it. exercise and fun !!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RRCA coach !!!

I took my test last night and passed, thanks to some help from a fellow blogger racyrunner !!

Now I already have my class date set for cpr and first aid and I will be an official rrca coach. I am so happy and can not wait to put it to use.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

bring it

after 5 days of doing nothing for various reasons/excuses i am back in the game tomorrow and i can't wait. 1 hour and 30 minute bike, 30 minute run and a possible open water swim in the evening.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

schools out

last day of school

took the girls on a hike - nature walk. it was a half mile, they were tired right away ? yet they ride their bikes non stop on the block.

i have not done a food shopping in far too long and have been eating like crap

i have started back on being addicted to ice t

all this bad eating and ice t makes me sluggish. i feel it and it sucks. need to get control over it

started reading the long run.....very good. kind of strange to read b/c i know him - have close friend who married good friend of his. plus i lived in nyc and was knew those bars far too well.

my coach signed up for the nyc ironman 2012. woot woot. i really really want to volunteer. anyone know how we do that ?

my kids are slobs. i am a slob. i finally cleaned a bit today and man what a difference it makes. their rooms are a mess. i have cleaners that come twice a month and they come tomorrow. but i am embarrassed of how messy their rooms are, yet even if i org/clean it, girls tear it apart.

goal for the summer
to do something once a week that is something different and fun with my girls. today we did the hike, somethings we all said we would like to try, kayaking (we have kayaks and live near the water), horseback riding, see a show. it was very nice to be on the hike with them. to see them ask questions and for me to be 100% concentrated on them.

goal for tomorrow
go food shopping

goal for week
eat better, cut out/down ice t and replace with greet t, cut out sweets or at least ONLY have a bite of dark chocolate.

i was class mom and the teacher bought me such a pretty gift

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trail running

my coach asked that i do trail running. we are lucky to have many parks in my area so i picked one and went. last week i did it for the first time. i ran with my phone and a map for fear of getting lost or killed by a serial killer. this was not easy running on many levels. i was alone. it was scary. animals scurried around and spooked me. there was horse poop on the trail. going up was hard, going down was hard. holy cow trail running is NOT easy.

i went back today. this time i threw caution to the wind and left my phone in the car and did NOT take a map. i just followed the signs for the trails. it worked out and i felt much more confidence. however i did encounter a few folks this time and that was fun and scary. bc one of the folks i encountered was a man and i was seriously figuring out my escape plan.

do you trail run ? do you like it ?

i am thinking of taking the kids back for some hiking of the trails.

Monday, June 13, 2011

catch up

i had my rrca coaching cert class this weekend. it was GREAT. I really enjoyed it. It was long but worth it. Now I have to take the online test.

I also have to catch up on my life at home. Yikes. can't recall the last time I was away for that long of a time. My head is spinning with all the end of school stuff, training, house stuff, normal stuff. time to get my )(&&% together. woot woot.

oh and bike for an hour and 30 andthen  run for 20

Thursday, June 9, 2011

lulu taking over my gym

i have not been to the gym as much as i use to go. due to weather - i am able to get an outside workout in while girls are at school. today the little one has no more school so it was off to the gym for me. I was running on the treadmill and the spin class lets out right in front of me. As the spinners piled out, i noticed that probably 90% of the ladies had a lululemon clothing piece on. What are they doing that is so right ? I love them to, but i also love some of my champion stuff, my brooks stuff, roadrunner and athleta ??? it almost feels like they are jordache and i am junior high and NEED a pair to be cool.

has anyone out there done the new jersey state olympic tri ? that is my A race and it is just around the corner !!!! any tips ??

can someone please explain why i have decided to binge on raw cookie dough, ice cream and !!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

summer time

this week the younger one is done with preschool.

the older one is done on the 16th.

i need to figure something to do with the kids so i can get some outside workouts in.

calling places, art ? tennis ? gymnastics, sitters ? i am looking at all angles. don't want to break the bank.

i have brought my bike in twice to get my cadence comp fixed, both times it has not been fixed ?

i am highly concerned that when i realize i have to run for an hour, it doesn't seem so long ?

