Friday, March 2, 2012

eating crap food = grumpy

today was one of those days were my schedule was different. when my schedule is different i tend to not eat correctly. I went thru drive thru today and got bfast from a fast food joint. let's just say eggs, sausage, hash brown and a biscuit were involved. by the time i was going to get my run in i was zonked, had no energy and overall felt like crap. so i missed my run, and napped. Now I am all for those days where you catch a nap and rest, but this day I feel like it was not a nap needed but a nap brought on by bad choices. After the nap I realized I had to eat something - and again I made the easy quick BAD choice, frozen pizza. I was snapping at my kids. I could tell that my body was not happy with what went in it today.

so for dinner, i am trying to redeem a bit, 2 boiled eggs, some leftover roasted sweet potatoes, an apple, maybe some peppers.

crap in = crappy feel = crap it out !

I know that being off for 3 days b/c of the allergy test threw me off, but i am back on schedule and really want to stick to it, so that i am prepared for my half marathon in may.

what do you do when you go off track nutritional or with workouts ???


  1. Get back on the horse!! Fruits and vegetables are magic. The key to eating them more often is planning ahead and making sure your fridge is stocked. :) BUT I totally know what you mean about eating like crap and therefore feeling like crap. It's a bad spiral!

  2. Are the tag a long cookies the peanut butter and chocolate ones? I also have Girl Scout cookies hidden in my basement. Some are for my daughter but the others are waiting for me to jump in.

  3. Thanks for your note... he is a good coach, even if he's a bear sometimes. :) Missed workouts and bad nutrition choices? Once the choices are made, you have to move forward. More coach wisdom; the only thing that matters is the choices in front of you at this very moment. Your next move is what is important. What was wronged or missed, is now history. "Prove yourself better than your last choice or effort." When you make the right choice, it's amazing ho motivating it is to do right from then on.

    I'm the cookie mom from my Daughter's troop. I have a box stashed for me, for the end of April. That will mark 3 months on the Paleo plan and my first tri of the season will be done!


what are you triing

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