Wednesday, September 28, 2011

yo yo yo

i am here.

had my 25th HS reunion and had fun. I felt good about myself and how I looked and I can tell how much better that makes a night like that. I was told I looked good and healthy. I also let loose and drank about 4 beers. I have not really had alcohol in a long time. I am terrified of feeling crappy after it and not getting my workout in. sounds obsessive huh ? anyway. the good news is yes i felt a bit ugh the next day and maybe even the day after but overall it did not stop me from getting out there and getting to my workouts.

i have been consistent in my bootcamps which i am happy about. i have a few 5ks and then the tough mudder. tough mudder is 12 miles (yikes need to start increasing my mileage) and obviously the obstacles.

I get my veggies from the coop tomorrow so I will be making some good meals, or at least trying.

I want to try and get my girls to run a bit with me. they are 7 and 5. i just raced my little one down the block and back, it was fun !

oh and while my girls were at my folks, and i was enjoying the reunion (hubby was home working all weekend ) my older one fell and broke her forearm. she now has a hard cast on.

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  1. Ah, your poor girl. I hate when my kids get hurt--would switch places with them!

    I would have had a 25-yr. reunion last year but my class never did one. How crazy is that? Glad you had fun at yours, you wild, beer-swigging girl!


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