Thursday, December 29, 2011

a new year

I am tired of the boot. The doc said 3 weeks in it, yesterday was 3 weeks, but i don't see the doc till jan 10th !! due to them on vacation. So do i ditch the boot now or wait till i see the doc ???

I got the garmin 610 for xmas from hubby - woot woot. so excited !!

i also got lululemon run your heart out tank and crop...ugh love their stuff. and compression socks which are they most wonderful things EVER !!!

i know many folks are planning out their racing year. I feel like i am on hold with the foot. But I really can plan out my goals and need to. Last year I did my first olympic size tri and loved it, but it was a bunch of training. I was NOT planning on doing any olympic or longer this summer, just thought i would concentrate on sprints and try to enjoy it not get that burnt out feeling. I will do a half marathon in may. then sprint tris through out summer. then maybe try a pr in a 5k in fall. my thoughts are in 2014 is my year for a half ironman. both girls will be in school full time so that my training won't take away time from them. i just need to start looking at which one i want to do and which one fits with my training for month and location. i really want to do a rev 3 one.

so do you have a garmin 610 ? advice ?

do you know of a half ironman in tristate area that you recommend ?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

you better run...

I can not run. You can. If you are hesitating about getting that work out in b/c you have to wrap presents, back cookies, sing christmas carols, stop, take at least 30 minutes and get a work out in. Do it for me b/c I can't.

me and my boot

Saturday, December 17, 2011


i finally gave a try at making black bean veggie burgers. i have never eaten a veggie burger. i have not had the desire for one of those frozen ones, and if i go out to eat i am going for a real burger. but i knew that i would love some homemade ones as an easy quick nutritious meal.

I used, black beans, onion, green pepper, panko crumbs and egg and i grated some sweet potato in there. i fried them....b/c well i can't change over night. they were good, i felt like i have a new go to meal.

i am going to do some baking today, oatmeal raisin cookies, maybe some of the saltine crack and maybe some pepperoni bread, not healthy but gosh darn it is the holidays.

drinking lemon water as much as i can. trying hard on nutrition since i am not exercising as much due to the hairline fracture of my cuboid and the lovely boot i am sporting.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


so i have been doing nothing. i thought i would go do the hand crank at the gym. i thought i would do some arm work at home. neither was happening. i knew what i had to do. i booked 4 sessions with my friend/trainer at the gym. i knew this was the only way i would get a burn on and hopefully give me the motivation to do it on my own as well. so i went today and it was great. just 30 minutes, but 30 minutes of  some nice arm work, and abs. and i felt great. was so happy to be doing it. while i was doing dips i said to her, i can not believe people do not work out ? i just do not get it. why would you not ? a true testament that it is fully part of my lifestyle.

the boot is not so bad, i don't feel like i am limited except for exercise. otherwise i am good. i just talked with someone else who had broken their foot a while ago and she was not allowed to drive ??? holy cannolli could you imagine ???

anyway i am back. not 100% but i am back in the game.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


my foot is broken. i am in a boot. no running for 6 weeks. i am effing miserable.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

damn it !!!!!!

rushed out for my 3 mile run today and 4 minutes in i am almost falling to the ground. i twisted my ankle. BAD. I knew it was bad, i felt that foot roll in like it should not be rolling. i contemplated running it out. but i knew. I knew. I started the walk home cursing the entire way. I still was thinking ok, i will get home rest it - ice it and it won't be so bad right ? ? well, i think it is bad. I did ice it. I have it elevated, I put ace bandage on it for now. It has a bump with black and blue and just now I tried to walk on it and that hurt like a mother effer. Seriously !!! I felt like I was on the best streak of training and running that I have ever experienced. I am having quite a pity party for myself.

We(hubby and I) got up and got some organizing done (which is a big deal for us) - it was one of those YES days, where you get your shit together. and now i feel like my shit fell apart. I need to stay focused and positive. I will continue to RICE and then Monday am i am making a doct appt. question is do i go to a foot doc (who is good with runners) OR a sports medicine ortho ???

i just really hope this is NOT way worse than i think. 2 weeks out, i can handle. anymore than that and this is going to be bad. photo later. as i am too mopey right now