Thursday, April 28, 2011


sunday is my half marathon. talked with my coach today. i feel ready. my mind is getting to me. making me doubt, making me think i can't do as well as i want. all that sh)(*^.

i have goal, to do better than my one and only pervious half, which was 2.17. I want to beat that. My goal is to run btw 9 and 10 minute miles.

My other goal is to have fun. To run strong, to breath and smile, and to beat the negative thoughts that poison my mind.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been very happy with the Shaklee Performance drink - I use it while working out and I believe it has helped me perform but also it has helped in how quick I recover. However, I just started drinking Shaklee's Recovery Drink - Physique. I have not even put it in a smoothie, as I have not had time but need the recovery drink, so I have just dumped in water and drank. I was so happy that I actually like the taste. The best part is after my long run, I had way more energy after drinking this AND I could tell my next day was far better as well. My norm is too crash and nap after a long run at some point during the day. However, after the Physique I did not nap and actually did some stuff around the house, it helped me feel like a normal day NOT a waste of a day.

Check it out if you can and let me know what is your favorite recovery drink or food ???

Friday, April 22, 2011

i get knocked down but i get up again

so let's see
broken finger for 1 child
other child puke bug
still able to have fancy night in fancy NYC hotel with hubby (who was fighting off teh puke bug)
get home to get ready for having inlaws for easter (sat.) then will go to my family for easter sunday BUT
get puke bug myself and bedridden for day

back in action. ready to get my act together. food shop. car washed. order food for easter. easter basket and hunt stuff. the list goes on and on. praying the one girl in family who did not get puke bug DOES NOT GET IT, since she has a broken finger maybe she will get passed over.

oh and i need to run 6 miles ????

seriously ....i am ready the book UNbroken and that is giving me some amazing perception of what torture and suffering is.

Monday, April 18, 2011

run strong boston marathoners

can't wait to read all the race updates !!!

routing for them all

especially shut up and run !!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

good luck to boston runners

one of my goals is to WATCH the boston marathon with my friend who lives on the course. no goal to ever do it. i am not that fast, nor is my goal to be. but i do want to watch it.

my 6 year old broke her finger. she was running outside and tripped. i took her to the er expecting to hear that she sprained it, but there is a very tiny break. she is in a splint and we see the ortho tomorrow. seriously - it never ends.

i got back to working out and it felt good. did 10 miles on sunday woot woot. biked outside for about 50 minutes (gorgeous day) good to be out on the bike, yesterday i ran for about 55 minutes, started out ok and then ended up raining, i felt tough. today i was supposed to swim but i am switching my day off, will swim friday and rested today. i feel like i really need to start getting focused on this olympic tri. i ordered my wetsuit and need to make an appt for getting my aero bars on and fitted.

great article by kara goucher in runners' world.,7120,s6-238-267--13909-0,00.html 

i am so over this cold damp weather. i believe mother nature is sick or something b/c she is not doing her job right. 

i believe i will officially be making chili sans ground turkey. i made it the other week and something tasted funk, so i figured why bother with the meat. just veggies and beans now. 

next week my kids are on break and we did not plan a vacation due to the new house. i am taking them for a sleepover at my parents and will have a night in the city with hubby which is MUCH needed. do you have date night ? how do you find time with your hubby ? 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


friday i finally did a workout, i rode the spin bike for 40 minutes. it felt good. but i am still not 100%. i am still congested and have that icky cold taste in my mouth. I despise that ...

today was my first day coaching runners and i loved it. i think the entire experience of watching someone else achieve goals is amazing.

tomorrow i have to run 10 miles. they are having a training run at the place of the half so me and 2 other moms are heading down there to run it. I am so nervous since i did not work out all week. I am also nervous b/c of the cold. but i am going, and i will push thru.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


the joys of being sick

food tastes like metal
your chest hurts
breathing hurts
your mouth is forever dry
you can't workout so you fear that you have lost all you trained for
you actually believe you will never feel normal again
your kids could care less that you are sick
you sound like you are a 40 year long 2 pack a day smoker - and you feel like it
is it a cold or is it allergies ? how the hell does a person know. you wait to see if it lasts for more than a week ???

I hope tomorrow is my rebound day, where i feel better and get back in the game of life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bad head cold

first the cleanse

then the move

now a bad head cold

i can't get a full good week of workouts in and it is stressing me out

i have not had a cold in a long time (i owe that to exercise, eating right and taking shaklee) however i have one now and it sucks ass. i really hope tomorrow i can feel like a human again and get back to unpacking, working out, and overall having a life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

move, organizing, decorating and bad food

we moved yesterday

it took the entire day, 8am the movers started, 10.30pm they left

i ate 15 tagalongs, pizza, didn't drink enough water

i feel hungover today

going to get to trader joes and get the house stocked up

it was so crazy that i left a bunch of cleaning stuff and food (hence all the tagalongs, those i did not leave behind)

i am going to really focus on being organized in this house

and i am ready to decorate. i suck at it. but i am ready to learn and do. so send me your tips/advice/websites about organization  decorating. i am ready -. wheeee

i should be unpacking....