Thursday, May 26, 2011


i got back to some workouts this week and all outside - cept for a swim in the pool.

My olympic tri is end of july and i need to get serious here. swim - ahhhh 1.2 miles. holy sheez. sunday i am doing a 1.2 mile river swim, it is a race but i won't be racing, i will be surviving. but i guess this is a good start. i swam in the pool for an hour and did ladders. The entire time I swam i was trying to figure out if i did a mile.i get all messed up with the laps.  I believe I did 64 laps which is a mile ....of course that was with rests btw my ladders.

Bike - oh the bike. i got aerobars. way cool. i have probably not ridden more than 15 miles. so the fact that i will need to crank out 26....ahhhh hello. need to train. i also have no plan for biking, i just go and bike. i stop a bunch b/c of crossing streets. i slow down on hills. i take a get the picture. i probably only get into a zone, maybe 3 minutes out of an hour ride. need to practice.

run - obviously is my best part. feel most confident about but still need to mentally realize this and be able to push.

i feel like i am obsessed, i need to get my workouts in, and if i can do them outside that is even better. i feel like a crazed woman as i drop my girls off at their schools and jump on my bike or run to the gym - all the other moms think i am nutty. i just hate to hire a sitter for workout out (although i will have to come summer) so i squeeze it in while they are at school which works out to be just 2 hours if i go right from the school ....

i also hate that i let my house go. i find that btw working out and the daily stuff and the kids...i can't get to a bigger cleaning. so the stuff piles up. and hubby works all the time. ok, i will stop whining. b/c with all that life is good. I am terrified about the swim.


  1. Better you let the house go, not the kids.
    The perfect solution?
    I vote for a cleaning lady :)

  2. i've just barely started my tri training. glad mine is a sprint. i've done a few olys and it's hard work. best wishes!!!

  3. You are just expressing the inner struggles we all face - as triathletes. But crossing the finish line takes all those worries away and leaves you smiling. Keep it up, girl!

  4. Just let your house go and concentrate on the FUN you're having!! You are lucky to be able to have a couple of hours to train and looking nutty to a bunch of moms is totally okay, it's even the norm around here!
    Good luck with surviving your swim, I'm sure you'll crush it!!


what are you triing

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