Friday, September 30, 2011


i am not sure why but i am exhausted ? could it still be a catch up from the weekend ? could it be i simply need a large ice t to wake up ? either way i hate this feeling. i just was a lazy bum all morning and it makes me hate myself. going to get my ass up and ride bikes to school with my little one. who has to think her mom is a lazy ass.

when you are just dog tired - what do you do ? do you nap ? do you go to bed early ? do yoga ? take a red bull ? what ???

a top ten beautiful day and i wasted the morning.....gonna have to make sure outside all PM....


  1. I've found that when I am not recovered from a race or a difficult training day, I am REALLY tired. I know it's not in us to take a day off, but I'm learning slowly to listen to my body and rest and sleep when you body demands it. You are not doing yourself any favors to train when you are too fatigued to garner any benefits. Enjoy your day, don't dread it.

  2. Sept. 30 was beautiful here but horrible since then! I am taking today off and took a lot of last week off which is not like me but next week I will be back at what I can.

  3. nap if I can or go to bed early... as lorie said I"m still trying to learn to listen to my body and take rest days when I need them.... why is that so hard?


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