this weekend i will be attending my RRCA coaching certification class. It will be hard to be inside while it is so nice outside but all worth it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

schedule change

so school is not out yet but with all the changes to the normal schedule the girls and myself are not in simpatico.

i won't complain, i won't complain, i will not complain. oh how i need to verbally vomit.

today i need to swim for 45 and run for 45. yesterday i biked for an hour and 20, then ran for 15. as i have mentioned before i try to get my workouts done outside while the girls are at school. this means i literally have no time to spare. yesterday i put my bike on the car rack and parked at my older daughter's school. i rode from there for an hour and 20, i landed at my home parked my bike and ran my 15 minutes back to the school to pick her up - car was there. worked out well !!!

i ate really really bad yesterday. it was like a binge UGHHHHH. ever since the cleanse i did i have an eversion to many foods and am stuck in a rut. plus i need to prep more. what are your simple healthy dinner meals ??? help......

Monday, May 30, 2011

river swim done

before the swim - one last ditch effort b/c why not ?? please take the time to vote for me please - please - just once. will i beat suar ? NO but maybe in some way it will enable me to meet her and run with her !!


So I did it, I swam 1.2 miles. actually i swam it twice. Friday night I went to practice. They have practice swims there every friday. I have done it before but never made it to the turn around point for the full mile. This time I wasn't planning on it, but a friend of mine who swims same speed at me was there and we went for it. You hit a sandbar and can stand up before you start your way back. It was quite a feat. I was very glad i did it friday night.

Sunday was the race. I was nervous but I knew i could do it. I forged on, the start was a bit crazed and there was alot of swimming on top and hitting. Then once that thinned out I was able to get comfortable in a stroke, then it took me time to keep straight. My normal problems of foggy goggles was not present. which was great, so my sighting was much easier and i did better. but it was taken over by the fact that anytime i got into a bit of a crowd i got nervous and would pop up and breast stroke to get my bearings. I looked at my watch at the turn around and it said 22. We were walking on the sandbar around the buoy and i asked "is this cheating ?" i knew that they way back would be easier b/c of the current. Not so much b/c on the way back the men from the 2.4 swim started catching up to me and swam over me. i also got stuck with a bunch of folks my speed and we just crowded up together. I kept pushing on trying to not pop up and breast stroke, and just swim forward, i tried to rotate, pull, and palm up when out of water. the end felt like forever.and i was starting to give up a bit, but i just kept trying and trying. finally i made it out of the water and my watch said 42.xx. i was pumped. granted i was 200 out of 265 but honestly, i was happy that i did it, and i was happy with my time. the olympic will be a .9m swim so i feel confident i can do it and hopefully work on my time. now i just need to read 25+miles. yikes.

ran a mile today, i was getting stronger by mile 3 and then somewhere after that i died a bit. but i had hills on the end of the course and was feeling strong pushing up them.

i am curious what a long workout will be for an olympic tri ?

beach, waves, all good

Thursday, May 26, 2011


i got back to some workouts this week and all outside - cept for a swim in the pool.

My olympic tri is end of july and i need to get serious here. swim - ahhhh 1.2 miles. holy sheez. sunday i am doing a 1.2 mile river swim, it is a race but i won't be racing, i will be surviving. but i guess this is a good start. i swam in the pool for an hour and did ladders. The entire time I swam i was trying to figure out if i did a mile.i get all messed up with the laps.  I believe I did 64 laps which is a mile ....of course that was with rests btw my ladders.

Bike - oh the bike. i got aerobars. way cool. i have probably not ridden more than 15 miles. so the fact that i will need to crank out 26....ahhhh hello. need to train. i also have no plan for biking, i just go and bike. i stop a bunch b/c of crossing streets. i slow down on hills. i take a get the picture. i probably only get into a zone, maybe 3 minutes out of an hour ride. need to practice.

run - obviously is my best part. feel most confident about but still need to mentally realize this and be able to push.

i feel like i am obsessed, i need to get my workouts in, and if i can do them outside that is even better. i feel like a crazed woman as i drop my girls off at their schools and jump on my bike or run to the gym - all the other moms think i am nutty. i just hate to hire a sitter for workout out (although i will have to come summer) so i squeeze it in while they are at school which works out to be just 2 hours if i go right from the school ....

i also hate that i let my house go. i find that btw working out and the daily stuff and the kids...i can't get to a bigger cleaning. so the stuff piles up. and hubby works all the time. ok, i will stop whining. b/c with all that life is good. I am terrified about the swim.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


if you feel like for me

Monday, May 16, 2011

hair or foot ?

