Tuesday, September 20, 2011

boot camp

i realize i still owe the danskin race report. i will get to it another time.

i finally got back into boot camp. always feels good to get back to burpees, push ups and ab work. I did better than i thought but i also started with low weights. the instructor called me out on it today, she said great form and then added but your bar is too light. i cracked up. it is nice that she knows me, she is a great instructor and she cares about her folks in class.

i will be doing a boot camp with my trainer outside on sat. am's before i go and coach running. so that will be quite a few hours of working out and running. i need to work on nutrition before during and after. especially after. i can see what a difference my recovery is when i do it right and when i do it wrong. it not only effects me but my entire family.

i truly am in love with fitness. i am so happy that it is now such a huge part of my life. i hope that each day i vow to learn more, do better and make it a lifestyle for me and my kids.

today i thought i suck at being a homemaker, i don't clean well or organize enough. i don't cook enough (well on and off i get on a role) but i do feel i am a good mom. but i do believe if i was a better homemaker i would be an even better mom. so as usual i need to be working on this.

i also believe i am extremely anti social and it is concerning to me. with all the new shows coming on tv who wants to go out ?? not me. biggest loser ?? not happy about anna k. but i will still watch. oh i can't wait for criminal minds, and prime suspect......

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