Wednesday, May 4, 2011

photography blogs

A bunch of the blogs I read are women who are amazing photographers, pioneer woman, sarcastic mom, and soon to be a mom for the second time moosh in indy , jennifer at playgroupie claims to be a beginner but to me she is in the same category as the others.

I admire their work so much. Photography interests me very much, however it is something that I have never taken a course in. I want to but of course I feel like it is too much of an indulgence. However, the great thing about photography is I can still do it. I can take photos of my kids, family, and I can try some shots that I think my above idols would take.

so without further ado, my attempt at photography.

critique more than welcome......


  1. I really like the shot with the little hand and the egg and all of the egg shots. In the first picture, fourth picture, and last picture, my critique would be that the background is cluttered, so it takes away from your main subject. I do something called "The Four Corner Check" when I take photos. I look in the viewfinder and check to see if there are things I need to move out of the way to be sure that my subject is the most prominent focus of the picture.

    I think you're doing great with photography! Keep shooting, everything. I'm working on a second 365 project and I'm certain that it's the thing that has helped my photography the most.

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