Tomorrow I had a foot doc appt to deal with the pain i had following and during the half marathon. However the pain went away. I did run on the treadmill today and towards the end of the run i could feel a touch of burning in the toes and on the balls of my feet. But my hair is grey and needs a coloring. I only have 2 hours of sans kid time 4 days a week without getting a sitter. So do i get my hair colored or do i get my foot looked at. Sorry but if the foot ain't hurting at the moment, the grey is going away.

I ran about 40 minutes on the treadmill today. Was going to do a river swim tonight but it was cancelled due to the weather. tomorrow i will spin and do a 15 minute run. i really need to get back to a consistent workouts.

i am also in desperate need of a trader joe's shopping. my new dessert i have been making is fruit cobblers. tonight - strawberries cut up, mixed a touch of butter, honey, oats, sugar and flour - bake - yummy.

of course adding ice cream with it doesn't help but at least there is fruit in there.

i love this photo i took ....

i believe i will be sucked into the NJ housewives.....not sure i can handle it in my cranky mood i might want to kill them all

Friday, May 13, 2011

first open water swim

Tonight I went and swam in the river. Wore my wetsuit for the first time. I was scared that I would feel claustrophobic in the suit and not do well. I felt great ! Man that sucker lets you float !!! I felt good in in it and was able to swim. Not sure how far I went, hopefully at least a half mile. My biggest problem is the same as it always is, foggy goggles, leading me to hard time sighting, leading me to stopping stroke, looking around. I went right to the acme after and bought baby shampoo to make the dilution to rinse the goggles. That was the only thing that has worked in the past. no spit for me, no fog spray, no toothpaste, nope non of them worked, but baby shampoo had worked.

any of you out there use training peaks ?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


During the last 3 miles of the half I did, the balls of my feet were burning. I thought blisters. However, it seems to be a callus. I went for my first run since the half, yesterday, so I had a good 7 days of no running. My left foot still had the burning and it hurt. I have never had a callus. It actually did not hurt after the half that much, it hurt the day of and then the next it was ok. I do recall what felt like stepping on something prickly and that is when it started hurting again and has not stopped. There is no splinter and it is right where the callus is ???

So have you had a callus ? what do you do ?

it is the area below my third toe - wish i knew how to make those arrows and such
not that you can see it in the photo but i figured i would try

Sunday, May 8, 2011

more critiquing requested !!!

i am trying this and really enjoying it, but what do you do with your photos ? print them out ? keep a flicker acct ??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

photography blogs

A bunch of the blogs I read are women who are amazing photographers, pioneer woman, sarcastic mom, and soon to be a mom for the second time moosh in indy , jennifer at playgroupie claims to be a beginner but to me she is in the same category as the others.

I admire their work so much. Photography interests me very much, however it is something that I have never taken a course in. I want to but of course I feel like it is too much of an indulgence. However, the great thing about photography is I can still do it. I can take photos of my kids, family, and I can try some shots that I think my above idols would take.

so without further ado, my attempt at photography.

critique more than welcome......

Monday, May 2, 2011

can i say a PR if i have only done 2 ? race report

The half went well. It was a perfect day out. I get very headgameish about races. I find myself to scared to commit to a goal time b/c if I fail I will be upset. However, I am working on that and I did make some goals. My first goal was to beat my one and only previous half of 2.17. I did that. My next goal was - I would love to run in btw 9 and 10 minute miles. I did that. I might have had a dream goal of doing it in 2.05 or under. I did NOT do that. I did 2.08 and after writing this out I feel pretty good about it. I felt strong. My coach told me to not go out fast, to go out and have it feel easy. My first 2 miles were 10 and 10.04, everytime i checked my garmin i mostly saw 9.36ish. so i was scared i was going to fast but i was comfortable so i kept going. Miles 3 - Mile 7 i was pretty consistent -9.57,10.03, 9.57,9.53,9.57.

