Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peer pressure got me outside

Thanks for the comments about getting my butt outside. I did and I was so glad I did. First off, there was a ton of folks out there running. I did 4 miles. My knees hurt after the run. My knees never really hurt me when I do the treadmill, but outside they do. I did NOT like the feeling but they are ok now. 

I wore my manzella hat which kept me toasty warm, although i didn't pull over my ears till the end of the run. I always forget my ipod when I go outside. I had my nike gloves on, which are perfect to keep my hands warm AND they help wipe my snot away. Had my new running tights from roadrunners and their brand and they were perfect. 

My times were not as fast as I thought I would go. I thought I would do sub 10 minutes but I didn't.
Mile 1 - 10.38
Mile 2 - 10.26
Mile 3 - 10.29
Mile 4 - 10.18

Swimming tips, go google immersion swimming and try their drills. These will help. It seems that you need to swim with more of the thought that you are sliding and gliding and reaching. Not sure if that helps ? I will give more tips as I get more. I have signed up for a triclass at my gym with the ironlady, the next 4 saturdays at 6.30am till 9am I will be getting all sorts of tips and my ass kicked. 


  1. Thanks for the tips on swimming.
    Glad you got out. Probably you have runner's knees. I do to. And yes, treadmill running is much gentler. You need a lot of cushioning on your running shoes, so look at that. Also, you need to do strengthening exercises for your knees - they worked wonders for me, and I rarely have knee pain anymore.

  2. Not all peer pressure is bad :) I am going to google immersion swimming next! Thanks for the tip.

    Tell me more about your gloves -- I need some new running ones (mine are cheapos from Target).


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