Thursday, September 15, 2011


did danskin. was fun, will do race report at later date.

joined a coop for fruits and veggies. got my first box, collard greens ?? help a lady out.

made veggie chili. this is the only meal i seem to make anymore. i don't want to eat anything else. think there is some eating disorder where you eat one meal ? i love it. it is healthy.

the past few days i have had bad heartburn. i rarely get it. i am highly concerned and can't figure out why ??? seriously i just ate and when i stood up, it felt like all the food was blocked off at a certain point and couldn't move ?

i coached the group i work with the other night. normally we do the weekend and there are 4 to 5 coaches  for about 56 ladies, but the evening is one coach to whoever comes. there were 7 women. i was going to have us run in a park with a mile loop but they were doing some stuff to the field with mulch and the place stunk. i was gagging. so i had us go on the road out 1.5 and back. Everyone was different paces so i was racing up to each person and run with them a little. it was hard but i hope they were ok with it. i got myself an interval work out for sure.

lastly i will soon be tackling the subject of peeing your pants while running. us ladies as we age and after having kids seem to have this problem. we need to come together and find a solution.


  1. looking forward to race report.

    heartburn possibly related to eating veggie chili too often?

  2. I had to quit the co-op because they were sending so much stuff we didn't eat. My kids are seriously limited in the fruits and veggies we can eat so that sucked.

    Hmm, peeing. Don't have an answer for that one but I will think about it.


what are you triing

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