My wonderful hubby with my darling girls were at mile 6ish so i was happy to see them and get a hug. I knew that after I saw them i was half way there and wanted to go faster and have a better second half. I tried to pick it up. Mile 8 was 9.43. Here is where i started to figure out how much longer i had left, i do that thing were i am like, wait did i run 8 or when i see 8 am i starting 8 ?? confusion. 5 miles left seems a bit daunting and i was scared to push it. mind games. needed to try and stop that and just run on feel. Mile 9, 9.37. I was stopping at every water stop and drinking. i did not saunter, but i did slow down, grab water and then stop to drink. At mile 10 my coach found me, i was so in a zone i was startled when she called my name out. She said I was looking good and asked my pace, i told her i seemed to be at 9.30ish, she said ok, you have a 5k left, what can you do for 30 minutes. i asked if i could throw up ?? i use humor to cover pain. she said just keep going, and try to pick people off. I tried to pick it up. I still have the mind game of holding back, i get so scared of using my gas all up and having nothing left. But i tried. Mile 10, 9.26. She saw me again and said good I can see you are picking it up. It was great having her there to coach me on.

At this point the balls of my feet were burning. BAD. I knew if i slowed down i would want to walk, so i tried to keep going faster. I thought of the story Unbroken and how that man survived. I thought of how I always end a race and am mad at myself for not fighting harder and pushing through. I told myself in my head to dig deep. I just kept trying to go faster or at least keep going at that pace. Mile 11, 9.21. Mile 12, 9.08. Ok, one mile left, no more holding back, TRY to go fast. THe race is crowded so i was with a ton of people and this helped b/c i just tried to pass people. Now we are running on the boardwalk along the beach and I know it is close. I am just trying NOT to stop and keep going and give it 100% and pass people. Mile 13, 9.08. My garmin end miles were 13.26 and my time was 2.08 - 9.41 minute miles.

My balls of my feet killed after ?? I am moving to my new sneaks. I am wondering if the socks i wore were not good. Need to figure that all out. Overall I am happy. Of course I am already thinking of doing it next year and breaking 2.00 ???

It was a great day.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


sunday is my half marathon. talked with my coach today. i feel ready. my mind is getting to me. making me doubt, making me think i can't do as well as i want. all that sh)(*^.

i have goal, to do better than my one and only pervious half, which was 2.17. I want to beat that. My goal is to run btw 9 and 10 minute miles.

My other goal is to have fun. To run strong, to breath and smile, and to beat the negative thoughts that poison my mind.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been very happy with the Shaklee Performance drink - I use it while working out and I believe it has helped me perform but also it has helped in how quick I recover. However, I just started drinking Shaklee's Recovery Drink - Physique. I have not even put it in a smoothie, as I have not had time but need the recovery drink, so I have just dumped in water and drank. I was so happy that I actually like the taste. The best part is after my long run, I had way more energy after drinking this AND I could tell my next day was far better as well. My norm is too crash and nap after a long run at some point during the day. However, after the Physique I did not nap and actually did some stuff around the house, it helped me feel like a normal day NOT a waste of a day.

Check it out if you can and let me know what is your favorite recovery drink or food ???

Friday, April 22, 2011

i get knocked down but i get up again

so let's see
broken finger for 1 child
other child puke bug
still able to have fancy night in fancy NYC hotel with hubby (who was fighting off teh puke bug)
get home to get ready for having inlaws for easter (sat.) then will go to my family for easter sunday BUT
get puke bug myself and bedridden for day

back in action. ready to get my act together. food shop. car washed. order food for easter. easter basket and hunt stuff. the list goes on and on. praying the one girl in family who did not get puke bug DOES NOT GET IT, since she has a broken finger maybe she will get passed over.

oh and i need to run 6 miles ????

seriously ....i am ready the book UNbroken and that is giving me some amazing perception of what torture and suffering is.

