Wednesday, March 7, 2012

speed work and weather memories

i did speed work today and i was lucky to have my friend join me, she is an elite runner and i adore her. she can to make me honest and she did. i was able to do 6 x 400's. when i did the first one i told her i was looking at 2.10, i forgot to time i did the second one at 1.50, and each one was under 1.55, with 2 at 1.47. i have always said that my breathing is what gets tired, not my legs, and she noticed that. i feel like the vo2max that lance has - i have the opposite. either way it was a great day at the track.

next up, and i did promise only running talk but oh well. not many folks read this blog anyway i believe. the weather today is sooooo nice. warm but has a touch of that cool breeze. sometimes the weather will remind me of a childhood memory. it is amazing to me how just the feel of it outside is bringing me back to a ride home from my grandparents. i can not get it out of my mind. just from the feel of the weather.

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