Tuesday, March 29, 2011

uh oh ....cleanse

so last night i cheated. btw the stress of packing, moving, ocd kid, cleanse, lawyers, hubby who works till all hours, i caved. i ate toasted wheat bread with butter, then 2 tagalongs.

this am i woke up with a rash, it is a rash that i have had and was gone once i started the cleanse. Yesterday I added in cashew nut butter, but b/c i cheated and mixed wheat toast in there - now i am screwed about knowing what caused the rash. however - i am thinking it was the toast. so i will not eat bread for a few more days and then taste it out. i love bagels, it was the first question i asked regarding the cleanse. Yes I know they have gluten free and they aren't bad, but nothing tops the experience of walking into your favorite bagel shop and getting that bagel toasted with butter.....

hubby brought home gluten free brownies from whole foods and they were delish !!!(for my bday) woot woot. 43. bring it.

might start writing about going gluten free - if you are GF please send me your thoughts/tips/advice/comments/concerns....blood

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