Thursday, August 4, 2011


feeling myself.

i got back to workouts this week

it is hard not having a plan like before w a coach but i can do this. just need to plan it out ...this week doing a sprint tri and i plan on pushing and freaking just trying to go faster and getting OUT of my comfort zone. then we head to cape cod for vaca with family. i am not planning on any major working out, some casual bike rides with family and maybe a run or 2 on my own.

i am looking forward to changing it up and focusing on strength and running.

oh and i did not remove my sneakers from my tri bag for a solid week. and when i did - the stench was unbearable. i went and bought a new pair right away. i just put in washing machine and the stank is still there. it smells like piss. but i did not piss myself, it was all the water stations with hoses and sprays we needed in the heat. it was gross.

i still want to write about my huge mistake in recovery last week.....just can't get focused. gotta go put the girls to bed.....should probably just go to sleep wtih them, hubby not getting home till 10.

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what are you triing

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