Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swimming tecniques

Today I took a swim class with ironlady, it was me and one other woman who i know and we are at the same level of swimming.

It was the most amazing learning experience. I have been swimming like I am sprinting to get somewhere, which is making me a very inefficient swimmer. Many of her tips and advice clicked with me right away. She told us that we were very teachable and had good body awareness. It was such a productive session. 

I also decided to take her 90 minute tri class that starts this saturday for the next 3 saturdays. I am sure I will get a TON out of this. 

Tomorrow is the one morning where I am able to run outside if I want since both girls are in class. So, do I run outside ? or still go on the treadmill ? I should run outside, I know I should. I just 1) don't like the cold 2) get into habits and like things that I know - like running on treadmill. Plus a friend is training at our club tomorrow with some PRO tri guy and I do want to catch a glimpse of him.


  1. I would say run outside. Can you run to the gym?
    I was reading that even in the coldest weather we should run outside one day a week to keep in good form and shape.
    Also, I hear tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s.

  2. Nice work with the swim class!

    Then I would run on the treadmill to get a glimpse of that stud! LOL

  3. Run outside!!! I got to do it today and it was fabulous!!
    I am jealous of the swim class. I would love to find a class like that for me to take. I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to swimming.

  4. I say's actually going to be in the mid 40s tomorrow and possibly 50 on Friday! Yay!

  5. Run outside, do it. You'll love it. Can you share more swimming tips. I, too, rush out and probably swim too fast (I mean, put to much effort into it)


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