Saturday, January 30, 2010

OUCH I just got a massage

So a friend of mine recommended a very good massage therapist but she warned me that it would hurt.

I finally made an appt b/c my calves are so tight and with the training I am doing I knew I needed a good rub down. 

I went at 4 today. Holy cow it hurt like a mother fucker. She was up front with me, she told me it would hurt...a lot. And it did. I explained that my calves are very tight as well as my achilles and that I have shin splints, so she spent most of her time there. She could tell I was tight right away and she told me I need to be stretching after I run for a good 10 minutes. She also told me to ice my shins but heat my calves. 

My calves feel very sore and I am highly concerned about how much pain I will be in tomorrow am. I will not be working out tomorrow. However, I also felt like I really needed this and hopefully this got out a bunch of the knots and toxins. 

I felt as if I had a trainer, you know how teams have trainers, wouldn't that be nice. Doesn't that serious swimmer Dana have her own stretching personal, who just stretch her ? Maybe I could convince my girls that should be their job.

How about you, have you ever got a sports massage like that before ? 


  1. my husband gets sport massages every 3 weeks or so. says it hurts like crazy, but really helps loosen him up.

    i'm not brave enough to try it

  2. I've never had a sports massage, just "normal" ones. Although, now I'm scared. I'm scheduled for a sports massage this upcoming Sunday....


what are you triing

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