Friday, September 30, 2011


i am not sure why but i am exhausted ? could it still be a catch up from the weekend ? could it be i simply need a large ice t to wake up ? either way i hate this feeling. i just was a lazy bum all morning and it makes me hate myself. going to get my ass up and ride bikes to school with my little one. who has to think her mom is a lazy ass.

when you are just dog tired - what do you do ? do you nap ? do you go to bed early ? do yoga ? take a red bull ? what ???

a top ten beautiful day and i wasted the morning.....gonna have to make sure outside all PM....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

yo yo yo

i am here.

had my 25th HS reunion and had fun. I felt good about myself and how I looked and I can tell how much better that makes a night like that. I was told I looked good and healthy. I also let loose and drank about 4 beers. I have not really had alcohol in a long time. I am terrified of feeling crappy after it and not getting my workout in. sounds obsessive huh ? anyway. the good news is yes i felt a bit ugh the next day and maybe even the day after but overall it did not stop me from getting out there and getting to my workouts.

i have been consistent in my bootcamps which i am happy about. i have a few 5ks and then the tough mudder. tough mudder is 12 miles (yikes need to start increasing my mileage) and obviously the obstacles.

I get my veggies from the coop tomorrow so I will be making some good meals, or at least trying.

I want to try and get my girls to run a bit with me. they are 7 and 5. i just raced my little one down the block and back, it was fun !

oh and while my girls were at my folks, and i was enjoying the reunion (hubby was home working all weekend ) my older one fell and broke her forearm. she now has a hard cast on.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meals healthy ?

So one of my easy taste good go to meal is a veggie chili i make. However, it has become the only meal i make. Tonight I was going to get a burrito, but I had other kids over for playdates and moms were not coming till later. I finally said, let me think what is in the burrito, chicken, rice, beans, tomato and gauc. I have all these ingredients right here.

So I cooked my brown rice in the mic on 3 minutes (trader joes has a great one) then i put into a frying pan with black beans, some grape tomatoes, and some already cooked chicken (again from trader joes) i fried it up really just to heat it and get the tomatoes soft. I also had some butternut squash, i put that into the oven with olive oil. I had meal and it was good and healthy. I did not season a lot, and i could have probably added an onion. But overall this was a good meal and hopefully teaching me that i can make something at home besides veggie chili and i will eat it up !!

Went to a new boot camp today. I liked it, always good to meet new people and I like seeing how trainers all have different styles.

favorite move in a boot camp to HATE...burpees with a push up in btw. ughhhhhh

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

boot camp

i realize i still owe the danskin race report. i will get to it another time.

i finally got back into boot camp. always feels good to get back to burpees, push ups and ab work. I did better than i thought but i also started with low weights. the instructor called me out on it today, she said great form and then added but your bar is too light. i cracked up. it is nice that she knows me, she is a great instructor and she cares about her folks in class.

i will be doing a boot camp with my trainer outside on sat. am's before i go and coach running. so that will be quite a few hours of working out and running. i need to work on nutrition before during and after. especially after. i can see what a difference my recovery is when i do it right and when i do it wrong. it not only effects me but my entire family.

i truly am in love with fitness. i am so happy that it is now such a huge part of my life. i hope that each day i vow to learn more, do better and make it a lifestyle for me and my kids.

today i thought i suck at being a homemaker, i don't clean well or organize enough. i don't cook enough (well on and off i get on a role) but i do feel i am a good mom. but i do believe if i was a better homemaker i would be an even better mom. so as usual i need to be working on this.

i also believe i am extremely anti social and it is concerning to me. with all the new shows coming on tv who wants to go out ?? not me. biggest loser ?? not happy about anna k. but i will still watch. oh i can't wait for criminal minds, and prime suspect......

Thursday, September 15, 2011


did danskin. was fun, will do race report at later date.

joined a coop for fruits and veggies. got my first box, collard greens ?? help a lady out.

made veggie chili. this is the only meal i seem to make anymore. i don't want to eat anything else. think there is some eating disorder where you eat one meal ? i love it. it is healthy.

the past few days i have had bad heartburn. i rarely get it. i am highly concerned and can't figure out why ??? seriously i just ate and when i stood up, it felt like all the food was blocked off at a certain point and couldn't move ?

i coached the group i work with the other night. normally we do the weekend and there are 4 to 5 coaches  for about 56 ladies, but the evening is one coach to whoever comes. there were 7 women. i was going to have us run in a park with a mile loop but they were doing some stuff to the field with mulch and the place stunk. i was gagging. so i had us go on the road out 1.5 and back. Everyone was different paces so i was racing up to each person and run with them a little. it was hard but i hope they were ok with it. i got myself an interval work out for sure.

lastly i will soon be tackling the subject of peeing your pants while running. us ladies as we age and after having kids seem to have this problem. we need to come together and find a solution.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girls on the Run

any of you runners out there have any experience with this program  ? can you give me your thoughts ??

Thursday, September 8, 2011

veggie burgers

i have never eaten a veggie burger. for some reason i just can't wrap my head around it. However, I want to start making them. I love the veggie chili I make and I feel like if i just purreed it or something and then patted it into a burger shape and pan fried it, i would like it ?

So my question is do you eat veggie burgers ? do you make your own ? what do you use ?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

do you think....

i will be ok doing a sprint tri sunday even though i have not been biking outside in about 3 weeks or swimming ??? yikes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


at my in laws. beautiful home here. this morning i was able to get out for a run. it was so good since i have not been for so long !!! it was slow but i got under 5 in.

i really need to get my plan of training for a 5k, tough mudder, and a half, in gear.

but for now i am going to enjoy the last days of summer