Sunday, August 14, 2011

post vacation depression

we were up in the cape visiting my sis and family. it was great, great weather, and my girls are 100% in heaven with their older cousins. Now we are back to reality of just me and the kids, hubby will be back at work and i am in charge of entertainment.

We took a sailboat out with the girls. Hubby fished with the girls, he golfed. I ran with my niece. It was a prefect vacation.

Now I need to get back to working out, I still have one more tri this season, the danskin in sept. In my last sprint tri I did do better on the bike but my run sucked !!!! So it seems that I can get better in one area and that takes away from another. I need to fix this.

I just signed up for the ing half marathon in miami !!! woot woot.

I plan on working out at the gym tomorrow which i have not done in a long time. I need to stop the babysitters and get back to the gym. spin class will have to do. i will get outside on the weekends.


  1. those danskin events are supposed to be fun. i wish they had one in my area

  2. I did the Danskin the last two years. It was great fun! As for the tough mudder, I am doing the Sunday race. Thats too bad, it would have been cool to meet. Should be a lot of fun though. I was at a kids playground upstate NY and they had monkey bars. I did them to see if I could. Got all the way across, but it was way harder than I remember as a kid.


what are you triing

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