Tuesday, March 6, 2012

edamame hummus and other things

i have not been to trader joe's in a while. just has been working out that the local acme has to make due. However, today i went to TJ's and i picked up the edamame hummus which is so darn good, and addictive, i pair it with the soy and flaxseed tortilla chips.

running - back on the horse and so thankful and happy. did 6 miles on sunday and felt great, monday i did 3.5, felt good but the mental game started creeping in my head....like how the hell am i going to hold x pace for 13.1 miles. today i swam. felt good to get back in the water. got some good tips from the instructor. tomorrow is speed work and i really can't wait to get on a track to do it. i have not been on a track in a long ass time.

supportive husbands. do you have one ? i do. i know he would probably prefer the house to be cleaner, better meals for him (actually any meal) and the kids, etc. BUT he doesn't complain. He is very supportive of my working out and training. I try hard to not get a sitter for it and do it while girls are in school. I also quit an expensive gym and use the Y which was a sacrifice, but I really do want him to realize that i appreciate all he does.  Sometimes i hear the complaints about NON supportive spouses and i get sad about it. i know we all have stuff going on in our personal lives, i just feel like i have been hearing too much lately and it makes me sad. maybe it is the state that most folks are in - we have young kids, economy is bad. i don't know sometimes i just want to scream how much i love hubby even with all the crap that does go on and i want to hear that from others.

ok, next time running talk only.

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