Sunday, October 9, 2011

running with daughter and racing or pacing

today my 7 year old came out and did the 1 mile fun run that went on before the 5k, I ran along with her and it was great. she never complained and she just kept trying. I loved every  minute of it. she had a kick at the end. 12.33 for a mile. I was so proud. then it was mommy's turn.

i was planning on helping some of the ladies i am coaching out, pace them, stay with them, talk to them. but since this is NOT the race they are training for, I was not held to that. There was really only one woman who expressed a YES would love the help. She is pretty fast so i said ok, and we stuck together, she was rocking it, and soon me pacing her really became me racing. she pulled ahead about half way and  she locked so strong i told her to go ahead and try to catch up to then next coach who was out there on the course a few in front of us. I was so proud of her, but I was getting pissed at myself. I have been working out and running, but i have not been dedicating major time to speed work for myself. that showed. I came in about 27, just shy of 9 minute miles - last year i did 8.14 min miles. so i am curious if my mental game was not there since i really didn't know what i was doing, then to see a mentee pull ahead, or am i not in the right shape to PR in a 5k.

When I look back, i do think i had more in me, and I do think i had some major negative worry thoughts that i was not fighting off. racing is so hard, i feel like i lose my guts, and hold back. i wish i could go into with - i am strong and i am going to rock it and push myself.

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  1. I have not been in the mental mindset to PR in 5K or really anything in a long time! Good for you for getting others out there though, including your daughter!

    I saw the comment you made on my blog about possibly starting Girls on Track. It's such a great program and I highly recommend. Email me at if you have any questions about it.


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