Tuesday, May 10, 2011


During the last 3 miles of the half I did, the balls of my feet were burning. I thought blisters. However, it seems to be a callus. I went for my first run since the half, yesterday, so I had a good 7 days of no running. My left foot still had the burning and it hurt. I have never had a callus. It actually did not hurt after the half that much, it hurt the day of and then the next it was ok. I do recall what felt like stepping on something prickly and that is when it started hurting again and has not stopped. There is no splinter and it is right where the callus is ???

So have you had a callus ? what do you do ?

it is the area below my third toe - wish i knew how to make those arrows and such
not that you can see it in the photo but i figured i would try


  1. I leave my callouses alone. I feel like they're there for a reason. Sorry it hurts though. Maybe do a little pumice action after a bath or shower and see what happens if it's really bothering you.

  2. I am your 60th follower :) Nice feet! I haven't had calluses in a long time but I remember getting them. They will heal then your feet will be really tough.

  3. I have no clue how to help it, but I hope it feels better soon!


what are you triing

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