Monday, October 17, 2011

first times

so we have a couple of firsts going on here .....i raced on sunday with my friend pacing me. I got a 26.39, was very happy. we left right away, it is a very small race. i thought - maybe i should stick around to see if i won, but said nahhhh. sure enough i took first in my age group (trust me it was a small race) but still. i won first place, this may never happen again and i missed hearing my name and getting the award. i actually emailed the race director and asked for it. it was a hard race, and i still had negative thoughts but it was so helpful being pushed by my friend. she was great and had just the right tone and words and i swear i have more to give. i need to figure out how to move to the next gear and get over the fear that is hold me back.

next up, and this is NOT a good first is LICE. i got the call today, my 7 year old has a few eggs. i am currently doing laundry, spraying stuff, bagging stuff and overall trying to figure out my game plan. i have a shower cap on as i do this. arghghhghghgh

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  1. Woo hoo! Congrats to you for winning and not so much for the lice. We all have to go through it. Just be glad it's not pin worms.


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