Thursday, September 8, 2011

veggie burgers

i have never eaten a veggie burger. for some reason i just can't wrap my head around it. However, I want to start making them. I love the veggie chili I make and I feel like if i just purreed it or something and then patted it into a burger shape and pan fried it, i would like it ?

So my question is do you eat veggie burgers ? do you make your own ? what do you use ?


  1. I do make black bean burgers that are really yummy, although a bit hard to keep together. Email if you want the recipe!

  2. I agree black bean burgers are super yummy. I've seen some with quinoa too but haven't ever made them

  3. oh and thanks for the input on the nutrition coach that makes me really excited

  4. I've only had Boca burgers, never tried fo make my own.
    Yay for Danskin this weekend!

  5. Hey! You're blogging... I thought you quit!

    We don't make veggie burgers but have bought some of the organic ones for the kids. Our latest has been making turkey meatballs and hiding squash in it so they don't know they're actually gobbling up veggies. Ha!


what are you triing

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