Sunday, August 7, 2011

mental games

i had a sprint tri today. my head was NOT in the game. It took a lot to get out the door. it was raining. as usual i was in one of the last 3 waves, waiting plays with your mind. i did not even notice what time we went off, nor did i time myself. this is a tri that is all female and caters to first timers. There were a lot of folks i know who were doing a tri for the first time. I think it is great and I encourage it and support it. However, my mental mind gets worried and nervous that all these first timers will beat my time, then i will get depressed b/c i have been doing them for 3 seasons, i have done an olympic, why am i not faster, what is wrong with me, i suck. as soon as i am done with the race i think of how i should have pushed harder. yet while i am racing i am thinking ugh i can't push it or i will puke, but in reality i know i have more left in me. I feel like i almost give me in a workout ???

i will be anxiously awaiting the results to see if at least improved on last years, or at least went faster on the bike. then i will check to see what people i know did. I hate this in myself, why do i care, why do i let it bother me ??

am i the only one that goes thru this ???

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  1. are you in my head? : )
    I feel the same way.
    At the end of the day, we have to remind ourselves, that we could have stayed in bed like 99% of the population. and for that, pat yourself on the back.


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