Saturday, January 14, 2012

spin - please respect your instructor

So I went to spin class. First time since broken foot. It felt great. So happy to be back there. Granted it was at the new gym - the Y, which has NO spin room ? So you must pull the bike out and the poor instructor is not near her music. gym snob i know. but one thing i won't do is disrespect my instructor. These people went and paid to get certified, now they teach class, they get paid but seriously they do their job and we should respect them. So please if you think you are better instructor then go get certified and teach the class yourself.

Monday am I swim !!1 Woot woot, more cardio and haven't swam since summer. It is a beginner masters, but hopefully I will be given more of a challenge if she sees fit.

The boot is on, but the workouts are happening, swim monday, tuesday i booked my trainer so some arms and abs, wed i might ride inside on my own, thur spin, friday more weights.

As I watch the amazing ladies in the olympic marathon trails. I think how exciting my first run will be. about 3 weeks away.....

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  1. Wahoo for the first spin class since the broken foot! That is so exciting! Being a spin instructor, I totally agree with you:) Hope you had a great swim!


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