Friday, January 22, 2010

Back in Action

I am back in action after the stomach bug. 

I went to swim with ironlady and a few tips finally hit me. I get the catch up drill, and I am getting better at gliding and not trying to swim fast but swim efficient and really trying to get my stroke count down. However she mentioned my hand entry and told me to concentrate on that as a drill after I try to concentrate on reach and glide. Each time I did the hand entry I felt as if I lost the idea of glide. I told her and she watched. Simple, as soon as she said hand entry to me, i started reaching my hands down into the water, she explained that she was not talking about just getting my hand DOWN and trying to touch the bottom, she was saying that i should still glide and reach but my fingers should be down when they go in the water. I heard hand entry and was sending my hands to the bottom of the pool. light bulb. helpful

i did spin today. tomorrow is the tri class but ironlady has to be away - she left a workout and I have to find a way to wake up on my own and get to the gym to do it. I believe the incentive will be the mere fact that I can get up and get away from my kids (trust me i love them but it has been a long week). 

I did a food shopping at Whole Foods and got myself some important snack items so that I won't reach for the crap. 


  1. The one thing that truly keeps me away from trying a tri is the swim, and your posts are getting me fired up for trying a swim class to learn some decent technique. So thanks : )

  2. Nice work with your swimming! I have only been in the pool once this month and I am not happy about it. grr..


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