Tuesday, January 24, 2012

volunteer goals for the year

Last year I did my first Olympic size tri. That was my goal - i did it. It was a bunch of training and really took over my life for a while.

This year I don't have many race goals set up, yet. I was going to Miami Half but broke the cuboid. So my main goal for this year is to recover and just get back to running. I did sign up for the NJ half marathon in May and hoping that goes well. That means I hope I don't break a bone.

After that I really have not picked any races, I did want to be less planned this year. I will most likely do the sprint tris in my area, there is a mile swim I would like to do. There are some fall 5ks that I would love to go for PR's. I also did the crazy thing of putting myself in the NYC Marathon lottery, not sure what possessed me but i figure i can defer. I doubt I will get in (hahah right - just made it so i get in).

This year is more about volunteering. I want to be a swim angel for a local female only tri, it is geared towards newbies and a great supportive race. I have done it twice and I really feel I want to be on the end that gives back. The other volunteering is for NYC Full Ironman. I am beyond excited that I have this opportunity. Honestly, this for me is just as exciting as racing. I have watched Ironman for years and have always been amazed with the athletes, the average joe who crosses that finish line. I love it, every suffering minute of it. This year I will be able to be there watching these amazing athletes and helping them. Nothing could be finer. This is my A race, I am just not racing it.

What about you, have you volunteered at races ??


  1. I have volunteered - ran a water stop at a half marathon and it was amazing. I should do that again this year!

    1. Volunteering is SO much fun. I love the idea of being a swim angel. Good for you!

      How's the healing coming along?

      I have to do comments via the reply button since blogger made these changes, fyi.


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