Monday, August 22, 2011


i feel a bit lost. no coach. no A race right around the corner. No babysitters.

I have had to go back to working out in gym. I did go to a boot camp on the beach and got my ass kicked. But the plan is to get strength back in the rotation. It might be the most beautiful day of the summer and my girls voted against the beach ? It was one of those days where I feel like we got stuff done but we floundered too much and they are both cranky. Probably due to the late nights they have had.

Every time I go food shopping I buy a bunch of healthy stuff and maybe cook for 2 days and that is it. then it goes bad and i have to throw out and then i eat crappy.

Overall and daily - start organizing areas of the house that are cluttered or still have boxed items from move. doesn't need to be done at once, but if i could just start a little at a time. seeing the little results will hopefully give me the umpf to move forward.

working out - i already planned my workouts based on my week. hope to stick to it and get them all in.

food - get my ass food shopping, grill fish - so easy and yet i never do. prep food, make some energy bars

to do list - accomplish at least a few things on the never ending list.

good news for tonight, both girls gone for a bit. one has a class and one is going on playdate so i get to run outside on this beautiful day. and both girls are at a place where they are very happy.

trying to get out of the funk mood and be happy and positive .....

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  1. Hang in there! My house looks like a bomb went off thanks to a renovation, a month of vacation, and Jones' tonsillectomy and I have to say the chaos is starting to make everything seem harder. I'm doing the same thing - little bits of organizing at a time...


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