Monday, May 16, 2011

hair or foot ?

Tomorrow I had a foot doc appt to deal with the pain i had following and during the half marathon. However the pain went away. I did run on the treadmill today and towards the end of the run i could feel a touch of burning in the toes and on the balls of my feet. But my hair is grey and needs a coloring. I only have 2 hours of sans kid time 4 days a week without getting a sitter. So do i get my hair colored or do i get my foot looked at. Sorry but if the foot ain't hurting at the moment, the grey is going away.

I ran about 40 minutes on the treadmill today. Was going to do a river swim tonight but it was cancelled due to the weather. tomorrow i will spin and do a 15 minute run. i really need to get back to a consistent workouts.

i am also in desperate need of a trader joe's shopping. my new dessert i have been making is fruit cobblers. tonight - strawberries cut up, mixed a touch of butter, honey, oats, sugar and flour - bake - yummy.

of course adding ice cream with it doesn't help but at least there is fruit in there.

i love this photo i took ....

i believe i will be sucked into the NJ housewives.....not sure i can handle it in my cranky mood i might want to kill them all

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