Thursday, December 29, 2011

a new year

I am tired of the boot. The doc said 3 weeks in it, yesterday was 3 weeks, but i don't see the doc till jan 10th !! due to them on vacation. So do i ditch the boot now or wait till i see the doc ???

I got the garmin 610 for xmas from hubby - woot woot. so excited !!

i also got lululemon run your heart out tank and crop...ugh love their stuff. and compression socks which are they most wonderful things EVER !!!

i know many folks are planning out their racing year. I feel like i am on hold with the foot. But I really can plan out my goals and need to. Last year I did my first olympic size tri and loved it, but it was a bunch of training. I was NOT planning on doing any olympic or longer this summer, just thought i would concentrate on sprints and try to enjoy it not get that burnt out feeling. I will do a half marathon in may. then sprint tris through out summer. then maybe try a pr in a 5k in fall. my thoughts are in 2014 is my year for a half ironman. both girls will be in school full time so that my training won't take away time from them. i just need to start looking at which one i want to do and which one fits with my training for month and location. i really want to do a rev 3 one.

so do you have a garmin 610 ? advice ?

do you know of a half ironman in tristate area that you recommend ?


  1. Ugh on the boot. My advice, as much as it sucks, would be stay in it until you see him. You don't want to look back and have any regrets after you see him.

    But you will be up and racing again, trust me!

  2. Sorry about the boot. Another 10 days is a long time to wait. If you take the boot off, don't do anything crazy like try and run.

    I have a 610 and like it but I think I like the 305 I was using better. I like the watch look of it and the battery lasts longer. It takes longer to turn on and find the satellites and the auto shut off of the satellities happens too quick for me. I've found myself at the start of a race without the satellites found and didn't get an accurate start. My advice, make sure when you are at a race, you watch the time and make sure the satellites are found and keep touching the watch so it doesn't turn off.


what are you triing

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