Saturday, April 2, 2011

move, organizing, decorating and bad food

we moved yesterday

it took the entire day, 8am the movers started, 10.30pm they left

i ate 15 tagalongs, pizza, didn't drink enough water

i feel hungover today

going to get to trader joes and get the house stocked up

it was so crazy that i left a bunch of cleaning stuff and food (hence all the tagalongs, those i did not leave behind)

i am going to really focus on being organized in this house

and i am ready to decorate. i suck at it. but i am ready to learn and do. so send me your tips/advice/websites about organization  decorating. i am ready -. wheeee

i should be unpacking....


  1. MOving is SO hard!! I hope everything falls into place quickly for you.

  2. Houzz app. Grab hubby's iPad and go nuts!



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