Monday, April 18, 2011

run strong boston marathoners

can't wait to read all the race updates !!!

routing for them all

especially shut up and run !!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

good luck to boston runners

one of my goals is to WATCH the boston marathon with my friend who lives on the course. no goal to ever do it. i am not that fast, nor is my goal to be. but i do want to watch it.

my 6 year old broke her finger. she was running outside and tripped. i took her to the er expecting to hear that she sprained it, but there is a very tiny break. she is in a splint and we see the ortho tomorrow. seriously - it never ends.

i got back to working out and it felt good. did 10 miles on sunday woot woot. biked outside for about 50 minutes (gorgeous day) good to be out on the bike, yesterday i ran for about 55 minutes, started out ok and then ended up raining, i felt tough. today i was supposed to swim but i am switching my day off, will swim friday and rested today. i feel like i really need to start getting focused on this olympic tri. i ordered my wetsuit and need to make an appt for getting my aero bars on and fitted.

great article by kara goucher in runners' world.,7120,s6-238-267--13909-0,00.html 

i am so over this cold damp weather. i believe mother nature is sick or something b/c she is not doing her job right. 

i believe i will officially be making chili sans ground turkey. i made it the other week and something tasted funk, so i figured why bother with the meat. just veggies and beans now. 

next week my kids are on break and we did not plan a vacation due to the new house. i am taking them for a sleepover at my parents and will have a night in the city with hubby which is MUCH needed. do you have date night ? how do you find time with your hubby ? 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


friday i finally did a workout, i rode the spin bike for 40 minutes. it felt good. but i am still not 100%. i am still congested and have that icky cold taste in my mouth. I despise that ...

today was my first day coaching runners and i loved it. i think the entire experience of watching someone else achieve goals is amazing.

tomorrow i have to run 10 miles. they are having a training run at the place of the half so me and 2 other moms are heading down there to run it. I am so nervous since i did not work out all week. I am also nervous b/c of the cold. but i am going, and i will push thru.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


the joys of being sick

food tastes like metal
your chest hurts
breathing hurts
your mouth is forever dry
you can't workout so you fear that you have lost all you trained for
you actually believe you will never feel normal again
your kids could care less that you are sick
you sound like you are a 40 year long 2 pack a day smoker - and you feel like it
is it a cold or is it allergies ? how the hell does a person know. you wait to see if it lasts for more than a week ???

I hope tomorrow is my rebound day, where i feel better and get back in the game of life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bad head cold

first the cleanse

then the move

now a bad head cold

i can't get a full good week of workouts in and it is stressing me out

i have not had a cold in a long time (i owe that to exercise, eating right and taking shaklee) however i have one now and it sucks ass. i really hope tomorrow i can feel like a human again and get back to unpacking, working out, and overall having a life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

move, organizing, decorating and bad food

we moved yesterday

it took the entire day, 8am the movers started, 10.30pm they left

i ate 15 tagalongs, pizza, didn't drink enough water

i feel hungover today

going to get to trader joes and get the house stocked up

it was so crazy that i left a bunch of cleaning stuff and food (hence all the tagalongs, those i did not leave behind)

i am going to really focus on being organized in this house

and i am ready to decorate. i suck at it. but i am ready to learn and do. so send me your tips/advice/websites about organization  decorating. i am ready -. wheeee

i should be unpacking....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

uh oh ....cleanse

so last night i cheated. btw the stress of packing, moving, ocd kid, cleanse, lawyers, hubby who works till all hours, i caved. i ate toasted wheat bread with butter, then 2 tagalongs.

this am i woke up with a rash, it is a rash that i have had and was gone once i started the cleanse. Yesterday I added in cashew nut butter, but b/c i cheated and mixed wheat toast in there - now i am screwed about knowing what caused the rash. however - i am thinking it was the toast. so i will not eat bread for a few more days and then taste it out. i love bagels, it was the first question i asked regarding the cleanse. Yes I know they have gluten free and they aren't bad, but nothing tops the experience of walking into your favorite bagel shop and getting that bagel toasted with butter.....

hubby brought home gluten free brownies from whole foods and they were delish !!!(for my bday) woot woot. 43. bring it.

might start writing about going gluten free - if you are GF please send me your thoughts/tips/advice/comments/concerns....blood