Friday, March 23, 2012

massage and some meat

today i went to get my legs massaged. my left calf has been acting up on my runs and i don't want to get injured. obviously my left side is taking on more since my right is the one that had the broken foot. i was told the normal stuff, to stretch before i use foam roller....i know it so why don't i do it ??

i was craving a good burger. we have a bobby's burger place and i knew that is what i wanted, they have lovely sweet potato fries as well - it is a casual joint so dragging the kids is easy. man, it hit the spot. my body was obviously in need of some meat.

this weekend i have 5 miles with my group i am coaching and 9 on my own. hoping to get my 9 in even with hubby having to be away and having to get a sitter to do it, possibly in the rain.

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