Friday, January 20, 2012

stinky smelly boots

Tuesday I can remove the boot for good. However, tomorrow it is supposed to snow, and quite frankly I am not walking in snow in the boot. So I may just decide that the boot comes of 3 days early. This week - monday i swam, felt great, glad to be in the water, tuesday worked out with trainer, always good and she worked my legs which we haven't done in a while. Felt great, she stretched me out at the end and my back was cracking like fireworks. chiropractor ? never gone - anyone ??? Wed I did nothing, thursday did spin, was good but when clipping out with my broken foot, i twisted extra hard and it hurt. It was the exact position that hurts my foot. No repercussions that I can feel.

I had been eating pretty well and the past week went not so well. The scale has an extra 2 or 3 pounds. I leave for Miami next weekend and I feel like I should at least try to rid myself of a few if possible.

I have found that I am a codependent exercisor. I pretty much won't do anything unless in a group setting (spin) lessons (swim) or have a trainer come and tell me what to do. The only thing I do on my own accord is run, and well we all now how that has been going. Instead of running I get to gimp around in this boot that smells like something first peed, than pooped then died in it. Speaking of it, I should take it off for the night tonight b/c i plan on sitting on my ass for the rest of the evening.

So do you motivate if no race set for working out without group, lesson or trainer ?

chiropractor ? have you gone, toughts?? i know some folks think quacks and not needed and others swear by it ??


  1. I go to a chiropractor that I really like, but I've gone to some that I don't like that much. I was reluctant originally, but not anymore.

  2. I swore by a chiropractor during my recent pregnancy. I had twins and the extra weight in places I'd never had it before really took a toll on me. Plus, my hips had closed up so much from running that the pregnancy was KILLING my joints. My chiropractor was a LIFESAVER. I now see her about once a month. I was adjusted two or three times after I gave birth and now I'm doing pretty well. I know people who say you have to go to them forever but you really don't. If you see someone who knows what they are doing, they get you on track and then it's just checking in occasionally. WELL WORTH IT!


what are you triing

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