Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AM or PM

My husband is very fit. He has completed the NYC marathon twice and one of his time (the time when I knew him) he ran it in 3.13...yes sick ass fast. He plays ice hockey. He signed up for the nyc olympic tri (thanks to my goading). I knew that once he got into it he would be buying up all sorts of high tech stuff and start training seriously. I probably created a monster and I need to live with my choices !!

But what I am truly amazed at is that he has woken up at 4.30am the past 2 mornings and got his butt to the Y and swam, then he showered there and got on the train to nyc. Hubby is NOT a morning person. I am so proud of him. I myself like the morning workout as well. When I was working in the city the after work, workout was easy and I liked that but with kids and staying at home, I like to get out in the AM and get it over with. Granted I am not getting to the gym at 6am but I get there around 9 most mornings and that is my work out time. Hubby said the Y is crowded at that early hour and I was shocked. 

When do you workout AM or PM ? When would you rather workout ? 


  1. Oh I am so trying to get my hubby up with me to my spin class!!! He is already up but more from insomnia then actually being a morning person. I am definitely an AM workerouter (I know that is not a word!)

  2. You know, I really love an early morning workout. I like having it done, I like the way it feels afterwards, I really just enjoy it. The issue is actually getting up at 4:30 to get to the Y! Once I'm up and dressed, I'm's the getting up part that I dread!

  3. I work out after work, it's perfect for me because it's that long stretch when you are just sitting there waiting for dinner, baths and bed.

    I do love a good run on the treadmill in the AM though, cause Ellen is hilarious. I can only do this on my day off though, which is Fridays.

    And gyms, crowded, ugh. I want preferred parking... because I workout the rest of the year :)

  4. Everyone around here is so motivated. I have so many friends who go to the gym or at run at 5:30. I NEVER join them.

  5. i do better in the morning, but sometimes i run in the evenings or afternoon.

  6. definitely am for me. i swim 2 times a week at 5:30. i am done with 3,000 yards before my kids get up and that makes me HAPPY. If I don't exercise in the am, it is very hard to motivate myself to do it later in the day. Plus I have a sensitive stomach and have to really watch my food intake before exercising, so doing it on banana/bread/coffee works for me!

  7. I am an early morning workout gal, too. My alarm goes off at 4:30 every day. I put on my tights and cold weather running gear and head out my front door. As a teacher, waiting until after work results in something always coming up that gets in the way of a workout (students needing my help, parent conferences, errands to run, etc.). I feel great after my a.m. workout and it sets the tone for healthier eating that day because I don't want to "mess up my good start". Lori Grant (Misawa Air Base, Japan)


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