Monday, March 26, 2012

tired and suar issues

i did my 9 miles yesterday, first half was good, second half not so good. let's just say i had some shut up and run issues. Not fun. I am heading out to do 4.5 miles today, and i am not feeling it. but gotta get it done.

younger one has the cough, nebulizer is out and some middle night wake ups. tired tired tired.

Friday, March 23, 2012

massage and some meat

today i went to get my legs massaged. my left calf has been acting up on my runs and i don't want to get injured. obviously my left side is taking on more since my right is the one that had the broken foot. i was told the normal stuff, to stretch before i use foam roller....i know it so why don't i do it ??

i was craving a good burger. we have a bobby's burger place and i knew that is what i wanted, they have lovely sweet potato fries as well - it is a casual joint so dragging the kids is easy. man, it hit the spot. my body was obviously in need of some meat.

this weekend i have 5 miles with my group i am coaching and 9 on my own. hoping to get my 9 in even with hubby having to be away and having to get a sitter to do it, possibly in the rain.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

getting my base back

i know i was out of running for a good 10 weeks, so why do i feel that i should be back to where i was in a shorter time ?

did 8 miles today, averaged just under 10 minute miles. I was happy b/c I felt I was stuck in the 10 to 11 minutes. It was a great day to run. Getting a bit bored with the same routes around my house. Do you run from your house in the hood or do you drive some where to run ??

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


stomach bug
7 miles

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

speed work and weather memories

i did speed work today and i was lucky to have my friend join me, she is an elite runner and i adore her. she can to make me honest and she did. i was able to do 6 x 400's. when i did the first one i told her i was looking at 2.10, i forgot to time i did the second one at 1.50, and each one was under 1.55, with 2 at 1.47. i have always said that my breathing is what gets tired, not my legs, and she noticed that. i feel like the vo2max that lance has - i have the opposite. either way it was a great day at the track.

next up, and i did promise only running talk but oh well. not many folks read this blog anyway i believe. the weather today is sooooo nice. warm but has a touch of that cool breeze. sometimes the weather will remind me of a childhood memory. it is amazing to me how just the feel of it outside is bringing me back to a ride home from my grandparents. i can not get it out of my mind. just from the feel of the weather.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

edamame hummus and other things

i have not been to trader joe's in a while. just has been working out that the local acme has to make due. However, today i went to TJ's and i picked up the edamame hummus which is so darn good, and addictive, i pair it with the soy and flaxseed tortilla chips.

running - back on the horse and so thankful and happy. did 6 miles on sunday and felt great, monday i did 3.5, felt good but the mental game started creeping in my how the hell am i going to hold x pace for 13.1 miles. today i swam. felt good to get back in the water. got some good tips from the instructor. tomorrow is speed work and i really can't wait to get on a track to do it. i have not been on a track in a long ass time.

supportive husbands. do you have one ? i do. i know he would probably prefer the house to be cleaner, better meals for him (actually any meal) and the kids, etc. BUT he doesn't complain. He is very supportive of my working out and training. I try hard to not get a sitter for it and do it while girls are in school. I also quit an expensive gym and use the Y which was a sacrifice, but I really do want him to realize that i appreciate all he does.  Sometimes i hear the complaints about NON supportive spouses and i get sad about it. i know we all have stuff going on in our personal lives, i just feel like i have been hearing too much lately and it makes me sad. maybe it is the state that most folks are in - we have young kids, economy is bad. i don't know sometimes i just want to scream how much i love hubby even with all the crap that does go on and i want to hear that from others.

ok, next time running talk only.

Friday, March 2, 2012

eating crap food = grumpy

today was one of those days were my schedule was different. when my schedule is different i tend to not eat correctly. I went thru drive thru today and got bfast from a fast food joint. let's just say eggs, sausage, hash brown and a biscuit were involved. by the time i was going to get my run in i was zonked, had no energy and overall felt like crap. so i missed my run, and napped. Now I am all for those days where you catch a nap and rest, but this day I feel like it was not a nap needed but a nap brought on by bad choices. After the nap I realized I had to eat something - and again I made the easy quick BAD choice, frozen pizza. I was snapping at my kids. I could tell that my body was not happy with what went in it today.

so for dinner, i am trying to redeem a bit, 2 boiled eggs, some leftover roasted sweet potatoes, an apple, maybe some peppers.

crap in = crappy feel = crap it out !

I know that being off for 3 days b/c of the allergy test threw me off, but i am back on schedule and really want to stick to it, so that i am prepared for my half marathon in may.

what do you do when you go off track nutritional or with workouts ???

Thursday, March 1, 2012

patch allergy testing

I am back to running but had to take off 3 days b/c i am getting a patch allergy test. i am not allowed to get my back wet since hair is very greasy !!

I am so happy to be back to running.

just about to finish up hunger games.

how would you describe the euphoria of running, you know that point when you are running and all is good in the world.