Wednesday, October 12, 2011

speed work & mental toughness

today i did some speed work

i did half mile warm up 

then 4 x 800's 

half mile warm down

i really tried to work on the mental side as well. I said the mantra I am strong over and over. On my last one I tried to pretend I was passing someone in a race, which I could feel the kick. It is so hard b/c my MIND just beats me down. I am huffing and puffing and then my negative thoughts creep in. My legs never hurt, it is my breathing and my mind. But I am happy that I tried the mental stuff b/c I am realizing how much I really need to be working on that side of it.

So seeing my speed work - what time do you predict I run my 5k on Sunday ???


  1. Aim for a pace of about 7:50 or so. You can do that!!

  2. misszippy is smoking crack.....but i like the vote of confidence


what are you triing

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